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Jellyfish people: Scanners appeared at airports capable of detecting the vaccinated

Jellyfish people: Scanners appeared at airports capable of detecting the vaccinated 1
Photo: Justin Muir

Even when vaccination was in full swing, there were known cases when citizens arrived in the United Arab Emirates with purchased vaccination certificates, they were stopped at the border and accused of having fake documents.

With the start of the war in Ukraine and the threat of the conflict escalating into a global one, the topic of vaccination passports began to interest countries and people somehow less than before, after which pandemic, as it were, was almost canceled altogether.

However, the cancellation was somehow incomplete – travelers’ vaccination passports are still being checked, although not always and not everywhere. And as it turned out in the past few weeks, many who have bought fake vaccination passports faced a problem – airports began to detect them.

It is possible that the answer to this question is given by yesterday’s video of a girl with the nickname Hope Girl, who found a very interesting video recorded in one of the airports. It turns out that the local security service has some advanced scanners, on which some people glow, while others do not glow at all:

Jellyfish people: Scanners appeared at airports capable of detecting the vaccinated 2

It is clear from the above picture that the security scanner is not a trivial instrument, since people’s brains glow very brightly, which is uncharacteristic for thermal scanners. In addition, on the hands of some citizens, at the possible site of injection of the liquid vaccine, there is a point of special brightness, which glows even more than the brain.

There is a common theory among conspiracy theorists that the main vaccination passport was recorded on some kind of microchip that was inserted at the vaccination site, or the graphene contained in vaccines develops something similar to a microchip, or a graphene amplifier – an optical transistor that functions as a terahertz amplifier by using graphene and a high-temperature superconductor.

The principle of operation of the device is based on the properties of graphene, which is completely transparent and insensitive to light, and its electrons have no mass. So the amplifier is implemented from two layers of graphene and one layer of superconductor. 

So, when terahertz radiation hits the outer transparent layer of graphene, then inside the transistor THz photons are converted into massless electrons, which are then back transformed into THz radiation.

In a word, a luminous enzyme or something similar is seen by special scanners. It seems that a campaign is underway to install new equipment in public places that recognizes health passports without the passports themselves. 

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Naturally, after this, the persecution of buyers of fake documents will begin, after which those who, in principle, refused to accept being vaccinated, will be outlawed.


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