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Antarctica, hollow earth and aliens: More and more revelations surface as cosmogenic disclosures prepare people for something big

Antarctica, hollow earth and aliens: More and more revelations surface as cosmogenic disclosures prepare people for something big 1

A 2022 discovery is back in the news now that revelations are being made about UFOs and the non-human entities that have been found in some of them.

So they wrote in 2022 about a discovery by the WISSARD project that there are huge wetlands under the ice of West Antarctica that could host life, unknown to the rest of the planet.

The Whillans Ice Subglacial Access Research Drilling project was officially commissioned by the National Science Foundation to officially scan beneath the Antarctic ice, as many believed that with the coming supposed global warming, we could learn more and more about our history as we know it.

The discovery itself was made about 2,700 feet below the ice as they reported following Lake Whillans to see where it leads, only to discover that there is a huge space there.

So far, not much is known about this, however many believe that this could indicate that the Hollow Earth theory is fundamental after all, as it could point to the fact that aliens do indeed live beneath the surface of our planet.

However, the story of the earth does not speak of extraterrestrials but of other creatures, who lived among humans or ruled over them and were not just statues but “living” beings, as well as pre-existing technology, such as the Vimanas.

As the media wrote in 2022: 

“Who knows, maybe when we drill into the wetlands, we could encounter other life forms, including aliens, reptiles or even humans who have defied the rules of our society and decided to create their civilization under our nose”.

It is also recalled that relatively recently, whistleblower and self-taught researcher Eric Hecker claimed that there is highly advanced technology at the South Pole capable of causing earthquakes.

And that’s not all he said. The truth could be hidden at the underground city of Kandath in Antarctica.

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Avi Loeb: Next month revelations about aliens

Professor Avi Loeb leads the study of fragments from the IM1 meteorite that disintegrated over Manus Island near Papua New Guinea in January 2014.

He says that all indications are that IM1 was an interstellar object. Loeb uses the tiny fragments to prove that the object was created by a culture.

One thing is certain, they are constantly preparing the public for something alien that might be revealed. In fact, the professor mentions that if the alleged extraterrestrials belong to an advanced civilization, we ca learn from them.

Earslier, former intelligence officer David Grusch, who testified under oath before a US House oversight subcommittee on national security,  dropped a bombshell saying that the US retrieved non-human pilots from downed unidentified craft.

The historic Washington hearing clearly signaled that elected officials are more open than ever to discussing the possibility that aliens are real.  Do they really want to show aliens or are they just going to use the “alien threat” narrative to sway public opinion and impose what they want but also cover other issues?

In addition, former Navy pilot David Fravor described what a UFO looked like during a flight in 2004. He talked about incredible technology and about a ship he would like to pilot.

Former Navy pilot Ryan Graves said, among others that the appearance of unknown objects was routine, but no one said a word.


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