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Shocking claims cause an earthquake of several magnitudes as a "dark" aspect of the Israeli "war" is revealed 5

Fact or fiction

Cecily Routman, the head of the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation, citing government sources, claimed that Netanyahu ordered the withdrawal of Israeli forces (IDF) to allow...

Sensational insight on future events or another fake? A curious pretext scenario of the war in Israel appeared online 6

Fact or fiction

A peculiar material appeared on the Internet in video format: a voiceover speaks heatedly and confusedly in Hebrew summarizing some form of pretext of...

Jurassic Park will open soon 17 Jurassic Park will open soon 18

Fact or fiction

One of the very controversial dogmas of generally accepted history – both the history of mankind and the history of geology – is a...

Maybe the Earth is not our planet? 23 Maybe the Earth is not our planet? 24

Fact or fiction

The curious hypothesis of the cosmic origin of mankind was put forward by the American ecologist Ellis Silver The question of how exactly our...