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Apocalypse & Armageddon

There are too many repetitions in the historical matrix – WW3 in September 2023?

There are too many repetitions in the historical matrix - WW3 in September 2023? 1

In the following video you will hear great historical revelations that so far coincide with with the stars of the sky in 1938, before the World War I where the events started with the Nazis in Germany. There may be repetition but there is also a certain purposeful ‘direction’.

But repetitions are directed as are the missiles. Will the burst be delayed until September 2023?

We have some doubts that it will be so long overdue until September 2023 when the fraying of man and the violation of the genetic code are here and now as our existential code has been infringed and mutated because they are in a too much hurry.

That is why the Harvest of mankind will probably happen sooner since none of the involved scientists have realized that they became single dose Monsanto seeds and remains to see if they will give seed or there will be enough time for these seeds to enter into reproduction.

At the end of the video you will see that in November this year they have arranged for the planetary ‘contractors’ to meet and take new measures on climate change, and maybe that’s where the world leader they want to bring appears.

World event warning from a German politician for September 24 2022?

A member of the German government openly warned that September 24th will be a day when everyone will remember “exactly where they were at the time of the event”. Needless to say, these days don’t happen very often. For many, the death of John F. Kennedy was such a day. And 9/11 was definitely one of those days. 

According to Jewish tradition, a seven-year Shemitah cycle ends and a new one begins once the sun sets on the evening of 9/24/2022. It is unknown to us if he is Jewish and has knowledge that others don’s, but in Germany, you do not make such revelations since you are a supposedly international player. 

In any case, it looks so strange that such a statement was made by a member of the German parliament.

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“No one will forget September 24, 2022, and everyone will know exactly where they were.”

Why does he think September 24th will be so monumental?

The video has gone viral on social media and you can watch it below.


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