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Declassified FBI document says Nikola Tesla was an alien from Venus

Declassified FBI document says Nikola Tesla was an alien from Venus 1

According to information from the FBI documents – Nikola Tesla was an alien.

There is a very mysterious document in the archives of the FBI’s official website, which contains a very unusual statement regarding Nikola Tesla.

Few people have contributed more to the widespread adoption of electricity in today’s world than Tesla, a man whose accomplishments range from pioneering the use of alternating current to experimenting with wireless transmission of electricity over the air.

Back in 1905, he filed a patent entitled “The Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural Environment,” based on his belief that the Earth itself is a giant electrical generator that can be used to generate virtually unlimited amounts of electricity.

Tesla was far ahead of his time and there is an explanation in the FBI archives …

In a declassified FBI document titled “Interplanetary Communications Newsletter” dated June 14, 1957, there is a paragraph claiming that Tesla arrived on Earth from the planet Venus.

“Space people visited Tesla’s engineers many times,” it says, “and told us that Tesla was a Venusian, brought to this planet as a baby in 1856, and then he left with Mr. and Mrs. Tesla in a remote area. mountainous province on the territory of modern Yugoslavia ”.

This information was obtained by a certain Margaret Storm, who, according to the dossier, was assigned to work with the “space people”.

She was commissioned to write a book about Tesla’s life, and she received information about him through a device he developed in 1938 to facilitate “interplanetary communication.”

FBI pdf document

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