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Something unheard-of is happening on the Sun which scientists call as “Massive Plasma Tornado”

Something unheard-of is happening on the Sun which scientists call as "Massive Plasma Tornado" 1
Photo: YouTube

According to, for most of the past week, astronomers observed a strange formation near the North Pole of the Sun, which grew for 3-4 days reaching its peak at a size of 14 times as large as the Earth.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in all the years of observing the sun,” says an astronomer at NASA who hasn’t slept, eaten or even drank for 72 hours, describing it as something that looks like a disaster movie.

The extraordinary event was spotted by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) on March 17, before dispersing into space on March 18.

In addition, the Sun at this moment was also somehow flashing:

To calm themselves and the public, scientists used the term “solar tornado” for the phenomenon. According to them solar tornadoes occur due to magnetic fields whipping up the sun’s plasma. We do not think that the name is very successful as no one knows either the mechanism of their occurrence or the mechanism of operation.

The main thing that astronomers themselves admit is that they have not seen such an incident before.

11 years ago, a similar event was witnessed, although not at the pole:

People then suggested that a giant object – a black hole or a spaceship – was sucking energy out of the Sun. It is difficult to say how correct this theory was, but if everything was somehow like that, then now, obviously, something similar has happened. That is, some thing flew up to the Sun and pumped out substance from it.

On the other hand, it is impossible not to consider the presence of a certain object near the Sun, which we still call the planet Nibiru. Perhaps it is the source of such anomalies in the behavior of the star and most probably there will be more to come.

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