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3 years later and the maths don’t add up: BBC’s anfractuous statement there never was a pandemic?

3 years later and the maths don't add up: BBC's anfractuous statement there never was a pandemic? 1

BBC, the British government broadcaster published a report last month with the following title: Scotland’s winter death toll highest in more than 30 years. Indirectly, the company unwittingly admits that there really wasn’t a pandemic, because how could there have been, if three years later, after the deaths of thousands, after the successful launch of a “miracle” vaccine, a Scottish winter caused more deaths than in 2020, than three decades ago?

The article makes it clear that the problem is not limited to Scotland:

Scotland’s winter death toll last year was the highest for more than 30 years, figures have revealed. Data from National Records of Scotland (NRS) showed there were 24,427 deaths registered between December 2022 and March 2023 – 11% more than the previous winter and the highest since 1989-90.

Mr Matheson said that mortality rates had risen across the UK and said Westminster austerity policies over the past decade had led to deaths due to service cuts.

BBC health correspondent Lisa Summers reports:

Last winter is often cited as the worst in the history of the nhs and with no end to the pressures during the summer months, doctors say they have real concerns about what this winter will bring.

So the worst winter in NHS history wasn’t 2020? How is this possible? Weren’t hospitals completely overwhelmed during the biggest health crisis in a century?

It seems the ever-disappointing Boris Johnson knew the truth which, as Domini Gordon points out, calls the whole Boris-in-ICU episode into question: 

3 years later and the maths don't add up: BBC's anfractuous statement there never was a pandemic? 2

Many of us warned that this would happen. Loneliness, fear, stress, unemployment, inflation, delayed medical care: these were all certain consequences of lockdowns, which, taken together, would surely lead to increased deaths.

This was entirely predictable, as was the inevitable failure of restrictions (including masks and vaccines) to stop the transmission of an already existing respiratory virus. After all, even polar explorers get sick with the flu.

We betrayed the social compact for nothing, for less than nothing, for death. But it is now clear that it is not just the effects of quarantines that are killing thousands. Look at the other scary data point from from the Scottish Unity team:

3 years later and the maths don't add up: BBC's anfractuous statement there never was a pandemic? 3

Interestingly, CBS News reported a few days ago that US infant mortality rates were risen in 2022 for the first time in more than 20 years.

Britain’s official news agency implies that there has been no pandemic and that the country has a serious excess mortality problem.

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Understandably, one MP,  Andrew Bridgen, decided a few months ago to force a debate on the matter. The response from his colleagues? Only 13 out of 650 bothered to show up.

When MPs were asked by the HART group why they did not attend the debate, they gave the following answers:

  • “The effectiveness of the vaccine has been proven beyond doubt. Only a small group of anti-scientists in the conspiracy theory movement continue to peddle this garbage.”
  • “If you think I’m going to waste my time listening to Bridgen go on about his anti-vaccine nonsense, you’re wrong.”

Bridgen shared in the session much of what were written about in recent years: the rise in post-vaccination disability claims, the continued excess deaths after the “pandemic” across all age groups, reflecting the increased mortality observed and hidden in the trials of Pfizer and Moderna.

But in this day and age, citing publicly available statistics and asking reasonable, obvious questions makes you an “unscientific pundit”.

We live in a society ruled by media and politicians. In other words, a society ruled by lies and greed, but the “agenda” is changing; those who are far from what is happening with vaccination against Covid-19 should be aware of the following significant milestone events:

The Prime Minister in Canada apologized to those who chose not to get vaccinated against Covid-19 and were harassed by the government for not doing so;

The European Parliament discussed the lies of pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines, and about the high excess mortality in countries with the most vaccinated populations;

Investigations begin into victims of restrictions and vaccinations against government agencies in Canada;

Trials and public hearings on side effects, deaths after vaccination and Covid restrictions are taking place in the USA, Japan, Germany;

Thousands of doctors hold summits and conferences discussing the harms of vaccination, deception and corruption during the pandemic;

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WHO has reviewed the practice of mass vaccination of children and adolescents against COVID-19;

A criminal case against the new Swiss President Alain Berset in connection with his deception on central television that the COVID-19 vaccine prevents infection;

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health no longer recommends vaccination against COVID-19. Doctors who continue to vaccinate are responsible for possible side effects;

Lawsuits in the US against the media, senior administration officials and federal agencies for censoring information related to vaccination ;

German Health Minister acknowledges vaccine injuries;

in the United States, the state Supreme Court returned wages, reinstated those fired who refused to be vaccinated, and recognized that vaccination does not protect a person from contracting or transmitting COVID-19;

A special subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic in the US Congress admitted : the lack of scientific data on the need to wear masks , attacks on theories of natural immunity, the strangeness of calls for regular boosters, the consequences and side effects of vaccines, the concealment of data from vaccine manufacturers, the unjustified use of mRNA-based vaccines for children;

in Japan, a representative of the House of Councilors  the government of hiding the truth about vaccination, and researchers sued the government on the same grounds;

Criminal investigation against the President of the European Commission and legal proceedings with the Commission;

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Well, there is a respectable list of monthly additions which are also very significant. A couple of years ago, few would have imagined this, but now it is the current reality. It’s only the beginning.


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