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The Pentagon revealed “”: a new site is the key to understanding the universe?

The Pentagon revealed "": a new site is the key to understanding the universe? 1

The Pentagon has announced the launch of a new website that will provide the public with disclosures about unidentified flying objects, or, as the government calls them, unidentified anomalies (UAPs).

The site will be the official source of information released by the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), a relatively new division of the Pentagon founded in July 2022 dedicated to analyzing reports of UAPs in US airspace.

“This site will serve as a single point of access to all publicly available information related to the AARO and UAP,” the Department of Defense said in a press release. “AARO will regularly update the site with its most recent activities and findings as new information is cleared for public disclosure.”

The site is still under development, but should be launched in the fall, the Ministry of Defense said. The Pentagon said it is “committed to being transparent to the American people in AARO’s work” on the UAP.

The Pentagon revealed "": a new site is the key to understanding the universe? 2

The new site will allow the public to view UAP photos and videos as they are declassified and read sighting reports as they become available. The site will also contain detailed tracking maps for aircraft, balloons and satellites.

The Pentagon revealed "": a new site is the key to understanding the universe? 3

When the site goes live, it will also include a tool that will allow “former US government employees, military personnel, or contractors with direct knowledge of US government programs or activities” to file a report directly with the AARO regarding unidentified aircraft.

AARO has received reports of over 800 UAP sightings over the past three decades. However, only 2-5% of these have been deemed “possibly truly anomalous,” as AARO director Sean Kilpatrick revealed earlier this year.

Public interest in the UAP skyrocketed after former top intelligence official David Grusch said the US was hiding evidence of extraterrestrial life – but offered no evidence when testifying before Congress this summer.

The “alien life” narrative is intensifying

It is extremely suspicious that along with all the ‘revelations’ they are allowing the public to explore what until recently were considered ‘conspiracy theories’.

The US Pentagon seems to have increased involvement in these kinds of efforts!

We remind you that, former intelligence officer David Grusch, who testified under oath before a US House oversight subcommittee on national security,  dropped a super bombshell saying that the US retrieved non-human pilots from downed unidentified craft.

The hearing in Washington is historic as it clearly signals that elected officials are more open than ever to discussing the possibility that aliens are real.  Do they really want to show aliens or are they just going to use the “alien threat” narrative to sway public opinion and impose what they want but also cover other issues? 

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A few days before Grusch’s revelations, Christopher Mellon who is a private equity investor, research associate with Harvard University’s Galileo Project, and senior advisor to Americans for Safe Aerospace, made, along the same lines, the following startling reports :

“Since 2017, my life has been dominated by efforts to help Congress and the public discover the truth about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), what many still refer to as UFOs. 

I’ve lost count of the number of cities I’ve visited, meetings I’ve attended, books, articles, media appearances, and hours spent on the phone. At first, my goal was simply to help our government overcome a glaring intelligence failure. UAPs routinely violated restricted US airspace, but these encounters, documented on cockpit video, were not reported to the military chain of command because of the stigma surrounding the issue. It was unclear whether these strange craft were Russian, Chinese, alien, or some combination of the above.

Working closely with  former Pentagon official Lue Elizondo  and later with  a group of US Navy aviators, we quickly got the attention of Congress. We were able to convince them that the phenomena were real and America needed to take action to determine the capabilities of these vessels and the identity and intentions of their operators. To my surprise and delight, in 2020 the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) adopted my proposal to request a formal report on the UAP from the intelligence community. The resulting “Preliminary Assessment” arrived in June 2021. Although extremely imperfect, identified 144 military UAP encounters since 2004, a number that has since grown to over 800 military UAP reports by early 2023. Congress took additional steps by establishing the All-Area Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO).

Time to reduce international tensions. If it turns out that we have had some contact with other life forms, a reframing of international relations would be inevitable, almost certainly for the better. To the extent that the U.S. has these materials and our adversaries do not, this could provide new and unprecedented leverage for the U.S. Our adversaries will naturally fear unilateral advances by the U.S. that render its defenses and technology obsolete. Adversaries do not shy away from ignoring their opponents’ military capabilities. They better know. And if any of those countries have also recovered off-world technology, all the more reason to make the most of what we have rather than risk being outdone in research and development. Above all, once it becomes clear that we are not alone, it will reduce or divert tensions between the leading nuclear powers. “In our obsession with the rivalries of the moment, we often forget how interconnected all members of humanity are. Perhaps we need some external, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our global differences would disappear if we faced an alien threat from outside this world.”


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