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Global media including Bloomberg and BBC have actually began to abandon the pro-vaxxer boat. It looks like a disaster is brewing

Global media including Bloomberg and BBC have actually began to abandon the pro-vaxxer boat. It looks like a disaster is brewing 1

Former Congressman Ron Paul emphasized this week that several major global media outlets have actually begun to step out of the ranks of the pro-Axis, questioning key aspects of the vaccine’s effectiveness, especially when it comes to the controversial boosters now widely offered.

“Even mainstream media are now asking big questions about vaccines,” the Liberty Report said on Wednesday. 

Several recent headlines in Bloomberg and the BBC have been unexpected in terms of reflected criticism and somewhat skeptical resistance to “consensus narrative.”

The first news article featured by Congressman Paul and co-host Daniel McAdams is from Bloomberg. This is how the rather unexpected material of a huge global publication, published over the weekend, began:

Rumors and conversations on discussion platforms tell us what the officers cannot say: vaccinated people seem to be contracting the coronavirus at a surprisingly high rate. But it is not known exactly how often they transmit the virus to others. While it is clear that vaccinations continue to provide powerful protection against the virus, there is growing concern that vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to serious illness than previously thought.

And on the same day as Bloomberg, the BBC, funded by the UK government, publishes an article with this headline: Isn’t it better to catch COVID once than to endlessly dribble booster vaccines?

Just a month or more ago, for such statements, a person would have been expelled from Facebook and Twitter, but now they are being issued by the global media.

Even The Daily Beast, which has ridiculed vaccine fighters for months, is suddenly backtracked and notices that infections are skyrocketing in “ultravaccinated” Israel. too premature and little is known about the long-term effects of vaccination.

Of course, the conspiracy theorists, were the first to draw attention to the strange situation with the change in the course of the global media regarding vaccination.

Now, as we can see, it has come down to the congressmen, albeit former ones. But this is not, of course, the main thing but that such monsters as Bloomberg and the BBC are gradually joining the ranks of anti-vaxxers. While, of course, these articles are just like touchstones, the process is gaining momentum.

This suggests that things are already going very badly with those who have received the Holy Communion and that the owners of Bloomberg and the BBC have some shocking predictions in their hands that prompted them to change course.

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We have not seen these predictions and, of course, we do not know what is written there, but judging by the information from open sources, the problem of many vaccinated is a very strong immune response to simple and not very dangerous infections.

Therefore, such people are likely to be very vulnerable even to the simple flu, the epidemic of which is approaching. Most likely, its beginning of the Asclepius wrath is so shocking that they will postpone all their boosters at least until spring.


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