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Alien Structures throughout the Solar System!

by T.S. Caladan

There are alien (or ET-human) devices, vehicles and structures on every physical planet in our Solar System!  Some moons and major asteroids have been everything from mining excavations to battlefields over time.  In some cases, the machines, crafts and alien buildings are extremely ancient.  Off-world, artificial structures are right there in front of our eyes.

Examine the following images and make up your own mind.  Are we viewing what we want to see; projecting ‘wishful thinking’ like seeing images in clouds?  In a few examples, you will see that real structures are OBVIOUS.  We have been conditioned to not see or believe such concepts…when the truth is…extraterrestrial activity and ET ruins are everywhere! 


We will start with the first planet from the sun.  Mercury has numerous oddities photographed by ‘Messenger.’  Reports claim this is a building inside a squared crater.  Yet, the weird thing resembles a craft with landing legs.  Shadows suggest an unknown that is above the surface.  One day, it might takeoff and be gone.

1 Mercury0528825  M     

What is inside another crater on Mercury?  Examine the symmetry of the shadows; especially the photos on the left.  A dark square or rectangular shape is near the center of the raised structure.

 2 14bb4e2b-6df6-40e3-aa71-4f120e65c013121 MERC

   3 4588606160_368x274  MERC

Here is another oddity inside one more Mercury crater.  When we see closer and clearer, a very regular structure emerges with sharp right angles.      

4 Strange_Structures_Found_On_the_Planet_Mercury__155069 5 images MERC     

Below is one more oddity within a Mercurial crater that may not be a natural crater.  Notice how the ‘base’ or ‘space-port platform’ appears elevated.  The image from Mercury on the right was called ‘Walking.’

6 Matabei_high_res  MERC - Copy



Take a good look at what appears as a BLACK MONOLITH outside of another crater on our first planet.  We will discover that other bodies in the Solar System also contain ARTIFICIAL monoliths, towers, standing-stones or dishes.  Are they power beacons or possibly communication receivers? 

8 mercury-alien-entrance

One really cannot include second planet, Venus, along with the rest of the Solar System.  SOMETHING’S GOING ON WITH VENUS that ‘They’ are not informing us.  Governments are lying to us about conditions on Venus!  Here is what they are reporting NOW:

‘…Magellan spacecraft, which arrived at Venus in 1990, made the first global map of the surface of Venus as well as global maps of the planet’s gravity field.  The mission produced surprising findings about Venus, including a relatively young planetary surface possibly formed by lava flows from planet-wide volcanic eruptions…’ 

You can download photos of volcanic activity on Venus and also the evidence of vast lava flows on the Internet.  That does not mean it is true. 

When Magellan’s findings were first received, the data shocked everyone because there was NO VOLCANISM on Venus!  Documentaries were made and televised.  Instead, they found the ‘most intense (amount) craters in the Solar System!!’  That meant no planetary resurfacing; that meant a surface from the dawn of Time.  Venus had an astronomical number of craters!  Therefore, it was the OLDEST planetary surface (not ‘youngest’).  Nothing appeared to have moved from the beginning of Time!

The facts also represented a major mystery since Venusian material was the hardest substance known; tall towers stood proudly when all the astrophysicists back at JPL predicted lava flows, gases or swamps.  More craters were found on Venus than anywhere, but now the story has completely changed.  Today, NASA tells us there are only a hundred craters or so and volcanoes are scattered everywhere.

Another mystery is ‘what uses up Venusian energy since it does not escape into space?’  Venus’ thick clouds, which obscure our view of it, act like a massive ‘pressure-cooker.’  The answer is…an advanced civilization INSIDE the planet or ON the planet, but under a masking cover.

Unconventional books such as ‘Return of the Dove’ by Margaret Storm and ‘The Wall of Light’ by Arthur Mathews report that Nikola Tesla came from Venus!  The late Frank E. Stranges, who wrote ‘Stranger at the Pentagon,’ was in contact with Valiant Thor and his crew of two other Venusians.  They met with the President and world leaders at the Pentagon in 1957.       

9 Strange_Buildings_on_VENUS__109810

The above photo shows a large structure on Venus.  But, can we trust anything our devices indicate?  Could everything we THINK we see be camouflage away from an amazing world that is truly there?  Does another dimension exist at Venus which our normal senses cannot perceive?

On Mars at Cydonia, there is the famous Face (Sphinx?) and the Great Martian Pyramid that is aligned with the planet’s directions.  Richard Hoagland has demonstrated Cydonia’s numerous parallels to ancient Egypt, Giza…only the ‘Monuments of Mars’ are much older and much LARGER.

There are eyeballs inside the eyes of the Face.  There are teeth where teeth should be on the Martian HUMAN Face.  (Maybe we shouldn’t believe NASA).  Rather than showing the usual Martian oddities, let us view some lesser known ones…

10 marsuncensored_400jpg MARS

11 868f76e65427 MARS

12 4b61cde4-fa52-4281-a92f-2169c365b94d173  MARS

13 hqdefault MARS

14 untitled MARS15 2efnif9  MARS

16 M35  MARS

The Martian satellite, Phobos, is one more extreme anomaly in the Solar System.  What was once thought of as only a captured asteroid…the ‘new thinking’ is Phobos could be entirely artificial and only made to appear as a planetoid.

17 imagestg18 4542646630 - Copy

19 Mystery-Object-Mars-Moon - Copy

Was the spaceship communing or sending/receiving a transmission to a particular (2001-like) monolith towering high over the terrain of Phobos?

20 phobos10

21 mono3 - Copy

 Buzz Aldrin, second man to walk on the Moon, speaks out about the strange monolith on the irregular satellite of Mars…

22 c38788aaa2b9bedL


Continuing ‘throughout’ a small part of only our Solar System, let us         explore a bit of the second largest asteroid: Vesta!  If President Obama has his way, we will be sending a manned probe to the asteroid.  The planetoid measures 326 miles in diameter.  (Actually, Vesta is the second largest ‘chunk’ or remains after Planet #5 was pulverized long ago forming the Asteroid Belt in the gap).

[‘President Barack Obama’s re-election Tuesday night (Nov. 6) means NASA will likely continue along its current path, working to get astronauts to an asteroid by 2025 among other goals…’  under the title:  ‘Obama Win Keeps NASA on Course Toward an Asteroid.’’]

Why go to Vesta, of all the asteroids?  Because we already know something very odd is there…like the Moon and Mars.  Inspect details of these different sites on Vesta:

23 VestaCrater


24 hqdefault VEST

25 dawn-image-071811-story ves

26 untitled vesta

Vesta could be a treasure trove with bizarre ‘structuring’ seen on some enhanced photos.  Hoagland has pointed out many right-angled patterns that obviously were artificially produced as well as squared-areas that were not the result of impacts.  What is the enormous protuberance on the side of this orbiting walnut?  Are these really crash sites as they appear?  Is Vesta a graveyard of alien crafts?  The general public will never know from officials.

We move further out along the planets, ignoring myriads of worlds that orbit Jupiter.  One of the strongest cases for a completely artificial planetoid is ‘Incredible Iapetus,’ 17th moon of Saturn (see article by Doug Yurchey: ).

Little Iapetus appears to be slightly ‘breaking apart at the seams!’  Below are photos taken by the Cassini spacecraft during a flyby in 2004.  The horizon of the moon is ANGLED!  The orb is nearly FACETED and resembles an ancient, geodesic sphere.

27 Deathstar-29Rev

28 iapetus01

A prominent tower on two-toned Iapetus has been photographed.  But, the most stunning feature is the ‘Great Wall.’  Richard Hoagland with his Enterprise Mission has called it ‘a vast, planet-spanning, artificial construct’ and asked, ‘how can there be a 60,000 foot high, 60,000 foot wide, 4 million foot long ‘wall’ across an entire hemisphere?’

JPL had stated the same in a news release from 1/7/05:  ‘…a long, narrow ridge that is almost exactly on the equator of Iapetus, bisects its entire dark hemisphere and reached 12 miles high.  It extends over 800 miles (nearly its diameter)…along its mid section.  No other (known) moon has such a striking geological feature…surprising for such a small body as Iapetus…’

29 Iapetus-Architecture1

Examine the fantastic style of what only can be called ARCHITECTURE on the satellite.  Curved, swooping, even beautiful towers rise to the heights of miles over the surface!  How could it be possible if these truly were ruins and abandoned cities?

Iapetus has 1/40 the gravity of Earth because it rotates once in 79 days.  You could construct large buildings and move great weights with ease; almost with the efficiency of manufacturing in space.  Ancient Iapetus would be ideal for building and all the evidence is there that this ‘station’ was utilized for a long time.  Is the 17th moon of Saturn occupied now?

Study all areas; the oceans of Europa; on Titan; Pluto; Sedna…beyond… Where you don’t think there is Life…there is Life!  We have only scratched the surface…of hollow planets.  Here are just a very few of our lunar mysteries:

30 4588252946_293x216 MOON OR MERC

31 c09e2e619493 MOON

32 hexagon-moon-alien-face 33 screenhunter06sep121412 MOON


Copyright 2014 by Tray Caladan

Aliens & UFO's

UFO caught on camera in Kamloops, British Columbia

© Harprit Singh

James Peters
CFJC Today

Harprit Singh swears he is not one to make bogus UFO sightings.

That’s why what he saw in the sky above Kamloops baffles him.

Singh sent CFJC Today video he recorded at 4:15 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10, at the New Afton mine just west of Kamloops, where he works.

The video seems to show a strange movement behind the clouds.

WATCH: The strange movement can be seen in the upper half of the frame, near the middle. (Video Credit: Contributed / Harprit Singh) LANGUAGE WARNING

Singh says the disc-shaped object moved upward very quickly, which is when he took out his phone to record what he was seeing.

Singh says the disc-shaped object moved upward very quickly, which is when he took out his phone to record what he was seeing.

“I thought it would be some smoke that would disappear soon,” said Singh, “but when I watched continuously, it was something behind the clouds. It didn’t disappear and I got shocked when it moved up in a very quick movement.”

“At that moment, I realized it was something different; something strange. When it gave some different movements, I started recording this video. It was some sort of disc that moved into a vertical and horizontal position afterward,” he said.

Singh is hesitant to call the object a UFO because of the skepticism associated with UFO sightings, but he doesn’t know how else to explain what he saw.

“I don’t want to say that it’s a sort of UFO. But I have seen some videos similar to this kind of thing, that’s why I said it’s some sort of UFO,” said Singh. “I know it’s awkward to say this, but seriously, after seeing this… it was really strange.”

“I have never seen these things in the sky. Never. This was really something different.”

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Aliens & UFO's

The Extraterrestrial Find Of The Aztecs In Ojuelos De Jalisco (Mexico)

Our ancestors may have had a constant relationship with extraterrestrial beings. We informed you about the material that made one of Tutankhamun’s daggers.

However, this is not the only unique discovery, since a surprising series of archaeological objects is the clear proof of the existence of a remote pre-Mayan culture (possibly the ancient gods with elongated skulls or cone-shaped heads), hidden by those who rule the world and forgotten by humanity.

Several families from the city of Ojuelos in the province of Jalisco, Mexico, have been collecting for approximately 50-60 years a total of approximately 400 extraordinary archaeological objects, with the dream of one day opening their own museum and becoming known by the public. said objects.

The Collection Consists Of Tablets:

Knives, plates, figurines, rings and jade pendants, made of stone or metal, which clearly describe how these ancient extraterrestrial extraterrestrial gods (of elongated skulls and large slanted eyes, with a high degree of intelligence).

A high state of consciousness and a deep spirituality and connection with the universe, traveled in their spaceships.

Through the high technological development of their UFOs, they knew very well not only our solar system, in which they traveled between the Earth and their planets of origin, but could also come from beyond our solar system or from our galaxy.

They have also discovered a series of skulls discovered in several Latin American countries, especially Paracas – Peru, called “Paracas Elongatus”.

Also in Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico, have been in recent years, a series of skulls and skulls in the shape of a cone, which have left scientists without words.

In the last dates also one was found in Australia, that received the name of “Australian Elongatus”.

What do you think? or forget to leave us your comments below and spread the information with your friends

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Aliens & UFO's

Montana Air Base Suffers Power Outage as Giant Circular UFO Hovers Overhead

You would think events like this would have been all over the news at the time when it had occurred.

According to a report published by The Mutual UFO Network a Montana witness near Great Falls reported that a contact on the Malmstrom Air Force Base described a 10-minute power outage after a circular-shaped object “over a half-acre in size” hovered over the base” on January 24, 2018.

“My base contact described the object only as black,” the reporting witness stated. “If contacted, Malmstrom AFB will confirm the power outage but nothing more. Investigators are on their way. Last sighting was in May 2017. This source is reliable and confirmed as am I.”

The witness describes himself as a retired police detective “not given to exaggerations.”

The filed report indicates the object was black in color with no structural features. The object size was larger than 300 feet. No exterior lights. No emissions. The object was hovering at less than 500 feet in altitude. The object was over one mile away from the witness. No landing was observed.

Investigators contacted the media relations department at Malmstrom and did not receive a reply. The power outage may have been limited to the launch site area and not the entire base. ‘

MUFON CAG Investigator Marie Cisneros and Montana State Director John Gagnon closed this case as Information Only.

“Ruled out for astronomical or weather anomalies,” Cisneros and Gagnon stated in their report. “Ruled out for bolides or fireball activity. Ruled out for obvious hoax.

“Our conclusion: Unidentified object. Size, shape, flight pattern and path does not fit with known conventional aircraft. Because this was reported by someone other than the witness, this case has to be filed as an Information Only unless further information is forthcoming by the witness.”

Malmstrom Air Force Base is in Cascade County, Montana, adjacent to Great Falls. It is the home of the 341st Missile Wing (341 MW) of the Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC). As a census-designated place, it has a population of 3,472.


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