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Jean Dixon's predictions have begun to come true: the United States will either disintegrate from within or not survive a natural disaster 5

Fact or fiction

Jean Dixon made many predictions, a plethora of which have already come true, and some, apparently, will come true in the coming years. For example,...

Reckoning start date leaked? Putin will spark WW3 in 2025, NATO is preparing 6

Fact or fiction

A classified Berlin Defense Ministry document obtained by Bild, called “Alliance Defense 2025,” outlines a timetable for an escalation of conflict with Russia that German...

Nostradamus predicted Putin's death in 2022? 26 Nostradamus predicted Putin's death in 2022? 27

Fact or fiction

Can the predictions of Nostradamus be taken seriously? Some, without hesitation, give an affirmative answer to this question, offering a “calendar” of upcoming dramatic events. So,...