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Canadian journalist tweets images of never-before-seen blood clots appearing in 50-70% of the Dead

Canadian journalist tweets images of never-before-seen blood clots appearing in 50-70% of the Dead 1

For months, undertakers, embalmers and pathologists from all over the world have been finding strange clots in the bodies of the dead. A Canadian journalist has decided to unveil what happens, as the collective incident reports show that the situation seems to be getting out of order.

Western Standard’s Matthew Horwood shocked Twitter users in recent days with the results of his investigation into embalmers in the province of Ontario. 

“These are not normal blood clots. It’s almost like it’s tissue and not blood clots,” said one of them.

“First, we found clots in only 10 to 15 percent of the bodies. Today I would be lucky to find bodies without clots.”

Horwood tweeted that he had spoken with another Ontario embalmer who finds these strange clots on almost every dead body she comes into contact with.

“It reminds me of a parasite, as there is always a clot that seems to feed on it,” said the embalmer.

The reporter added some photos, showing these clots but he post has been removed from Twitter.

Canadian journalist tweets images of never-before-seen blood clots appearing in 50-70% of the Dead 2

Mysterious clots appear in 50-70% of the Dead

Richard Hirschman, an Alabama embalmer with 20 years of experience, has typically seen blood clots in the dead in 5-10% of cases. Since 2021, he has been observing abnormal blood clotting in 50-70% of cases.

“In 20 years of embalming, I have never seen these white, fibrous structures in the blood, nor have anyone else in my field.”

Canadian journalist tweets images of never-before-seen blood clots appearing in 50-70% of the Dead 3

It is clear that the self-assembly process was set in motion in the bodies of the “vaccinated” victims. It is not clear which conditions in specific people led to a fatal outcome, and which were absent or to a lesser extent influenced such a process in those still living. But logic (and self-assembly technology) leads us to the conclusion that one more change in some external conditions, or the addition of even insignificant concentrations of certain substances into your bloodstream (for example, through nutrition and assimilation of a small amount of the target substance or in the form of an injection) can lead to activating the process of creating clots.

Since the technology of wave bioreactors, which is designed to come as close as possible to creating similar conditions and processes occurring in the human body, the slightest impact on the cellular environment for the growth of the target microorganism, the slightest contamination, contamination with an off-target virus or slight changes in the external conditions affecting plastic containers in which recombinant genetically modified viruses mature and multiply, leads to completely different final results. 

And if we add an additional external influence, for example, high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, but modeled according to a certain program, then the result at the output of a wave bioreactor is unpredictable. 

As Dr Charles Hoffe said:

“In a single Moderna dose there are 40 trillion mRNA molecules. The mRNA is fed into the circulatory system: thus it is inevitable that blood clots will form.”


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