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Earthquakes, floods, electromagnetic pulses: Putin revealed the development of unprecedented weapons based on new physical principles

Earthquakes, floods, electromagnetic pulses: Putin revealed the development of unprecedented weapons based on new physical principles 1
Photo: Russian Defense Ministry. Ocean multipurpose system "Poseidon"

Russian President Putin has recently spoken of mysterious new weapons based on “new physical principles”. “Weapons based on new physical principles will ensure the security of any country. We understand it very well and are working on it,” Putin said in a wide-ranging speech at the Eastern Economic Forum on Tuesday.

Such weapons can be laser systems, ultrasound systems, radio frequency weapons and many other products, many of which we have not even imagined yet. Putin did not elaborate further, leaving the media and military observers scrambling to find more information.

What Exactly Did Putin Say?

According to an article by the Russian state news agency TASS, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a meeting with moderators on the sidelines of the 8th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) that weapons that would implement the new physical principles would ensure security on the new page of history, adding that the Russian authorities have already realized this.

“If one looks more closely at the field of security, weapons that will apply new physical principles will ensure the security of every country in the new page of history, which is coming soon. We understand this very well and we are working on it,” Putin said.

The development of weapons based on new physical principles involves the use of breakthrough technologies, revolutionary techniques and generally things that the defense industry is trying for the first time. Such weapons can be laser systems, ultrasound systems, radio frequency weapons and many other products, many of which we have not even imagined yet.

The official online encyclopedia of the Russian Ministry of Defense defines “weapons based on new physical principles” as “new types of weapons whose destructive effect is based on processes and phenomena not previously used for military purposes.”

As of the early 21st century, these weapons are said to include:

Directed energy weapons (laser, accelerator, microwave, and ultrasonic-based weapons designed to destroy or disable enemy manpower, equipment, or strong installations and infrastructure). “All types of directed energy weapons are practically inertialess, and with the exception of ultrasonic weapons, they are instantaneous […] The greatest successes in this direction” have been achieved in the improvement of laser weapons,” according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Electromagnetic weapons (ultra-high frequency and laser-based), whose destructive properties are achieved by the use of “a powerful, usually pulsed stream of electromagnetic coherent optical radiation [seen in some types of lasers] or incoherent optical radiation.”

Non-lethal weapons, designed to disable weapons, equipment, materiel and personnel without causing irreparable loss. The Russian military divides them into anti-personnel, anti-hostile/anti-materiel systems, and mixed anti-personnel/anti-hostile/anti-materiel systems. These include various weapons designed to replace existing tools used by domestic security agencies, such as tear gas, rubber bullets, psychotropic devices, ultrasonic weapons and electronic suppression, as well as military-grade biological and chemical agents that can disintegrate or to render the enemy’s fuel useless, etc.

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Geophysical weapons (causing earthquakes, interfering with the climate, the ozone, the environment): Defined collectively by the Ministry of National Defense as “a means of deliberately influencing the environment to use the forces of nature for military purposes”. These hypothetical weapons are designed to act against the solid, liquid, and gaseous properties of the planet and its atmosphere, and may include the use of high explosives to cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and other disasters, as well as changing the weather or climate in some parts of the world, resulting in droughts, floods, storms, etc. Ozone weapons are designed to create holes in the ozone layer, causing widespread damage using ultraviolet radiation from space over vast geographic areas. Finally, environmental weapons are categorized as those designed to target forests, crops, water, air or soil resources;

Radiological weapons  include weapons whose destructive effect “is based on the use of radioactive substances capable of poisoning human resources with ionizing radiation without a nuclear explosion”, with radioactive launch materials obtained from nuclear fuel residues or by exposing chemical elements to neutron fluxes to produce radioactive isotopes.

Genetic/biological weapons are defined as “a type of weapon capable of damaging the genetic (hereditary) apparatus of humans”, including through the use of viruses with mutagenic properties, as well as “mutations derived from natural sources by chemical synthesis or by biotechnological methods of causing damage or through changes in DNA! This type of potential weapon is considered particularly dangerous in light of the “unpredictability of the consequences” of their use, according to the Russian military.

Will Closer Relations With China Help?

At the same forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the close relations between Moscow and Beijing, which makes us speculate that there will be significant cooperation between the two countries in the defense sector in the future. Certainly the cooperation of Russian and Chinese scientists would help the two states compete with NATO in this new arms race.

Specifically, Putin stated that he maintains friendly personal and business relations with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the background of the 8th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF).

The Russian leader added that his personal relations with his Chinese counterpart unquestionably help promote the bilateral relations between Moscow and Beijing in general and the multinational relations of the two states.

So far, Russia and China have publicly revealed several plans for cooperation, such as energy and economic projects, but have kept their plans for the defense sector secret.

What will Putin attempt to use as in reality everything has been used secretly here and there. Will the planet go to another stage with kraken being released?

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