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Heavenly Delusion anime: Why the End of the World was appointed on November 11, 2024

Heavenly Delusion anime: Why the End of the World was appointed on November 11, 2024 1
Photo: Heavenly Delusion

It’s no secret that humanity is in check and skillfully directed in the right direction by a very small handful of individuals who have decided that they will be the main ones on the planet. These secret societies for many centuries created special conditions for the control of mankind through culture, science and masterfully remade history.

How do secret societies affect the life of mankind? What are they up to this time? What future lies ahead of us?

The Unobtrusive Programming of Mankind

It is difficult to comprehend, but all kinds of Illuminati passed on various subliminal messages as from the beginning of the19th century and It turns out that the new type of society in which we live now is being formed on the basis of several texts that have appeared out from nowhere.

There are certain groups of people who write certain works, pass them off as the works of ancient thinkers and thereby exert the necessary influence on the entire society, set certain moments of behavior and impose the restrictions they need.

We are programmed with the help of literature, movies, comics, anime. By the way, in Japan there is an anime cult, and this is the only country that is sharpened to cover the future. It is in Japan that there are a lot of custom-made topics, and the customers, apparently, are secret societies.

“Heavenly Delusion”

Why the End of the World was appointed on November 11, 2024
Heavenly Delusion is a manga series written and illustrated by Masakazu Ishiguro.(Production I. G)

A few years ago, a new manga appeared with the pretentious title “Heavenly Delusion”, and very quickly after the release it was announced that this work was worthy to participate in a very prestigious competition for the best manga and get the first award.

It was later announced that this manga would be made into an anime. This spring, this anime was released and immediately became the hit of the season. It is being actively promoted worldwide, and the money invested in its advertising is simply immeasurable.

The work describes a certain laboratory of a huge transnational corporation and it looks quite harmless – a school where children study. But after a while it turns out that these are children with special psychic abilities. They have unique qualities and are grown according to special methods.

In addition, super-soldiers are being created in the laboratory, that is, this is a military program, and a huge amount of money has been invested in it. In addition, the corporation is engaged in the production of artificial meat, as well as unique hydroponics, when plants can grow anywhere and under any conditions.

In fact, a topic related to extrasensory perception and the creation of a new type of person is being promoted. Moreover, it is created by a private corporation to fight its competitors.

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Why the End of the World was appointed on November 11, 2024

Further in the story, a global cataclysm occurs on Earth, and the surviving people live in rather difficult conditions. But this is not all disasters, it later turns out that Nibiru is approaching the Earth.

Humanity has developed a rescue plan, but the super-soldiers of a private corporation interfere in it and do everything to make a disaster happen. The cosmic impact was made on 11/11/2024 at 2:16 am in the Swiss Alps.

It looks like we are being prepared for a civilization reboot. The concept is that a meteorite will fall, all ordinary people die, only the chosen ones remain. The product is of very high quality, and it is very persistently moving towards the masses.

No one doubts that the apocalypse is on the nose, no one knows the exact date, but there is clearly something new in the solar system and it is already close to Earth.


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