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Facts be damned: Indisputable evidence and lessons learned from registration trials and the global mRNA vaccination campaign

Facts be damned: Indisputable evidence and lessons learned from registration trials and the global mRNA vaccination campaign 1

Those facts that honest professionals have talked about so much and for a long time, many of whom have lost not only their careers, but also their lives, are gaining indisputable evidence.

The article, “COVID–19 mRNA Vaccines: Lessons Learned from Registration Trials and the Global Vaccination Campaign,” was recently published in the online peer-reviewed journal Cureus Journal of Medical Science. One of the authors, Dr. Rose, stated that this article is the first peer-reviewed work to call for a global halt to the use of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

Facts be damned: Indisputable evidence and lessons learned from registration trials and the global mRNA vaccination campaign 2

The authors analyzed published studies on COVID-19 vaccine trials, as well as data and studies on the jab’s manufacturing process, effectiveness and side effects, citing nearly 300 citations, which Dr. McCullough said is nearly 10 times the average number for any study.

During the drug’s rollout, federal officials touted early scientific reports that claimed the COVID shots were “safe and effective” and were 95 percent effective. However, the authors concluded that the injections “were never adequately tested for safety” according to “previously established scientific standards.”

A few key takeaways from the article regarding injection production, testing and reporting include:

— COVID-19 vaccine trials were rushed and driven by incentives.

— COVID-19 itself poses a low risk for children.

— Many elements in the vaccine can cause serious side effects.

— Injections are ineffective and do more harm than good.

Liberty Counsel founder and chairman Matt Staver said:

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“In this comprehensive review, scientists confirm what scientific research has shown for years: these vaccines have never been safe or effective. The FDA and CDC are supposed to protect people, but they have become the minions of the pharmaceutical industry. This has to change.”

Brief excerpts from this article substantiate the need and timing of preclinical and clinical trials in the development of any vaccines, as the most complex medicines. Only vaccines, of all the many drugs available, are administered to healthy people in the hope of generating an effective immune response to the possible invasion of a specific pathogen. And the first, most important criterion for such a medicine is the postulate of any medical intervention – do no harm!

Before the rapid authorization process began, no vaccine was allowed to go to market without undergoing a testing period of at least four years, a record set by Merck & Co., Inc. (New Jersey, USA) in 1967, the world’s first vaccine against mumps was developed. The Pfizer vaccine (BNT162b2) completed the process in seven months. Previous phase 3 trial testing times averaged 10 years.

Health departments have stated that 10–15 years is a normal time frame for assessing the safety of vaccines. The safety of COVID-19 vaccines has never been assessed in a manner commensurate with previously established scientific standards because numerous safety and toxicology testing protocols typically followed by the FDA were bypassed.

Preclinical studies of the biodistribution of the mRNA product and potential repeat dose toxicity (to simulate multiple vaccinations) were bypassed to allow for expedited clinical testing. Perhaps the most important criterion avoided by the rapid authorization process was the minimum follow-up period of 6–12 months typically recommended to identify possible long-term vaccine-related side effects in vaccine groups compared to placebo groups.

Previously established 10-15 year clinical evaluation periods for vaccines were considered necessary to provide sufficient time to monitor the development of AEs such as cancer and autoimmune disorders.

It will come back

Any manipulation with an artificially created living organism that interacts with the cells of your body, regardless of whether this platform is mRNA or DNA (as well as mitochondria), goes through the stage of interaction with the nucleus of our cells, and in fact, rearranges the processes occurring in them at the genetic level. The outcome of such interaction can and will manifest itself both in the short term and in the long term, including the impact on future generations.

Facts be damned: Indisputable evidence and lessons learned from registration trials and the global mRNA vaccination campaign 3

The risk/benefit criteria for the use of such drugs are completely ignored by pharmaceutical businessmen, politicians, and the media. Evidence of effectiveness and safety can only be provided by long-term and multicenter observation and strict adherence to the study protocol for stages 3 and 4 of clinical trials. This is exactly how vaccines were created before the outbreak of Covid-19. According to reviews from first league professionals, such developments took up to 15 years.

Developing a vaccine is more complex and time-consuming than other drugs. In general, vaccines undergo even more scrutiny than non-vaccine drugs because therapeutic drugs are used to treat pre-existing conditions that are causing patient suffering. Vaccines are intended for healthy people to prevent disease. Therefore, clinical trials of vaccines are designed to study the preventive effect and safety.

The number of people enrolled in clinical trials is typically larger than for non-vaccine drugs. On average, the development time for a vaccine lasts from 12 to 15 years, although it can be much longer.

MRNA vaccine technology has one important advantage. The mRNA vaccine can be administered at least five times, at least every month, at least every day.

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