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Fake or aliens: what the latest DNA analysis of the scandalous Peru mummies showed 5

Fact or fiction

The mystery of Mexico’s “aliens” continues to haunt the public after analysis showed that the DNA of the tiny corpses does not belong to...

“The days of great catastrophe will come”: what has been predicted for the world in 2024. Which city will be completely flooded 6

Fact or fiction

Have you noticed that nature is starting to behave rather strangely? According to many predictors, humanity will have to face large-scale natural disasters next...

This happened on September 22nd 7 This happened on September 22nd 8

Aliens & UFO's

Across Britain and Northern Ireland, reports have been coming inof bright objects falling through the night sky. A number of observers saw large streaks of...

Proof of Life and Water on Mars? 9 Proof of Life and Water on Mars? 10

Fact or fiction

It is the hidden Mars demonstrating a shockingly different view that will astound some who only thought they knew this our sister world. Please...