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Appreciate today, even if it is not enough: World War III – causes and consequences that no one has talked about before

Appreciate today, even if it is not enough: World War III - causes and consequences that no one has talked about before 1

Every person on Earth feels that the world is gradually but steadily sliding into the abyss of a terrible global conflict, which will become the bloodiest and most destructive in our history.

But the fate of humanity and our inability to learn from our own mistakes can unfold in such incomprehensible ways that the very thing that has the potential to destroy our civilization may ultimately lead us to the most important event in the fate of our species.

People without a future

Madagascar is a beautiful country with a warm climate and friendly people. Average electricity consumption is 53 kWh per person per year. You shouldn’t divide it into 365 days. In fact, there is simply no electricity there.

In the Antananarivo, the capital of the country, business is booming – renting an outlet for a few minutes to charge your phone or turn on a drill. In beauty salons, the most popular service is to wash your hair, since most people simply do not have running water, and $5 a day is a dream salary for many.

Do you think this is poverty?

Poverty is when there is nothing of the benefits of civilization, no roads, no water, no electricity, no permanent roof over your head and there is no way to buy all this even if you suddenly have money.

UN officials came up with a special term – multidimensional poverty – this is when there is not just no money, but no opportunity to spend it.

More than a billion people on our planet will never be able to talk on the phone, watch TV, or go online. Where they live there is none of this, but there is a whole range of environmental problems.

Those who make up the “rules”

We live in a world where a relatively small group of people (less than one billion) consume more than half of all the planet’s resources, while the remaining 7 billion are trying to be useful in some way just to survive.

Developed countries burned oil and coal for 150 years, warming up the atmosphere, and now, when climate consequences have appeared, they offer all inhabitants of the Earth to save money and use only renewable energy sources.

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If we put aside the pathos and hypocrisy about caring for the environment, a fact becomes visible – the 1% of the richest people on the planet invite everyone else to simply accept their fate, keep everything as it is and suffer in silence.

But the truth is that they won’t succeed

If you walk into a department store, more than half of everything you find there will be made in China. Moreover, if the Chinese themselves want to live the same way as the Americans, global meat production, steel production and energy production will have to be increased several times.

There are no raw material reserves on the planet for such a “happy” life for all eight billion people. Competition for resources and the manic desire of a wealthy minority to continue to consume and at the same time produce nothing themselves will sooner or later lead to a catastrophe, the prologue of which will be long and debilitating global inflation.

It is impossible to say what exactly, what event or decision will be the trigger for a major war. Moreover, it may turn out that this event is already in the past and we are watching the avalanche accelerate. Selfishness, hypocrisy and injustice of some will give rise to cruelty and despair of others.

What will happen in the end

The flames of a big war will burn the financial system and people will have to live in conditions of quasi-natural exchange. Countries or what remains of them will have only what they can produce on their own or fairly exchange.

Having gone through torment and death, humanity will understand that the Earth is not an unlimited buffet table, but a very modest refuge and, if you want to live beautifully, you need to do something more than just borrow from a neighbor.

Future generations will have to reach out to the limitless resources beyond the planet and this will be the most important event in the history of our species.


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