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The Unhappy King: Nostradamus’ prophecy about King Charles III – What will happen to the succession to the Crown

The Unhappy King: Nostradamus' prophecy about King Charles III - What will happen to the succession to the Crown 1
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Ιn light of the news that King Charles III is suffering from cancer, a new interpretation of a prophecy by Nostradamus, the 16th century French apothecary and seer, about the monarch of the United Kingdom is making the rounds on the internet.

In fact, this prediction, according to the latest reading, points directly to the British royal house. Specifically, as reported by Marca, Michel de Notre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus, published his book “Les Prophéties (The Prophecies)” in three parts, in 1555, 1557 and 1568.

It is a collection of 942 poetic quatrains that are supposed to predict future events. One of them seems to concern the House of Windsor.

Nostradamus’ Prophecy About King Charles III

In one of the quatrains of the book of Nostradamus, who also predicted the attack on the Twin Towers, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the death of Queen Elizabeth II, there is a prophecy that seems to refer to the British royal family.

“The sudden death of the first character, he will be changed, and another will be placed in his kingdom,” Nostradamus wrote more than 460 years ago.

According to various interpretations, Nostradamus’ prophecy indicates that the British crown will not be able to follow its usual line of succession.

Ominous events will put an end to this and a person who never expected to be king will take over.

In fact, some experts are talking about Harry, the Duke of Sussex. His brother, Prince William, is currently first in the line of succession – followed by his three children, George, Charlotte and Louis – which means Prince Harry is fourth.

“A man who never expected to be king, will take the throne,” refers to Nostradamus’ alleged prophecy about King Charles.

However, there is another prediction that could shake the monarchy of King Charles III of the United Kingdom.

According to her, three children “will destroy the people” and several experts point to the children of Prince William: “Near the coast three beautiful children are born. They will destroy people when they come of age. They will change the kingdom and you will not see it grow any more.”

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Prince Harry returns to London

Despite the coldness between the two and the poor relationship with his father and the royal family, Prince Harry announced that he would immediately return to London to see his father after the diagnosis was announced. Harry said that he had already spoken to Charles on the phone and that he was leaving California for London urgently.

The conflict between Harry and his family dates back to when Queen Elizabeth II was alive. Although he attended important events – his grandmother’s funeral or his father’s coronation – the relationship between Harry and the family remained noticeably cold, with the king’s youngest son making controversial claims from the US about his family.

By the way, according to preliminary data, Charles III reconciled with Harry and Meghan after a long “cold war” and even promised them “new roles in the monarchy,” which came as a big surprise to many. Probably, the head of England knew about the health problems, which could be more serious than it seems, and tried to “smooth out all the corners” in advance.

The British are now “excited” more than ever by the prediction of the famous and legendary seer Nostradamus. His prophecy for 2024 warns that “the king of the islands will go away.”

However, according to the prophecy, the British monarchy in this case will “collapse” and will entail other catastrophic events for 2024.


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