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Anunnaki, the blood of aliens on Earth

Anunnaki, the blood of aliens on Earth 1

The modern era has witnessed the growing popularity of mythological stories about ancient Mesopotamia.

A huge role in this was the work of a number of researchers who saw the connection between the Sumerian myths about the Anunnaki with Nibiru and the theory of the origin of man with the participation of an alien civilization.

Anunnaki, the blood of aliens on Earth 2
When the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru came to Earth, Australopithecus became wiser.

Our understanding of the theory of ancient astronauts is based mainly on the transcription of cuneiform tablets, executed by Zacharia Sitchin. His series of books “Chronicles of the Earth” forms the basis of an alternative history of the evolution of species, revealing an entertaining vision of the origin of man.

In Sitchin’s story about our past, there is an influential group of aliens under the name Anunnaki. According to the author of the idea, they invested their own DNA in Homo Erectus, who later became the founder of modern man. Sophisticated genetic manipulation was made with the intention of using indigenous people with a weak mind as helpers to extract precious minerals from the bowels of the earth. However, the Anunnaki are represented by the equivalent of God from the Old Testament.

So what do cuneiform texts say about mythical aliens from Nibiru? How much does the version with the participation of aliens and their activities correspond to the real idea in the ancient world?

Anunnaki – royal blood!

Firstly, the Anunnaki are interpreted as “royal blood” or “the seed of Anu,” not “those who descended from heaven,” or “those who came from heaven to earth,” as the followers of the theory of ancient astronauts claim.

At the same time, the Anunnaki – “Sumerian deities of the primordial time.” This is the pantheon of the gods of the sons of the heavenly god Anu and his sister Ki. According to a number of prominent historians, it will be more true to consider the Anunnaki as demi-gods. Anu’s sister, Ki, was not originally a deity and attained the status of a goddess much later in the history of the mythological cycle.

As William Clauser explains: many people wonder if Ki was considered a deity?

Today there is no evidence of a cult, and his name appears only in a few texts of the Sumerians about creativity. Samuel Noah Kramer identifies Ki with the Sumerian goddess Ninhursag and claims that they were originally the same figure. She later became the Babylonian goddess and Akadia Antu, wife of the god Anu (Sumerian An).

In essence, this would mean that the Anunnaki themselves were born from the union of the gods of heaven and a mortal woman, who would subsequently be deified in the mythological tradition.

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In addition, “Ki” is the Sumerian symbol of “earth”, and the wife of Anu is sometimes considered the personification of the Earth itself. This fact is similar to the biblical tradition, where mortals were created from the dust of the earth (Genesis 2.7). The concept of a group of semi-divine beings born of mortal women is very similar to the biblical and non-biblical traditions of the Nephilim.

One of the most frequently mentioned ancient texts describing the Nephilim is the biblical Book of Enoch, attributed to Patriarch Enoch, the father of Methuselah. The book of Enoch is considered an apocryphal text today and is rejected by most dominant theological systems, although this has not always been the case.

Many of the early church fathers, such as Athenagoras, Clement of Alexandria, Irenaeus, and Tertullian accepted this book as a sacred script, and fragments of 10 Aramaic copies of the Book of Enoch were found among the Dead Sea scrolls. Enoch is also quoted in the Bible Message of Jude, and it has been estimated that there are several more references in the New Testament.

Why did they reject the records of Enoch? In short, he described space technology and flight in heaven.

The most famous passages from the Book of Enoch include a detailed description of certain events before the Flood recorded in the Bible (especially Genesis 6, verses 1-4). According to the Book of Enoch, a group of 200 fallen angels known as Observers, led by a man named Semyaza, descended to Mount Hermon, where they took the paternal oath with human women.

All of them “took their wives for themselves … each chose for himself … they began to come to them and be corrupted by them,” the union that led to the birth of the “great giants.”

These giants finally “swallowed all the products of people”, and “when people could no longer support them, the giants turned against them and devoured humanity (Book of Enoch, chapters 6-7).

These actions provoke the intervention of God. He “curses” the giants to fight each other, “so that they can destroy each other in battle” and sends archangels to bind their guardian leaders “in the valleys” of the Earth (Book of Enoch, 10). As you know today, Hebrew texts refer to these powerful observers as the Nephilim.

Mount Hermon, abode of the Anunnaki gods

Researchers have found a serious similarity between the mythologies of the Anunnaki and the Nephilim. In 1971, Edward Lipinski (almost simultaneously with Sitchin) published an academic analysis of several ancient texts, including the ancient Babylonian version of the Gilgamesh epic. The legend of Gilgamesh’s journey contains important information that shows the true location of the Anunnaki sanctuary in cosmology and thought of the ancient East.

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The researcher found that: “In fact, the ancient Babylonian version of the Gilgamesh epic identifies Hermon and Lebanon with the abode of the Anunnaki.”

Incidentally, this is a strong turn of the legend to the facts of history. Edward emphasizes lines 12-21 of Gilgamesh in ancient Babylon, which reports the destruction of Humbaba, the keeper of the dwelling of the gods, from the companion of Gilgamesh, Enkidu. The text directly confirms that they “penetrated the forest and discovered the secret abode of the Anunnaki.”

Later mythologies offer different alternative places for the house of the Anunnaki. However, Lipinski believes that the oldest Mesopotamian and Tanoan texts of the Middle East point to the cedar forest of Mount Hermon:

“… we find traces of the oldest tradition in the mention of the mountain, which was the abode of the gods. Access to it was hidden by the Cedar Forest, whose guardian was Humbaba. This mountain was the place in the depths of which the Anunnaki lived, according to the ancient Babylonian version of the epic of Gilgamesh. In the ancient Babylonian period, the Anunnaki were still considered gods. Therefore, Mount Hermon must be identified with the abode of the gods. “

Edward Lipinski also points out that Mount Hermon was considered the custodian of international treaties in the ancient world and links this tradition with the oath performed by observers in the Book of Enoch.

Having included apocryphal texts in his research, such as the Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs and the Book of Enoch, Lipinski concludes:

“Mount Hermon is a cosmic mountain that unites the earth with the lower heavens. We find the same idea in the episode of the sons of God from the Book of Enoch. Life-giving creatures gather at the top of Mount Hermon because it is the mountain of the gods, Canaan Olympus. ”

Mount Hermon is located on the southern tip of the Antilivan mountain range, occupying the border between Syria and Lebanon. The highest peak of Hermon reaches 2814 meters. The area abounds with ancient altars dating back thousands of years, and continued to host shrines and rituals until the time of Constantine the Great.

Of great interest is the fact that Gilgamesh was known in the ancient world for his knowledge, which he received in the antediluvian world. Wherever he explored centers of power, Gilgamesh learned old wisdom. He, who traveled the distant road to the gods and crossed the ocean, restored his knowledge of the antediluvian era.

These passages close the circle with an interpretation of the ancient Babylonian version of the epic of Gilgamesh, where the ancient king went to Mount Hermon, the monastery of the Anunnaki on Earth.

So contrary to popular sayings in modern literature and other media, there is data found by expert academic research.

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A comparative study of cuneiform letters and other ancient texts shows that the true identity of the Anunnaki is found in the eastern tradition of a group of demigods born from an improper relationship between divine beings and mortal women. The described events occurred on Mount Hermon, located in the Antilivan mountain range.

These creatures are often associated with knowledge of the world before the Flood, and later they have various functions in the underworld. The above “facts” certainly do not state anything, but they turn the Anunnaki into the equivalent of “Elohim,” which creates a person in the book of Genesis. The same references to ancient sources inspire the idea of ​​extremely developed civilizations of outer space.


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