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“The Chinese army will cross the Euphrates, and the Russians will clash with NATO on Turkish territory”: predictions of the Athonite elders

“The Chinese army will cross the Euphrates, and the Russians will clash with NATO on Turkish territory”: predictions of the Athonite elders 1

Many holy elders spoke in their prophecies about a whole series of upcoming wars. Some of them warned that another world conflict could flare up again due to events in the Balkans. Will there really be a certain Gavrilo Princip again who will provoke a world war? And which leader will act this time as a sacred victim, like Archduke Ferdinand once did?

The prediction that the Chinese army will cross the Euphrates and the Russians will clash with NATO on Turkish territory sounds impossible but don’t rush to conclusions. 

The elders warned about the battle

Have you ever wondered why throughout the history of civilization people do not stop fighting? It would seem that the level of education is growing, conversations about values ​​​​in society do not stop, but at the same time, conflicts around the world flare up with frightening consistency.

Esotericists are convinced that such processes are necessary so that a person can ultimately approach the light.

When will this happen? Apparently not soon. So far, neither Putin, nor Netanyahu, nor Biden know how (or do not want) to resolve some conflicts differently, only through military confrontation, which involves a lot of people.

Athonite Elder Paisios, who lived in the last century, told who will fight with whom in the future. According to him, when the war with Turkey ends, the main fighting will shift to the Middle East. China will join the battle and the Chinese army will cross the Euphrates and invade the land of Israel. The total number of Chinese armed forces will reach 200 million people.

The Chinese will besiege Jerusalem. In parallel, the Russians will clash with NATO on Turkish territory.

Elder Kosmas the Aetolian, who lived in the 18th century, told what the Third World War would be like. In his opinion, the conflict will not last long, but will bring a huge number of victims. And it all starts with Dolmacia (Serbia).

Elder Matthew, who passed away in 1950, predicted that a new worldwide massacre would be ignited by certain actions on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. As a result of the conflict, the planet’s population will be reduced by a third. 

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This is how some elders see the future. Others predict a different development. Some believe that a nuclear war will happen between Russia and China, which will try to annex the Far East. Beijing will have to retreat, and the Russians will increase the pace of development in Siberia.

Tolerate and not complain

But according to other elder predictions, a big massacre will be avoided and human adversity will significantly rock the social boat. 2024 will be very difficult as global famine could begin due to the worsening economic situation throughout the world.

Economic instability will affect all states without exception. People will face a difficult choice – “ the cross or their daily bread ,” that is, humanity will have to choose what is more important, spiritual purity or a full stomach.

Popular unrest and military conflicts will take place everywhere. People will begin to actively show dissatisfaction with the actions of the authorities. The old order will collapse. 

However, everyone should “be patient and not complain.” The good news is that the tough times won’t last long. Already in 2025, the world will be able to overcome the peak of the crisis and embark on the path of further development.

According to another prophecy, disagreements will intensify between the United States and its allies. Both countries will face great difficulties. However, Washington has a much greater margin of safety.

Time will pass, and the fraternal states will finally be able to leave behind all disputes and contradictions by joining forces.

But in the USA the situation will gradually worsen. By actively seeking a new approach, the United States would put its own territorial integrity at risk. It is possible that some states will decide to declare independence.

The precarious political situation will be aggravated by powerful natural disasters. As early as 2024, the United States may face large-scale natural disasters.

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As soon as the balance of power in the geopolitical arena changes, the world will face financial instability, which will entail a deterioration in the economy. However, this case, there will be no conflict, even local confrontations are not expected – no war, no gunshots.


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