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When We Were Ancient

Zep Tepi… When We Were Ancient —We went beyond all of today’s advanced expressions

by Ron O. Cook

For much of my life, I have studied the secret engineering expertise of the ancients. They had episodes of having access to the highest mathematical computations as evidenced by their artifacts and the striations of their discarded materials. In many cases their tools are never present and are inconsistent with the artifacts.  Many of us take for granted the great accomplishments of these ancient, proficient engineers. Few of us even realize that to have such knowledge and wisdom in such remote long ago times, it is somewhat evident of even higher expertise to find such evidence prior to any happening or end product. We came here with superior knowledge and wisdom not unlike gods.


If anyone would look at the units (bodies) we occupy and to have posited the background necessary to output such fine bodies to occupy here in perfect harmony, then our minds could really approach the level of being properly blown. Readily apparent expertise in ancient times brings to mind Peru’s grand interconnecting stones and sublime artifacts. They look impossible.

Egypt and Mesopotamia’s great artifacts are not far behind in their ridiculous engineering perfection. The abject thinking that is inherent within mythological traditions expressed by all the ancients such as the Vedics and the Jomon cultures, shows glimpses of a background of isolated brilliance that popped up here and there almost as if they were aided by a company of Texas Aggie Engineers flying around the Earth trying to help out where they could — taking their knowledge and wisdom and “their engineering goodies (technology) with them.” But, the knowledge of their genetics seems on par with that of today or even higher than ours, as if they created us. But do we even need to be created in Time/Space or did we do that from an Over-world or otherworld?

The grand “They” had to be highly knowledgeable compared to us and they must have known whereof they existed. They knew the fiery intelligence that inhabited their bodies was much more than just evolving happenstance in human form. The savages they came in contact with or created in experiment must have been genetically placed to fit the environment. Those of us who lost memory of who and what we truly were here on Earth, just did enough to get from one meal to the next out of habit and necessity because we had forgotten what civilization had brought to the table after the run of some great catastrophe or a series of catastrophes that had displaced an earlier Golden Age. The Earth just did not look the same and it did not provide what had been created before. So, we started over.

They were out of sync with nature. Those “Aggies” or the Corps of Engineers did know and had access to tools that just put them out front on any task — they were “we” in engineer’s clothing. They were representative of us as we could be if we applied ourselves to learning and studying and working to become Christ like. No matter what you call this pathway to understanding our predicament as to our existence here in Time/Space, there must be a TRUE pathway or body of wisdom or knowledge that designates the equations necessary for our understanding of Existence. I call it the state of being in Christos — a true state of mind and understanding of our very purpose in existing here in the physicality of Time/Space. The Christos Avenue to BECOMING was known to the ancient architects and they knew of the Tree of Being (the broadcast of our very being not unlike pixels on a computer monitor. They knew how we are manifest here in Time/Space and tried to tell us what we once knew, but due to convention, we were too busy trying to survive rather than put out the effort to attain our former intellectual verve. Christ is indeed who and what we should strive for to be and become here in life. Hero worship of those who strive to be all they can be became something else…Religion. Religion could be equated with Complex Ignorance (See Manley P. Hall’s Conclusion Chapter in Secret Teachings of All Ages.)


Religion is for those who watch what should be done rather than actually live within the very sphere into which we are born. It is what it is. The Godly Que (cursor) to our existence is onboard and within our reach if we only would just follow our own mentality. We are self-aware but not cognizant of our own glory. We are indeed multifaceted beings and capable of high attainment intellectually, but apparently we are lazy and do not strive as those of old. We suffer from amnesia or we just do not try hard enough to regain the intellectual and spiritual level that we are truly and clearly able to do. We sit and look at God all day, rather than take up the mantel of being part of the whole of creation. It sits in the background of our minds and we just let it go so we can go to the mall and buy more junk. In my house there are thousands of books, they tell the story of humanity in every blank space between the lines of just how great we could be. We watch the life, but we do not live the life, which is way beyond anything we practice or see in today’s reality.


I think one thing that gets humans about all the thought going into how the Ancient artifacts appear and the necessary mindset of the ancients has just been ignored by most of us. As a painter and creative type, I know the mindset of creating just about anything…and what I see left behind by the ancients have a content, context and gestalt purpose. They were well educated in order to create such wonders. Gestalt Analysis is highly important in determining just how advanced our ancestors might have been. They seem to have thought on much higher levels. If they had anything to do with our genetic status at present, then we know they were much more advanced than we are today. Frankly, I think they pushed the envelope/s on Godhood. They communicated on linear levels as well as gestalt symbolic levels. We think only on the sexual levels (alphian). It is time we gave credit where credit is due…They knew the Christos means of Becoming or the total travel of the monadic jiva…Soulular Travel in All Space. This means they knew movement in life and death…They knew they were ALWAYS. 

The very fact that you exist is testament to just how advanced we once were on this planet. The ancients are now very obscure to most of us and the fact that their means of existence was highly different from the mess we live in now is perfectly understandable. Our present intellect cannot match their wisdom. We do not communicate as they did and our thought has come down to the base level once again. We are no longer super beings and will most likely not re-awaken in our lifetimes. We think in linear aspects and hardly delve into the symbols aspects that represented “gestalt” and holistic thinking.

Frankly, evidence is everywhere present of our past here in Time/space but few will ever broach the deepness required to think in terms of the Sefirot or Pharaoh means of thinking. The Tree of Existence is indeed the means of projection of this reality not unlike a highly advanced holographic universe in constant dimensional broadcast. Yet, this realm is much more complex and thinking in this category is truly one notch beyond chaos. Thinking on the Fly is something few of us can accomplish with our present untrained mindset.

Pop Culture totally takes most of us away from any approach to deep thinking. It is the noise of this realm that keeps us from finally moving into the Christos State of Becoming. Humanity can do this and meditation is the first step. I wish you good luck in trying to even ascertain the mindset required to evolving into this super thought process. It is not being intelligent but opening your mind to a broader amplification of this reality that actually is speaking to you in deeper symbols. R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz in his TEMPLE OF MAN actually sets up how we can learn to think this way again. It is said, the Pharaohs actually thought this way, as did much of the Egyptian Elite. If we relearned to think this way rather than the flippant child-like jargon that most of us stop at, then we could potentially grow back into the grand mentality that we once possessed in the past — Zep-Tepi.

Reality is perhaps the most unusual aspect of being and becoming within the specifics of existence. After having designed and played many of today’s gaming concepts, the RPG realm seems anticlimactic in the face of ongoing Life. Yet there is a zone that one can enter periodically that takes away all reflection upon existence. It is called dreaming. My dreams are becoming increasingly more impressive and worthy of deep contemplation. There are infinite realms hidden in the folds of undulating dreams. These entry dreamings are the front door of a true existence. I try to evaluate the experience over and over of thoughts hidden in abstract expression of the images and messages passed from my soul to the physical “me” in this realm. It is indeed very powerful. I often think that it might be the true expression of being and becoming rather than the hard base of everyday wakefulness. There have been many times when I have had euphoric experiences via meditation and even prayer that seem dream-like. Perhaps these events represent a sequence once considered the lost art of being here…since I now have the added stints of being elsewhere to form a triangulation. Presence is worthy of much more thought especially when one goes “Turbo” into the Hologestalt modality.

The Holo-gestalt Paradigm of Existence — The Crux of Being and Becoming

This is the theory of the movement or leveraging of mentality held within all perceived elements of physical existence that pervades throughout all the universe/s known and unknown, which means that all is wide-open and readily available to the cursor of mentality (depending on the state of mind). It has been called the “fiery intelligence” which permeates everything. We are manifestly able to partake of this realm of apparent reality but refuse its potential due to the noise of incessant social prattle. It is the mental worth that we should generate that sends us onward to become through each amplified experience. As beings suffer through this world, consciousness increases in worth and power through the sufferance of challenge. Experiencing conditional life is the schooling of the monadic soul.

Hologestalt experiences, in this case, means that there is a holographic-like representation and method to discerning in total the means of projecting a realm into existence via the elements and principles of Deity (The Tree of Life). And gestalt (wholly) references the aspect of the All of mentality, which permeates and materializes all known parts of being here in Time/Space. We are beings occupying forms as a means of motivation in a physical state where we are “self-aware” of our own destiny. We take what we bring to the forum of being to become. Exponential development is the key. We amplify our worth to be worthy and amplified through sufferance or challenge.

A paradigm is a system in which some elementals can function in some order and fashion which gives said system an identity. Such an expression is a reason for Being. Thus a Holo-gestalt Paradigm is used here as a means of discerning self-knowledge (mental self-awareness) of selfhood and its participants in what we discern as Life. This life then can be identified as a holographic means of creating the totality of existence in a realm that knows the information of its parts and can feedback over these parts to the degree that all connected (direct or indirect) participants know the degree of interface for all elementals held in this massively expansive yet minuscule environ that supports being and becoming of mind along with the generation of information to be used in support of existence. It is the Crux (point or cursor) of Being.

  • What is the Crux of Being here in Time/Space???
  • Why Be???
  • What is being other than knowing you are able to think???
  • Why do we seek to protect the thinking-form from destruction after it has thought something?
  • What is thinking but reviewing actions to maintain the vehicle for future leveraging of the elementals of a transcending existence?
  • Why must one be here in (physical existence)?

We seem to examine our being to become more or dive into sloth and just forget becoming something more.


As we become more our vehicle erodes and moves toward what some discern as death. As time passes the vehicle no longer can sustain the means of thinking and we slowly pass into the void.
Others pick up our thoughts and carry forward its parts thereby expressing a continuing physical facade. In experiencing this we are one due to feedback looping of information here in physicality.

But is this physical expression only an illusion? Or, is an illusion a prelude to a future reality? There seems to be a distant thinker in the mix — one that drives our very being from the background or the generative order. It is like a program that determines exactness and procedure for leveraging the elements of this information-packed realm we call living — existence. There seems to be a lot of automatic means (things out of our apparent control) of moving us through this realm of being. The thinking part of us seems to be in for a ride. We ride the light of this existence where everything is automatically moving into newly created data constantly. There is no going back under the same conditions, only forward where change is taking place with new aspects to ponder and partake thereof. Our mind or our thinking part of this experience is in constant flux adjusting to every happenstance seeking ever-expanding worth or worthiness.

Our future depends upon a proper or positive process of determining what aspects to use in the mix of past data for future leveraging of trends and conditions. The Crux of being seems to depend upon something that maintains some form of constancy so that we may maintain the information float in a burgeoning echelon over the chaos potential. If chaos can rise, we are destroyed or move to a higher echelon (level) of existence or thinking in a new environment at a higher speed. It is all information manipulation on our part and that of the system within which we dwell. It is always becoming and ever moving like a wave visiting some potential.


Thoughts are firing into the totality of our mind’s “position cursor” or the mental reference realm — the guide-ware of focused evaluation. Where are the data issuing from or what source? The source is not from our center; it generates from the island of the All, the exterior energy of Light, source that flows into our farther subconscious-state and amplifier. One must admit, we have not previously had access to these sights of transcendence in thoughts, sights, or color. We do not have the sensory capability to cause an awakened knowledge of this experience due to lack of data.

Our mind is emulating the texture of a swirling vortex of multifaceted holo-spirituality, a field full of dimensionally changing stars impacted by mentality. God-like lucidity that once was not provided, but now flows beyond reason — becomes ours! The reference receiver is amplified to see symbolic language of the One, charging in thought – packets that unfold and present impetus toward extended decipherment amplifies our knowing. Each wave maps out new vistas for ever-widening thought at exponential rates. Entities of mind-beings spring forth in creativity to entice us to fall within their range of relationships. Expressing what one sense is beyond our own ability to record leveraged thoughts.

A being might have often thought of virtual life as a great collection of recorded elements that have all the information etched electromagnetically within its dimensional plan. They are a grand collection of multifaceted eternity. Each being is scanning and is scanned within the continuum of vast and unending data and reports back to form new vistas.

The Eye of God (cursor) scans as a marker of Time in this continuum where impetus becomes action. There, all holo-spirited beings are localized according to their worth to the whole. Our minds are tuned to carry the universal cursor as we experience life at the same virtual playing period and speed/space. Is Time the Mind’s Eye — a projection of the One in the All? The Eye focused on the vortex of Being and Becoming? Is His memory issuing through our being? We are certainly One in the absolute totality. This illusion is a great cacophony of localized sensations, seeking the union of a coherent ascension toward the All High! His dreams are our reality!

The Crux of Being involves a multifaceted means of existence. Each part interacts with its other parts. We are parts of the whole that must be present in order to interact and perceive existence. Otherwise we do not exist. Yet, we are one collective and parts of us lose our vehicles but our knowledge interweaves with the knowledge of our other parts. We should love one another as we love ourselves for the other is we — all of us. Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is — that is the Crux of Being and Becoming.

Copyright 2013 by Ron O. Cook


The Book of the Giants: Text with 2,000 years of Antiquity describes the Nephilim

More than 60 years ago, excavations at the Qumran Caves (Dead Sea) revealed almost a thousand ancient scrolls that offered important glimpses of humanity’s past.

Archaeologists were surprised to find so many unusual texts and among them, a roll of paper that offers clues about the Nephilim.

It’s called The Book of the Giants. Let’s review the ancient stories about these beings.

The Bible makes several references to the Nephilim and most can be found in the book of Genesis. Most of the information concerning these giants of antiquity come from the apocryphal book of Enoch. This ancient Jewish religious work is attributed to Noah’s great-grandfather, although some scholars date parts of it to around 300 BC.

Enoch is a disconcerting character. The book of Genesis tells us that he lived on Earth for 365 years, before being taken by God; “He walked with God, and he was gone; because God took him. “During his time here, our planet was also inhabited by” angels “who interacted freely with humans, and eventually crossed paths with the” daughters of men “and gave birth to a race of abnormally strong hybrids and giant called Nephilim.

The origin of the word Nephilim is not fully understood, but scholars have proposed several etymologies: “The fallen”, “apostate”, or “these that cause others to fall.” Regardless of their name, the Nephilim have always been a synonym for giants.

The Book of Giants found in the Qumran caves offer a different perspective from that of the Enoch book. Although incomplete, the fragments of the scrolls paint a grim picture: the Nephilim became aware that, as a result of their violent and deviant forms, they faced imminent destruction, and that it scared them enough to ask Enoch to speak in his name before God.

The text begins by detailing how the Nephilim plagued the Earth and everything that lived in it. But once everyone begins to receive the prophetic dreams of fate, fear seeps into their hearts. The first to have these dreams was Mahway, the titan son of the angel Baraquel. In his dream, he saw a tablet being submerged in the water. When the tablet emerged, all but three names had been removed. This symbolizes the flood and subsequent destruction of all, except the children of Noah.

At that time, this fact had not become evident to the Nephilim so they debated the meaning of Mahway’s dream, but they were not successful in interpreting the signs. Soon after, two more giants, Ohya and Hahya, the children of the fallen angel Shemihaza began to have similar dreams; They dreamed of a tree being uprooted except for three of its roots.

After this, the rest of the group of giants began to have apocalyptic dreams:

Then two of them had dreams and the dream of their eyes had fled before them, and getting up, he came to [… and told him] his dreams, and told him in the assembly of [his companions] the monsters [… En] my dream I was seeing this night [and there was a garden …] the gardeners and those who were watering [… two hundred trees and] great buds came out from its root […] all the water, and the fire burned all [the garden … ] They found the giants to tell them the dream … ”

The giants have realized the prophetic nature of their dreams and sought the help of Enoch. Unfortunately, Enoch had already disappeared from the face of the Earth so the chosen Nephilim, one of its members, made a cosmic journey in order to find it.

[Mahway] poured into the air like strong winds, and flew with his hands like eagles [… left behind] the inhabited world and passed over desolation, the great desert […] and Enoch saw it and greeted it, and Mahway said to him […] here and there for the second time for Mahway […] the giants await his words, and all the monsters of the Earth. If it has been taken […] from the days of […] its and that would be added […] we would like to hear from you its meaning […] two hundred trees that came down from heaven … ”

Unfortunately, parts of the rolls were damaged without possibility of repair, but the description of the text is obvious. One of the Nephilim traveled off the Earth in search of Enoch and his powers of vision-interpretation. The text becomes very interesting if we substitute some terms and consider it not as an allegorical story, but as the description of an actual event whose meaning became confused in time.

If we consider flying “hands like eagles” a metaphor, can we hypothesize that Mahway took off from Earth in a spaceship? In this case, does “desolation, the great desert” refer to interstellar space? It depends on how far we are willing to interpret a fragment of a 2,000-year-old scroll.

Enoch sends Mahway back from where he came from, promising that he will speak to God on his behalf. Unfortunately for the Nephilim, the Enoch tablets sent to them did not bring them good news:

The Enoch scribe […] a copy of the second tablet that [Enoch] sent in the same part of Enoch the scribe observed [… In the name of God the great] and a saint, for Shemihaza and all his companions […]

Let it be known that you have not […] and the things you have done, and that your wives […] them with your children and the wives of [your children] for your debauchery on Earth, and there has been over you […] and the earth is crying out] and they complain that you and your children’s acts […] the harm you have done to him.

[…] Until Raphael appears, behold, the destruction [is approaching, a great flood, and will destroy all living beings] and what is in the deserts and the seas. And the meaning of matter […] about you as evil. But now, untie the bonds [that tie you to evil …] and pray. ”


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1000 Pillar Temple – Impossible Ancient Technology Found

Today we are going to look at one of the strangest ancient sites in India – this is the Thousand Pillar Temple which is at least 750 years old. On first sight, it looks like a regular temple, but there is something fundamentally different about this temple, because there are no visible joints at all between the stone blocks in the walls of this temple.

This is a large temple, but look carefully as I go from the ground to the top, do you see any joints? This makes people wonder if this entire temple is made of one solid rock, like the Kailasa Temple, but archeologists confirm that it is in fact made of many many blocks of stone.

In 1300 A.D , an army of the Muslim King Allauddin Khalji tried to demolish this temple, and they took out many of the stone blocks from the ground and the ceiling, because it was easier to dismantle them, but they could not dismantle the blocks on the walls. If you look at the floor, these are newer stone slabs placed by the Archeology department, and you can see how these blocks are loosely connected.

If you compare the modern day stone masonry with the ancient technique, modern technology appears quite primitive, because you can clearly see the joints. The archeology department has been trying to restore the temple from the destruction and graffiti by Allauddin Khalji’s army.

Now, why is this temple called ‘The thousand pillar temple’? Most visitors wonder why this is known as the thousand pillar temple because it doesn’t have a thousand pillars. It is called so because it is made of one thousand blocks of stone, this is the actual reason why this name is used. But even in most sophisticated temples like the Lepakshi temple, we can see clear evidence of joints between the blocks, but in this temple, the joints are not visible.

What is fascinating is that there was no cement, mortar, or glue used to join these blocks. How did ancient builders achieve such an extraordinary level of jointing, many centuries ago? What kind of technology existed and how was such a temple built?

The underlying technology is this:
Ancient builders created a complex interlocking system with at least a dozen different cuts in each stone block. These complex cuts maximize the amount of surface area shared by the connecting blocks, and will create an extremely tight fit.

This is hard enough to do between 2 stone blocks, but imagine using several stone blocks on all sides and how many cuts would have been needed to connect 4 or 5 blocks together. I mean, this is just an extraordinary technology. This can be done on wood, but how did they manage to make these cuts on large stone blocks many centuries ago? Making these cuts is one thing, but the level of precision, to make these joints invisible can be achieved only with advanced machines.

We can clearly see that building a massive temple with no visible joints is impossible with primitive tools. Did ancient builders use cutting, drilling and polishing tools, just like today? If so, do we have any evidence of these tools in the temple itself?

How about these carvings which resemble modern drilling and polishing tools? In most temples, we usually see carvings of Gods, but in this temple, we can see these tool like carvings, with a conical, striated top with a long shaft, which is remarkably similar to modern day tool bits.
Just compare these carvings with today’s tool bits side by side. You have to admit there is an uncanny similarity. Is this a coincidence, or did ancient builders use tool bits just like us, to make these precise interlocking system?

The pillars in the temple confirm that drilling machines were in fact used. There are very tiny holes drilled on these pillars. My friend is struggling to send a thread through the small holes, but these holes are too small even for a thread. The priest is happy to help us, he picks up something thinner than a thread and inserts it successfully through these holes.

If you think these carvings are not drill bits, how do you explain such tiny holes carved on the pillars? How do you explain the construction of an entire temple with no visible joints? Were they created with advanced machines, or with simple tools like chisels and hammers?


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1,000-Year-Old Mammoth Bone Pendant With A Mysterious Message In Turkic Runes Discovered In Yakutia

An 11-year-old boy in the village of Yakutia has discovered a 1,000-year-old message on a pendant that was carved into a mammoth bone with Turkic runic inscriptions.

The four mysterious words are believed to be in the Orkhon-Yenisei type script. Such writings are normally found in rock art in Yakutia, also known as Sakha Republic, the world’s coldest region.

Academic Ninel Malysheva said: ‘Runes rarely occur on such things as talismans and amulets. ‘If it is confirmed that this bone found in Namsky district is genuine, it will be a great scientific discovery for the republic.  ‘A comprehensive study is now required involving paleontologists, archaeologists and Turkologist. Studies on exact dating and decoding the inscription are underway at the Museum of Writing, part of the North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU).

Photo © Michil Yakovlev (Image Source)

Photo ©Michil Yakovlev (Image Source)

Interesting fact:

One of the earliest recorded Turkic language is in the form of a script called “Turkic Runes”, found in Russia’s southern Siberia and the Xinjiang uygur Autonomous Region of China (a region not surprisingly also known as Chinese Turkestan) beginning at around the 8th century CE.

Example of Turkic runes. “Irk Bitig Fal Kitabı” page 7. 9th century. ©The International Dunhuang Project (Image Source)

What are the four mysterious words?

One theory is that the words express ‘good wishes’, but scientists hope to find the exact meaning.

Village where the ancient pendant was discovered is some 100 kilometres north of Yakutsk, the regional capital, and the world’s coldest city. Another example of Turkic runes in Yaktutia is the so-called Petrov inscription. It is a writing made using ocher some 200 km from Yakutsk. It is known as the most northerly rune inscription in the world.

Researchers in the middle of the last century believed that the inscription indicated the location of medieval treasure.

A literal translation is said to read: ‘Pearls of the tribe Az.’ Scientists claim such Turkic scripts date back 1,000 years or more.

The Old Turkic script – also known as variously Göktürk script, Orkhon script, Orkhon-Yenisei script –  is the alphabet used by the Göktürks and other early Turkic khanates during the 8th to 10th centuries.

The script is named after the Orkhon Valley in Mongolia where early 8th century inscriptions were discovered in an 1889 expedition by Nikolai Yadrintsev. These Orkhon inscriptions were published by Vasily Radlov and deciphered by the Danish philologist Vilhelm Thomsen in 1893. This writing system was later used within the Uyghur Khaganate.

Additionally, a Siberian variant is known from 9th century Yenisei Kirghiz inscriptions, and it has likely cousins in the Talas Valley of Turkestan and the Old Hungarian alphabet of the 10th century. Words were usually written from right to left.

Yakut runic letters are the least studied in Siberia. They provoke heated discussions among the linguists and Turkologists. But most new finds of inscriptions are made in Yakutia. Now the total number all Yakutian finds is close to 90. Most runic inscriptions of Yakutia have not yet been deciphered.

Source: siberiantimes

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