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Nuclear war in 2024: could another Simpsons prediction come true? 5

Fact or fiction

The day before the announcement of Russian nuclear weapons testing, many were reminded of an episode of The Simpsons. The animated series’ writers have...

In 1937, Walter Hitzler discovered what was believed to be the spaceship of the god Amset in the dungeons of Egypt 6

Fact or fiction

Walter Hitzler led a clandestine German archaeological expedition to Egypt in 1937. His records reveal a belief that ancient peoples were in contact with...

The Aztec UFO crash 16 The Aztec UFO crash 17

Fact or fiction

Despite the fact that in incidentology this incident is often called the “second Roswell”, very few people remember it. This incident does not even...

The Alien Monkey Case 79 The Alien Monkey Case 80

Fact or fiction

Some cases illustrate how far a joke can go. If it was a joke, of course. On the night of July 8, 1953, three...