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Chinese lunar rover filmed an alien on the moon

Chinese lunar rover filmed an alien on the moon 1

The Chinese lunar rover “caught” an alien on the moon. An unknown creature got into the camera lens of the device when it lowered an object to the ground. Ufologists predict a real military conflict with aliens over the planet’s natural satellite.

The moon is being explored by probes and lunar rovers. One of them was doing work on the back of the satellite. At some point, a 3-meter alien hit the lens of his camera. The creature walked several meters, crouched down, threw something on the ground and left. Chinese ufologists studied the materials for a long time until they came to a sensational conclusion: aliens mined the moon.

Chinese lunar rover filmed an alien on the moon 2
 Alien ‘Demon’ man on the Moon

Alternative cosmologists believe that the aliens sent a demolition to the Earth satellite. In such a radical way, representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence are trying to protect the site of the Moon from annoying lunar rovers. 

According to ufologists from China, the aliens are interested in its platinum core. Some geologists and chemists consider the Moon to be the richest source of platinum in the solar system. This metal is used not only by jewelers. It is widely used in the design of space technology, and most importantly, in laser devices.

Various Ufologists are committed to the search for life on Mars. It was the representatives of the red planet, according to some experts, who became interested in lunar platinum.

“Aliens from Mars need precious metal deposits on the Moon. The fact is that they want to build a huge laser that could affect the Earth. This requires a lot of platinum, more than there is in the bowels of our planet”

The earthlings have 2 options: either to try to defend the Moon in the war with the Martians, or to concede the Earth’s satellite and wait for the laser to incinerate the “blue planet”.

NASA astrophysicists ask ufologists not to “panic” the society. Several probes fly around Mars, which have not recorded any grandiose construction. Scientists left the incident on the moon without comment.


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