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Aldous Huxley: When slaves will enjoy slavery

Aldous Huxley: When slaves will enjoy slavery 1

Aldous Huxley is the author of the prophetic science fiction book “Brave New World”.  He said: “Only a great popular movement in favor of the decentralization of power and self-organization can stop today’s tendency towards totalitarianism. A truly effective totalitarian state will be one in which the powerful directorate of political leaders and army of managers control a population of slaves without the need to use coercion, because they will enjoy their slavery. The task of their slavery enjoyment has been entrusted by today’s totalitarian states to ministries of propaganda, to publishers and media men and to teachers and professors.”

Huxley’s Brave New World is the “Brave New World” (Shakespeare: “The Tempest“), which refers, as Theodor Adorno points out, to the New World, America, the laboratory of the society of the future.

The new “wonderful world” is a class society that undergoes a totalitarian regime, where there is no family, historical memory has been erased, and there is a generalized hedonism as a way of life. Everything is fluid and there is no commitment. 

The reproduction of the human species is not done naturally but in government laboratories, by the cloning method, and depending on the amount of oxygen supplied to the embryos five types of people are produced: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon. So since abilities and intelligence are predetermined, everyone does the work for which they are biologically destined, and thus failures and rejections are a thing of the past.

Hedonism is the meaning and way of life of the beings of this new world. Sex is free and in fact the state promotes it, even providing new forms of pleasure. They all take a stimulant called ‘soma’ which gives them feelings of euphoria. Diseases have been eradicated in this society. There is no pain, hunger and misery. The master of this global state of young idiots is one Mustafa Maud. This is the second main character, but he is a Savage, a remnant of the Shakespearean world (that is, the last “man”), who cannot stand the society of “automata” and kills himself.

Huxley or Orwell?

After all, who is right, Huxley or Orwell? Neil Postman asks in his book “Television, the culture of death“.

Postman considered television a crucial tool for the new civilization and the new totalitarianism. And this is because television constitutes a “metaphor”, which creates culture, because it radically changes the way and the content of public dialogue, because it forms “a culture that sucks the laughter” and the infantile discourse of public debates, a culture of continuous cycles of vile entertainment and therefore capable of obliterating civilization.

Neil Postman admits that prison cultures and mind control mechanisms exist just as Orwell described them. That modern civilization is characterized by information overload that “suffocates” the truth in “noise” and confusion. This renders prohibition and censorship useless, and results in the prevalence of banality, “rubbish” and inexhaustible laughter. 

Today, we suffer, like the populace in Huxley’s Brave New World, not because we laugh instead of thinking, but because we know neither why we laugh nor why we have stopped thinking. 

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For television, spirit is nothing more than organized intelligence, skill, exercise, and lowly utilitarian wit. Culture as cultivation is nothing more than an appearance that serves as an alibi against the barbarians, who are the outcasts, the immigrants, the invisible, the excluded.

What is left of this dystopia? The “ladybug’s speech” (Kierkegaard’) of the debauched and manipulated individual and animalistic hedonism as the meaning of his life, as predicted by Aldous Huxley.

Perhaps, we will not even be needed as slaves

Klaus Saab’s key partner, Yuval Noah Harari, in a recent interview publicly admitted the nightmare scenarios they are preparing for the future of Humanity.

As he typically says, in the “new” Humanity they are evangelizing, many jobs will disappear and therefore those who did them will become insignificant and therefore “surplus”.

They will not serve as slaves or servants either because for even these “duties” they will have to be “upgraded” to do them since as they say, even the brain will be replaced by “inorganic matter” and nanorobots.

“If you stay behind you will face something much worse, you will be invisible, without substance, you will not be needed even as a servant or a slave” said Yuval Noah Harari.

“They can now read the brain’s synapses and replace the immune system with an inorganic immune system made up of millions of nanorobots.”

If we understand how the centers of the brain work and produce emotions such as love and anger, then there will be no problem to reproduce these emotional states based on silicon and not carbon (inorganic matter instead of organic) based on computers and not minds”

“Unfortunately we will destroy a lot of jobs,” added his mentor, Klaus Schwab, in the same interview.

The world described by Huxley looks suspiciously like the one in which we now live. At the same time, so much has been lost, so important has been sacrificed while we are awaiting for the new humanity “upgrade“, where truth and beauty are smothered by amusement and convenience. This is Huxley’s paradise gone even further, chiselled by WEF and its architects.

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But as long as there is a “possibility of an island,” let us remain heretics in a society mired in its dull “happiness”.


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