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Fears of October 4th are intensifying as global chaos may begin on the streets, at least according to a FEMA tabletop exercise scenario

Fears of October 4th are intensifying as global chaos may begin on the streets, at least according to a FEMA tabletop exercise scenario 1
Photo: Cabin Fever (2002)

On October 4 (or 11th), 2023, FEMA has scheduled a nationwide test of transmitting a warning message to citizens about actions in a certain hypothetical emergency situation. And although such tests are quite common by today’s standards, this time the signal will be broadcast over the 5G network.

If the expected unpleasant event does occur, testing will smooth it out slightly. Everyone will wait for the message about the End of the World to arrive on their phone and will not be so tense if or when it comes. And if the message does arrive, many will think that this is an exercise and will not bother. However, this year there are nuances. 

On the contrary, there is unrest among conspiracy theorists on the topic of 10.04, as civil defense staff training will be also held throughout Russia as reported by the Baza telegram channel.

The channel’s message says that the training is scheduled for October 3. The legend of the exercises says that martial law was introduced in the Russian Federation, general mobilization was carried out and 70% of housing was destroyed. Officials from civil defense leaders to heads of state corporations will take part in the exercises. It is clarified that for the first time such exercises are carried out on a single day for all regions.

An alleged order from Rospotrebnadzor, attached to the channel’s message, states that the training is being conducted in conditions of the growing danger of armed conflicts involving nuclear powers. The channel’s source added that previous legends did not mention mobilization, but, as a rule, “legends are adjusted to modern realities.”

Considering that the 3rd and 4th of October are somewhere nearby on the calendar, the new educational initiative of the Russians looks a little strange, from all sides. It also hints at nuclear conflicts and the date is also close to the American one. 

The event becomes especially interesting in light of the fact that conspiracy theorists dug up the following:

The “Back to the Future” movie is not only a masterpiece of American cinema of the early 1980s, but also a film filled with predictions, where only about twenty-five officially came true: 

There are also underground and unofficial predictions, conspiracy theories, for voicing which people may soon be offered electroshock treatment and shackles. 

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There are also subliminal references to 9/11 and a very interesting juncture – the clock that shows 10.04 at the moment when the characters in the movie once again decided to change the world.  

It is possible that this is just a coincidence, as optimists think or an encrypted message about a global star, as pessimists claim. As realists, we consider both points of view with equal attention and respect, because circumstances prompt us to do so: the sun is acting up, the aliens are moving, and the situation in Ukraine is getting out of control.

Therefore, if evil aliens decide to arrange a zombie apocalypse for our good fellow earthlings, it will be unexpected for everyone, and FEMA’s message in this regard is more reassuring than stressful. But we are not completely ruling out something else, which will be on October 4-11, not a test message at all but some global excesses.


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