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Vanga’s prophecy about December 22 will coincide with the most powerful solar flare

Vanga's prophecy about December 22 will coincide with the most powerful solar flare 1

The media continue to discuss the date 12/22/2020, which included five deuces. Quite a few clairvoyants have expressed that this day will be restless. According to Sergei Kostorny, Vanga’s friend, the clairvoyant warned of a number of problems.

In the public, disputes about the predictions of the famous blind Bulgarian soothsayer Vangelia Pandeva Gushterova, better known as Baba Vanga, do not subside. Despite the fact that she passed away in August 1996, her new prophecies still surface. In March of this year, for example, there was news that Vanga, as it turns out, warned of the appearance of the coronavirus. 

Her friend Sergei Kostorny, explained that he was allowed to report this prophecy only seven days before the pandemic. Now he wants to warn about the date December 22, 2020. In addition, Kostorny announced when the coronavirus will recede.

According to Kostorny, he knows Vanga’s prophecies for 2021, but he cannot tell them yet.

“On the date of December 22, 2020, five twos fall,” Kostorny noted and added that if humanity does not change its mind, continues to chase money and start wars, then the world may be engulfed in a pandemic of another serious illness.

“There have been periods in history when the plague mowed down vast territories … It could be an unexpected war,” Kostorny warned.

Vanga’s friend also said that he knows her prophecy for next year, but he cannot yet make it public, due to a certain taboo that was given many years ago.

“I was allowed to disclose the prediction about the coronavirus in seven days,” he explained.

In this regard, Kostorny noted that on December 22 one should wait with caution, since Vanga’s words about this date are very alarming:

“On December 22, you need to wait with caution. She [Vanga – ed.] said:” We will warm ourselves in the sun, and the sun will fall as a black shadow.”

He recalled that on December 21 and 22, according to scientists, a terrible flash in the sun falls, the most powerful solar flare in 300 years is expected, which can affect people in different ways. Some will experience a depressive state, while others – relapses of chronic diseases.

“How will this affect the psyche of people?” – Kostorny asks.

As for the date when the coronavirus pandemic recedes, Kostorny also named a specific date.

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“On March 20, the day of the vernal equinox, the problem with the coronavirus will not be so urgent, because the Earth will enter the fifth dimension,” he said.

It is worth noting that on December 21, experts really expect two astronomical events – the convergence of Saturn and Jupiter, as well as the starfall of the Ursis meteor shower.


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