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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Vanga’s prophecy about the Third World War is being fulfilled. Is Syria the final chapter?

Vanga's prophecy about the Third World War is being fulfilled. Is Syria the final chapter? 1

In recent decades, interest in the Bulgarian clairvoyant has fallen sharply due to a certain number of prophecy unfulfillments attributed to her, although the majority of them were non documented speculations. Let’s do not forget that Vanga’s prophecy about the five deuces on February 22 of this year, unfortunately for everyone, was confirmed. As a prelude to the third world war, she also pinpointed events in Syria, a certain chain of acts which will most likely come true. 

A couple of days ago, the first information appeared online that Russia ordered the transfer of troops from Syria to Ukraine in order to accelerate the capture of Donbass, according to a source in The Moscow Times. In total, there are more than 60 thousand Russian military in Syria, almost half of them are officers.

According to analysts, the idea of ​​the transfer is intended to solve the issue of replenishing soldiers without declaring a general mobilization in Moscow. 

Syria in this regard is quite a replenishment option. Moreover, not only military officers will be dragged from there, but also equipment, which, as became known, is not currently enough even for parades. In particular, in certain Russian cities, parades with armored columns were canceled, and in the Moscow capital, the lost parade tanks were replaced by aircraft.

In general, there are not enough tanks and anti-aircraft guns for the Victory Parade. Half as much heavy equipment will enter Red Square as in 2020, probably due to the large losses of equipment in Ukraine, according to Alexander Oliver, a military researcher from Denmark.

Since the situation in Syria is now complicated, Iran, Turkey, the United States, and Israel have long been in the area. There is a possibility as many correctly calculated, that Russia will face another open front in Latakia where any conflict outcome is unknown.

In the light of this obvious prospect, it is impossible not to recall Vanga’s prophecy about “Syria has not yet fallen.” 

No one can accurately retell this prophecy now. According to one version, Vanga said this: “If Syria falls tomorrow, then the whole world will not have long.” According to another version, she was asked “When will the End of the World be?”, to which Vanga replied: “Not soon, Syria has not yet fallen.”

There are also versions in which the fall of Syria will become the starting point for a nuclear war, for the appearance of aliens and the emergence of a religion of a certain White Brotherhood. At the same time, with all the options, Vanga also said that “Syria will collapse at the feet of the winner, but the winner will be the wrong one!”

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If some new victorious war happens in Syria, Russia will have no one to send there, and nothing to do with it. That’s when Vanga’s prophecy may come true. 

General mobilization in Russia is being prepared

Meanwhile, it is interesting to listen to what the presidents and prime ministers of countries such as the US and the UK have to say. In particular, Boris Johnson, for example, said on May 8 that only military aid to Ukraine is not enough to protect it against Russia:

“Military aid to Ukraine is no longer enough to defend it.”

In the face of this and as a precaution, the UK has increased the number of warheads on each of its Trident II nuclear missiles. 

News of the move, which follows last year’s decision to increase the overall stockpile of warheads, comes ahead of todays’s May 9 celebrations in Moscow, which is expected to send another “doomsday message” to the West.

On the 9th of May and for the first time since 2010, the parade will be held with the participation of the Doomsday Il-80 command aircraft, on which the top leadership of Moscow will be saved in case of a nuclear war.

Nevertheless, equally interesting events are brewing because the following has appeared online:

Thus, it is very likely that around May 16 (or even earlier), mobilization will be announced in Russia, although it makes little sense as mobilization takes time. First, to recruit, then to train and form from mobilized units. 

As for the Russian economy, which is already falling apart under the yoke of sanctions, this will be a mortal blow. 

Mobilization will only delay the inevitable and without the use of nuclear weapons, Russia will not be able to do anything. 

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Vladimir Putin did not say in vain: Why do we need a world where there will be no Russia? We, as martyrs, will go to heaven, and they will all just die. 

Such words are simply not spoken, especially on an ongoing basis. So they really seriously think about it and consider this option quite possible. 


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