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Planet Earth10 hours ago

Immediate enormous volcanic disaster predicted

Researchers at the Cambridge Mining School in Britain have predicted an imminent catastrophe, which is associated with the eruption of...

Aliens & UFO's14 hours ago

Extraterrestrial Life Report Revealed

An international team of astronomers has presented official data on the results of a massive search for space radio signals,...

Space14 hours ago

Unusual signals come from the GJ 1151 system

Most likely, radio emission is created by the interaction of a planet the size of the Earth with the strong...

Bizzare & Odd18 hours ago

Ghost Detecting Gadget on sale

Online stores began to offer a “magic crystal”, which serves as a ghost detector. According to sellers, the gadget is able...

Bizzare & Odd18 hours ago

Prophecy? A virus called Wuhan 400 triggers an outbreak in Dean Koontz’s 1981 Eyes of Darkness

How do some books appear to predict events? A virus called Wuhan-400 causes an outbreak of a deadly epidemic in the...

Space19 hours ago

Mankind may face deadly viruses in search of new life in space

Professor Dov Greenbaum hypothesized that humanity’s search for signs of life outside the Earth could lead to an even greater...

Bizzare & Odd1 day ago

5 Suns: A strange phenomenon in the sky frightened the inhabitants of Inner Mongolia

Residents of Chinese Inner Mongolia were able to observe five suns in the sky during dawn. This phenomenon requires a...

Ancient2 days ago

The legendary giants of Peru, whose skeletons were seen by conquistadors

There is one special area on our planet where there are especially many stories and legends about people of very...

Metaphysics & Psychology2 days ago

Can I stop seeing nightmares?

Waking up in the middle of the night from nightmare episodes, the plot of which would be envied by the...

Bizzare & Odd2 days ago

Scientist solved the mystery of strange dinosaur footprints on the cave ceiling

The footprints of a certain four-legged dinosaur, which puzzled paleontologists more than 60 years ago, turned out to be not...

Aliens & UFO's2 days ago

Underwater Portal Near Malibu

Six years ago, Maxwell, Dale Romero, and Jimmy Church from the Fade to black program of the American radio station...

Space2 days ago

Unknown carbon form found in Chelyabinsk meteorite

Scientists have discovered an unknown form of carbon on Earth in fragments of a meteorite that fell in the Chelyabinsk...

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