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“Black cubes inside a transparent sphere”: US Air Force pilot in Congress at UFO hearings

"Black cubes inside a transparent sphere": US Air Force pilot in Congress at UFO hearings 1
Photo: AP

Aliens are abducting women, the government is hiding alien remains, intelligence agencies are intimidating witnesses. For decades, US authorities have been able to hide top-secret programs to detect and study extraterrestrial life forms and technologies. This was stated during a hearing in the US Congress by a former intelligence officer, who also claims that the authorities have not only parts of alien spacecraft, but also the remains of aliens.

According to an excerpt from the interrogation of one of the US Air Force fighter pilots, the UFOs that the US military met most often were black cubes inside a transparent sphere. And with their flight characteristics, the objects clearly indicated that these devices were not produced by our civilization . Whether we are talking about aliens, or another form of life on Earth – the pilot did not specify.

However, other speakers provided information that testifies in favor of the version of the extraterrestrial origin of the objects. The Congress even announced a fallen UFO with aliens inside.

The data that the US intelligence services are seriously engaged in the study of extraterrestrial life forms were first published by the former agent of the American intelligence agencies David Grusch. Back in early June 2023, he gave an interview to NewsNation, saying that there are “intact and partially intact” aircraft of alien origin in Washington, D.C., which either successfully landed or crashed and crashed.

The ex-intelligence officer said that information about extraterrestrial aircraft is provided to him by the current employees of the US intelligence community, and now he is convinced that “we are definitely not alone.”

At the same time, the former intelligence officer refused to answer the question of whether the American government could have made contact with the aliens.

What if the alien invasion has already begun?

According to Grusch, from 2019 to 2021, he was an intelligence representative in the Pentagon’s special unit for unidentified anomalous phenomena, and then until 2022 he dealt with the same problems at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

According to the officer, the scouts managed to find “biological material” of extraterrestrial origin, and they also received injuries in the course of trying to recreate extraterrestrial technology from the extracted samples. Grusch added that because of his frankness, he had already faced reprisals and threats that made him fear for his life.

Everyone from congressmen to the White House and NASA had to comment on the alien agenda. Republican Tim Burchett is sure that Russia has nothing to do with UFO flights, because otherwise it would have already won in Ukraine. And the speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, believes that the Pentagon would not hide contacts with aliens, because this is an excellent reason to inflate the military budget even more.

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Contact with aliens is harmful to your health

Not all local politicians share Burchett’s belief in UFOs, but even naysayers give the government a hard time for its secrecy.

For example, from 2007 to 2012, the Pentagon spent $22 million on a program to study UFO phenomena. But the general public only became aware of its existence in 2017. Since then, journalists have been trying to find out the details for several years, and only in 2022, the British tabloid The Sun finally managed to transfer 1,500 pages of documents.

The main sensation was the report made for the military by the non-profit organization The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). It brings together thousands of volunteers around the world who collect information about UFOs. Ufologists have summarized information about the biological consequences of a collision with “anomalous advanced space systems.” So, what is the danger of an encounter with a UFO?

Every third episode “with consequences” deals with kidnappings. A quarter of the cases were accompanied by electromagnetic effects on vehicles. Paralysis, eye injuries and marks left on the body are also among the most common effects, while amnesia, diarrhea and vibration of the teeth are noticeably less common.

Several episodes were fatal, and 5 of the 356 described encounters with aliens were accompanied by sexual contact. At the same time, one of the women who contacted the aliens later discovered that she was pregnant.

US pilots have become six times more likely to complain about UFOs

Not only journalists, but also politicians have achieved some success in disclosing classified information. In June 2021, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a UFO report for the first time. It follows from it that from November 2004 to March 2021, the military filed 144 reports on meetings with the NA.

Therefore, a more recent report, published already in January 2023, surprised. Over the past year and a half, UFOs have disturbed the military 247 times, and 119 previously unrecorded cases have been identified. Even with this adjustment, the frequency of contact with the unknown increased six times.

However, in the report, intelligence officers partly attribute such statistics to the “reduction of stigma” of reports of contacts with UFOs. Roughly speaking, on the example of Grusch, the military sees that even in the worst case, they will now be waiting for them with a detailed report not in a psychiatric hospital, but in Congress.

After studying 366 new cases, the military was able to find probable explanations for only half og them. In their opinion, it was about space debris, balloons and drones. Over 170 more episodes remained a mystery, with some objects exhibiting unusual flight characteristics.

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Sometimes heaven cries, sometimes it smokes

The MUFON website was probably attacked by aliens. When trying to access the database collected by volunteers, it gives an error. However, there is a competing organization in the US that also collects, validates, and organizes evidence of UFO encounters around the world—the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). With a database of 170,000 reports. In each case, the shape of the unidentified object and the scene of the incident are described separately, and if available, photographs are also published.

Most often, UFOs visit us in the form of light flashes. Circles and triangles are also common. The fourth place is occupied by fireballs – fireballs like ball lightning, widely known from computer games and works of the fantasy genre. Over the years of observations, it has already become known about 10,000 fireballs, and the vast majority of them flew over America. More rarely, a UFO appears in the form of a cigar, teardrop, egg, or cross.

After analyzing the presented data, we learned that different forms can dominate in different states of America. In Florida, for example, fireballs are seen twice as often as the national average. 

The fate of UFOs

By ranking all the reports according to the years of the reign of different presidents, there is an unexpected pattern. For the time being, the number of recorded reports of UFO contacts has been steadily growing, and in recent years it has suddenly begun to fall. 

The last time, less often than now, aliens were already noticed under Bill Clinton. Under George W. Bush, 4422 incidents are recorded annually. Under Barack Obama, the process reaches a peak – 6651 cases per year. Even under Donald Trump, aliens kept the mark – 5638 incidents, and in 2021-2022 their number fell to 4355 cases per year.

Proof of the reality of sexual contact with aliens

Research portal StudyFinds recently ranked all NUFORC sightings over the past five years by number of UFO encounters per 100,000 inhabitants, broken down by state. A few years ago, Pornhub published similar statistics on the search for intimate videos with aliens in different states. By comparing the two reports, we can see that they are largely the same.

For example, in Wyoming, in Alaska or in Maine, UFOs are more likely to be encountered, and there people are more likely to google porn with humanoids. This may indicate that not all Americans report sexual encounters with UFOs for fear of condemnation and ridicule. But after having such an experience, they become interested in relevant content on adult sites.

So, the US government has stepped up its UFO sightings and is spending tens of millions of dollars for this purpose. It hides all information about these activities even from Congress. Against this background, people began to notice anomalous phenomena in the sky less often.

At the same time, the government is clearly not aware of all cases of sexual contact with aliens and they are fraught with various unpleasant consequences from burns to unplanned pregnancies. Therefore, it is better to stay away from UFOs unless you have a couple of advanced carrier-based fighters or at least a lightsaber at hand.

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However, another former American intelligence officer, Edward Snowden, is sure that alien activity in US politics is subject to other patterns and is an instrument used to divert everyone’s attention from current politics.

At the end of March 2023, it became known that the US Department of Defense had footage of three UFOs shot down over Alaska, but the materials were classified and could not be made public. Earlier, in June 2021, US national intelligence recognized UFOs as a threat to national security.


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