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"Wait for November 14": Another time traveller who claims he knows what will happen in the world next has appeared 5

Fact or fiction

Recently, social networks have been flooded with self-proclaimed “time travelers” of all stripes – some allegedly arrived to us from the past, others from...

A sign of the imminent start of the war between Gog and Magog appeared on the Temple Mount 6

Fact or fiction

According to ancient Jewish tradition, all unusual phenomena observed on the morning of Hoshan Rabbah are considered to be especially favorable, or they may...

Jurassic Park will open soon 11 Jurassic Park will open soon 12

Fact or fiction

One of the very controversial dogmas of generally accepted history – both the history of mankind and the history of geology – is a...

Maybe the Earth is not our planet? 17 Maybe the Earth is not our planet? 18

Fact or fiction

The curious hypothesis of the cosmic origin of mankind was put forward by the American ecologist Ellis Silver The question of how exactly our...