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A huge mysterious object which acts as gigantic field shield protected Earth from Leonard’s comet?

A huge mysterious object which acts as gigantic field shield protected Earth from Leonard's comet? 1

Many who read space news have noticed an unusual interest of astronomers in Venus, which happened before the New Year and lasted for several weeks. The main plot of the stories was the unusual “rainbow halos” around Venus.

Since Venus is a planet, then there should be phases, this is understandable and obvious. It is only incomprehensible that these phases began to be observed with the naked eye, despite the fact that 50 years ago these phases could hardly be seen with a powerful telescope.

All this gave rise to a whole new sphere of discussion. The idea was expressed that Venus has become closer, that it is not Venus, but Nibiru, which is passed off as Venus, and so on. Fiction?

However, even stranger things were observed near Venus on New Year’s Eve.

A huge mysterious object which acts as gigantic field shield protected Earth from Leonard's comet? 2

As follows from the video compiled from official NASA images, during the passage of comet Leonard past Venus, something similar to the Wheel of Ezekiel moved towards the Earth, after which a kind of protective screen was formed between the comet of Leonard and the Earth, or between the Earth and Venus.

Moreover, it was formed accurately and certainly did not appear suddenly, since all stages of its growth can be traced in the photographs.

Neither the channel’s author nor the stunned viewers who watched the video know what it was. Most often, the version is expressed that this shield was installed by advanced aliens in order to protect the Earth from a cloud of debris flying along with the comet.

According to another version, this shield and similar shields hang around the Earth all the time, just the fragments of the comet showed this shield.

But then what is this shield doing in space? Keeping people from seeing Nibiru? And in passing, why does Venus seem to be getting closer and we can see its phases without telescopes?

Zuhra: The Verses of Venus

By the way, Arabic cultures believe that the original name of Venus was “Zuhra”.

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“Then those rocks shattered a habitable planet that you know, like Phaethon burned Mars and Earth, but the hardest thing was another planet that you now know, like Venus.
We called it Zuhra, which means shining. After all, we lived on it! It was a real paradise, blooming, shining with the beauty of rainbow skies.
Back in the age of the Giving of Life, when there were two Suns here, my family and I landed on a paradise planet, and we founded the first settlements there. We made friends with the Phaethonians, who, like us, came to the Sun system from other worlds of the stars.
Zuhra turned out to be very suitable for life, because the plants were already there, and some animals were brought there by the Phaethonians. Gradually, we mastered the planet and planted marvelous gardens and forests.
But that monstrous disaster destroyed everything!”

Venusians gave a start to the civilization of ancient Arabia, after resettlement on Earth.

In any case, what we saw in the video looks like something is guarding the Earth. It appears to be protecting Earth from debris fields that follow Leonard’s comet.

A devastating meteorite from this field of debris could have fallen to Earth, but we’re in luck. Or is it not just luck? It seems that luck has nothing to do with it. 


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