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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Prepare for Nuclear Winter: Russian expert says ‘Putin has no choice but to launch a nuclear strike on Europe’

Prepare for Nuclear Winter: Russian expert says 'Putin has no choice but to launch a nuclear strike on Europe' 1

Sergey Karaganov shocks the world with his new statements. According to him, if the West continues its current foreign policy, then the only way to stop it is nuclear!

For 75 years of mutual nuclear deterrence, thermonuclear weapons have saved the world and it is used to it. Today, many decades after their first appearance, nuclear weapons cannot cease to exist. Imagine the fate of a superpower, such as the US or Russia, without these weapons. Her enemies would rush to “devour” her.

However, after almost a century, people’s fear of nuclear weapons can be said to have faded. Many people doubt that a global nuclear war can break out, which will eventually lead to the “Apocalypse” as the experts call it.

Russian threats of a nuclear attack on Europe, voiced by various Russian officials and non-Russians over the past year, have gone largely unnoticed by the majority of the world. Many consider these threats propaganda, others consider them exaggerated, but some know the real danger.

But now the reality is that we have reached a critical point, perhaps of no return.

In recent years, Russia has raised the limit on the use of nuclear weapons and as a result, even official Russian threats were seen as “bluffs” by the rest of the world.

Russian expert Sergey Karaganov says that “I hope we never use nuclear weapons, but to deny the possibility of their use in all cases, except for the existential threat of the state, seems to me frivolous.”

According to Karaganov, who is a Russian political scientist and head of the country’s foreign and defense policy council, if the West continues to follow the same foreign policy against Russia, then he believes that Putin will have to make a very difficult decision.

“He should at some point project his determination to use nuclear weapons.”

“If we are talking about nuclear strikes, then a number of countries in Europe that provide a lot of support to the Kiev regime are the best option.”

Is a nuclear war possible? 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the latest developments have brought this terrifying question back to the fore. A Third World War will be nuclear and destructive.

Nuclear winter is a scientific term that describes the climatic effects of a nuclear war. Black smoke from the fires that nuclear weapons can cause, especially in cities and industrial facilities, could reach very high in the atmosphere and spread rapidly worldwide, remaining in the upper atmosphere for many years.

Such a thing would cause shading of the Earth, i.e. a reduction of the incident solar radiation on the ground, which would lead to a reduction of the temperature in the troposphere. The reduction of solar radiation throughout the year could have disastrous consequences since if even one growing season in economically developed countries is affected, this would lead to a shortage of basic food items worldwide.

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Additionally, research suggests that a nuclear winter can damage the stratospheric ozone layer, allowing harmful UV radiation to reach the ground. More people could die in countries far from the center of hostilities than in those where the nuclear bombs were dropped because of these indirect health effects.

All of the above are theories and results from numerical models and have not been verified in the real world, since (thankfully) no large-scale nuclear war has occurred. Although the number of nuclear weapons in the world has fallen from 70,000 at its peak in the 1980s to less than 10,000 in use today, a nuclear war could still produce nuclear winters.


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