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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Another ‘guest’, this time from 2032 told how the Third World War will begin. Will the war in Ukraine end soon and suddenly?

Another 'guest', this time from 2032 told how the Third World War will begin. Will the war in Ukraine end soon and suddenly? 1

In the last couple of years, messages from time travelers have become very popular on conspiracy theories, so it is not surprising that the following message about the future, dated 2006, appeared a few days ago:

Hey b. You are gonna think I am lying but I am from the year 2032. I am not gonna try to prove anything, believing me is up to you. I am not a time traveler, it is really complicated please don’t ask. I am just here because I miss the 2000s. You cannot believe how f***ked up things are in the future. I just want you to know that, doesn’t matter how bad things are right now, it gets a lot worse.

Enjoy the time you spend with your friends and family while you still can, before a virus kills them. Enjoy your online freedom and privacy before they take them away. Enjoy the peace, before the entire world starts to rip each other apart. Only if you knew how bad things can get.

For the next 10 years you are gonna fight over stupid things. Politics are gonna get ugly, everyone is gonna start to hate each other, but trust me you are gonna remember those days as good memories. You are gonna hate the black man, orange man and the senile old man, you are gonna turn everything into a political dick measuring contest. After everything gets too serious, you are gonna realize how dumb everyone was. You will realize that all of your problems were nothing. Everything is gonna go down so quick. Disaster after disaster.

I lived long enough to see horrible things. After the WW3 started nobody was ready, we were all soft. We got caught underprepared. The entire world was boiling before that. Wars, economic crisis, natural disasters, pandemics… But not many could see things escalating this bad. One day you are minding your business, probably concerned about the gas prices or some stupid shit, the other day you are watching people die from radiation sickness.

I still remember the first day of the war. Woke up in the morning, clueless about what is going on in the world. Turned my computer on and saw the internet going crazy over this Russian nuke. Everyone on the internet was talking about this, all the media was talking about this, all the TV channels were showing the footage of this 50 megaton nuclear explosion. Anywhere you go on the internet, you could see nothing but the horrifying footage of that nuke. The first nuke was nothing but a show. It did not kill anyone but a retaliation was necessary nonetheless. It triggered the war, as anyone could guess.

As it is easy to see, the ‘traveller’s’ awareness of the future is remarkable and rather strange that he does not report anything about the situation between 2022-2032, referring to the butterfly effect and fear of changing everything. Nevertheless, the advertising on the scan is correct and belongs to Icarus Publishing – in 2006, this company really existed and the ads are legit.

However, the user ID of the original “post” is 17609714, but all the “replies” are to 17606714. Statistically speaking, that’s pretty much impossible to happen unless it’s fake, and whoever faked it made a typo they didn’t notice (replacing 6 with 9 in OP). 

Nevertheless, we cannot but admit that the attempt was good as other similar revelations from ‘time travelers’ who are lately literally on the move. Are they propaganda tactics in order to scare or prepare the whole world with a hydrogen or even a nuclear bomb show?

Meanwhile, the situation in Ukraine has both parties exchanging threats with no visible horizon for any peace scenario whatsoever.

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Medvedev: “All of Ukraine will burn”

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that supplying Ukraine with more and more technologically advanced weapons systems will only provoke more retaliatory bombing by Russia under the scope of Russian nuclear doctrine.

“All of Ukraine that remains under the control of Kiev will burn,” according to the words Medvedev used in a written interview with journalist Nadana Fridriksson.

The journalist asked Medvedev if the use of long-range weapon systems by the Ukrainians is a possibility that will lead Russia to negotiations with Kyiv.

“The result will be exactly the opposite,” Medvedev responded to comments Fridriksson posted on her profile on the instant messaging service Telegram.

Ukraine: “We can hit Moscow with missiles”

“Ukraine is ready to strike military targets on the territory of Russia, including Moscow”.

Fedor Venislavsky, a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence of Ukraine, said that 100 tanks were not enough for Kyiv in the fall to capture Donetsk and Lugansk. And now it’s time to attack the entire territory of Russia, including Moscow, with American missiles.

“Even now, the promised battle tanks are not enough to end the war with a powerful blow. To fully liberate our territories, we need 500 to 700 tanks,” Venislavski tells Germany’s Bild.

If the tanks had already been delivered during the Ukrainian army’s major offensive in late summer, Venislavski says, the liberation would have made much more progress and the war might already be over.

“We lacked 100 tanks, then we could completely liberate the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.”

The Pentagon announced DEFCON 2?

On Saturday morning, February the 4th began as usual and did not portend any great news. However: is not a completely military site, they write the following about themselves. Thus, if shows DEFCON 2, this does not mean that the US military has the same level on their servers, it could be level 1 but also higher.

In connection with the alleged likelihood of Russia using weapons of mass destruction during their invasion in Ukraine, the United States military department announced the DEFCON 2 combat readiness level for Europe. A similar level was announced by Washington during the Caribbean crisis in October 1962.

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There are five such levels of combat readiness in total. So, DEFCON 5 corresponds to normal peacetime readiness. DEFCON 4 increases the activity of intelligence services – the United States spent almost the entire Cold War at this level. DEFCON 1 means maximum combat readiness in anticipation of an imminent enemy nuclear strike. A similar level as a training alert was announced in 1983 in connection with the “Experienced Archer” command exercises in Western Europe.

Another 'guest', this time from 2032 told how the Third World War will begin. Will the war in Ukraine end soon and suddenly? 2
DEFCON levels

The latest alarm version could also be expressed on the occasion of the appearance of the Chinese spying balloon over the USA and was shot down by American F-22 fighters in the Atlantic today.

Apparently, we are witnessing a preparation stage now, where each player is holding onto position and the US Pentagon is seriously preparing the military for an imminent disarming response blow with tomahawks, tridents and minutemen. In this case, according to experts, there will be a little more smoke than usual.

But be that as it may, the denouement, the outcome of which has long been obvious to everyone, is already very soon.


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