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Jean Dixon’s predictions have begun to come true: the United States will either disintegrate from within or not survive a natural disaster

Jean Dixon's predictions have begun to come true: the United States will either disintegrate from within or not survive a natural disaster 1

Jean Dixon made many predictions, a plethora of which have already come true, and some, apparently, will come true in the coming years. For example, she predicted a sad and disappointing fate for America – a fall from the pedestal of the “head of the world” and the collapse into many small and insignificant states.

She was called the court prophet of the White House. Jean Dixon made many fateful predictions – the assassination attempt on Kennedy and Martin Luther King, the death of Marilyn Monroe, the launch of the first satellite, the tragedy of the Twin Towers, natural disasters on a large scale.

As a child, Jean met a gypsy who predicted that the girl would become a very famous clairvoyant, and even gave her her magic crystal ball. Jean never parted with this ball; she believed that it was its secret energy which helped develop her abilities and made her famous.

Jean wrote an astrological column in one of the magazines, which over time became very popular. The predictions came true, and prominent politicians and public figures became interested in Jean Dixon. She advised Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan.

The daughter of German immigrants became the most famous American seer, favored by high society.

Not all of her geopolitical forecasts were correct, but the seer’s popularity did not fall – Americans still put her on a par with Casey and consider her one of the ten greatest prophets of all times.

Most of Dixon’s predictions are documented, and there are some that have not yet come true. By many signs it is clear that they belong to our time.

Diary of a Diviner

Jean left the political arena of predictions along with her last patron, Ronald Reagan. She enjoyed the peace and no longer made loud public statements – she consulted only a narrow circle of close people. And everything that came to her in visions and that she saw in her magic ball, she carefully wrote down in her diary.

After her death, it was published, and quite a few lines made her admirers think – what, exactly, are we talking about? The phrase “September 11. NY. Gemini” – is now clear to us.

Jean Dixon's predictions have begun to come true: the United States will either disintegrate from within or not survive a natural disaster 2

In January 1997, the media began to write about Jean Dixon again – the seer’s magic ball disappeared and a week she died, unable to survive the loss of her precious artifact. She left behind several notebooks with forecasts.

And now, analyzing Jean Dixon’s predictions in the light of current events, much becomes clear. But, unfortunately, no one has been able to correctly decipher and use her records as a warning and prevention of many significant events that have occurred in recent times or that are destined to occur.

Almost all of Dixon’s predictions were tragic. This is not surprising – most clairvoyants see only the bad, because negative events always attract low-vibration human emotions. This is fear, panic, shock.

On the subtle plane, where there is no such important component for us as time, a dense cocoon of negative energy forms around a certain event. Those who see it feel it, consciously or unconsciously focus their attention, and the event unfolds in front of them in detail. How detailed depends on the gift.

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Dixon about the fate of the United States

Franklin Roosevelt turned to Jean Dixon for advice several times, he was worried about the fate of the United States, which at that time was conducting full-scale military operations simultaneously in Europe and the Pacific Ocean.

The seer told the president that the endless wars in which America would become mired would significantly undermine its potential and ultimately lead the country to collapse. Constant interference in the politics of other states will not end well – Americans will be faced with a crisis from which they will not be able to get out.

According to Jean Dixon’s prediction, in the 21st century America will lose its world leadership. The whole world will stop focusing on it. The former great country will no longer be.

The seer saw two ways of development of events – either the United States would be divided along territorial lines, that is, it would break up into separate mini-states, or it would be destroyed by natural disasters that were terrible in terms of destruction.

She was called the court prophet of the White House.

She said that one day the US authorities will get too carried away with foreign policy, forgetting about their own citizens. Unemployment, crime, and poverty will increase in the country. Ordinary people will begin to save themselves, no longer relying on the government. Separate communities with their own economy and law enforcement system will be created.

This development option is the most preferable. The United States, one way or another, will decline. So it’s better to do it with little blood. But if the authorities decide to return the “separatists” by force, using an army against their own people, then the country will come to a complete and final end. Not only will a civil war break out, but there will also be a rampant of elements that will simply destroy many territories.

The seer died in 1997: in those days, nothing foreshadowed the collapse of America. The possible division began to be talked about seriously only in 2008: experts reported that the United States would soon lose part of its territories, which would join Canada, Mexico and even Russia. 

Even then, separatist sentiments became noticeable in Vermont, Texas and Alaska. However, trends dangerous for the United States were ignored for a long time: experts – supporters of preserving a united United States – argued that those who talk about disintegration compare America with the USSR, and this seemed unacceptable.

Also, back in the 1990s, Jean Dixon predicted war in the United States. They started talking about another civil war in America since 2016: in theory, the Democrats could oppose Donald Trump and carry out a coup.

Apparently, the war will be followed by the worst crisis in US history. It is unlikely that anyone will help a weakened America: it will be unprofitable and dangerous because of possible sanctions from other countries.

What is happening in the USA now?

Today, the conflict in Texas, which broke out between Biden and the Texas government due to problems on the border with Mexico, is especially relevant for the United States. 

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In recent years, Texas authorities have transported hundreds and thousands of illegal immigrants to neighboring states, but there are no fewer people wanting to enter the United States illegally. Due to the fact that Biden does not in any way prevent the passage of immigrants into the United States, local authorities have installed a barbed wire fence along the border.

It is known that over the past year the number of migrants who entered the United States through Texas exceeded 3 million people. In total, according to some estimates, there are currently between 22 and 35 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, considers such an influx an invasion, while official Washington, which once promised to create a literal “paradise for migrants” in the country, does not react in any way to questions about help in terms of protecting the borders.

The idea of ​​protecting US borders was raised last year by American Republican congressmen, saying that this event was of an outmost importance and at the same time raising the issue of allocating funds to strengthen the borders with Mexico. 

There was no reaction, so by the end of January 2024, the Texas government installed barriers along the border with Mexico, and the governors of neighboring states sent military equipment to patrol this border. In total, 25 US states supported closing the border and fostering Texas. That is, the States are divided exactly in half and it already smells like a new Civil War. Of course, it won’t start just like that at the snap of a finger, but if the conflict is not resolved, tension will grow and the point of no return will be passed.

How and when will the USA disintegrate?

If you believe Jean Dixon’s predictions, then by about the middle of the 21st century the United States will not only cease to be a world leader, but will cease to exist altogether. It is likely that another, fairly large state will appear in the center of the former United States. Perhaps a couple of neighboring states will be annexed by California and Texas, but nothing will stop them from declaring themselves separate independent republics.

For Texas, for example, secession from the United States is beneficial: it has all the resources for independent life. US legislation, in principle, does not prescribe the procedure for secession of a particular state. In fact, you can secede only either by changing the Constitution, by military means or through a revolution.

What will happen if the US collapses?

After the collapse of the United States, the life of each of the newly formed states may turn out differently. The poorest regions will be the ones where Mississippi and Oklahoma are now located, and the richest, in addition to Texas, will be the states of New York and California. 

In the event of natural disasters, which Jean Dixon (and not only) also predicted for America, not everyone will be able to cope with the elements. Here, by the way, we can recall Yellowstone, which, according to forecasts, was long overdue to explode, and the San Andreas Fault on the west coast of the United States.

It is quite possible that some of them will ask for support from such large countries as Russia, China and India. Of course, the country that is the first to be able to competently “provide assistance” to the already weakened American states will become a leader in the region, and, perhaps, will have most of the American continent at its disposal.

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But a completely different scenario is also possible. Since the US economy is still the largest in the world, the crisis will affect all countries that, in one way or another, interacted with the States. Financial problems will arise in the countries of Europe, China, Japan, Brazil and many others. 

Of course, prophecies can be treated differently, they do not come true with 100% probability, however, taking into account trends, prophecies of other seers and analytics of experts and politicians, everything is heading towards this.


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