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When some of us aspire to become ancient gods: Humans will change radically through a new form of religion

When some of us aspire to become ancient gods: Humans will change radically through a new form of religion 1

In the 109th Corona Commission, the physician Prof. Dr. Paul Cullen spoke about the dangers posed by the posthumanism ideology. In his opinion, this is religiously reinforced misanthropic propaganda by the internationalist elite to control humanity.

The Corona Committee Foundation was founded in July 2020 by lawyers Reiner Füllmich and Viviane Fischer. Since then, domestic and international scientists and experts have been invited every Friday on a weekly basis to present their critique of the official portrayal of the coronavirus pandemic to thousands of interested viewers in a live broadcast. 

Recently at 109 th Corona Committee, the doctor and head of the medical laboratory, Prof. Dr. Paul Cullen, described what ideas and technologies are included in the concept of posthumanism and how this ideology aims to control humanity and single out “useless people”.

Aspire to become Gods

Right at the beginning of his lecture, Cullen explained that he has been interested in science fiction literature and the utopian man-machine models that appear in it since his youth. In purely theoretical terms, one could deal with the consequences of humans defeating death or reproducing without sex.

It has always been fascinating to mankind to “exploit the limits of one’s own being, one’s own physicality.” As an example, Cullen cited the discovery of the “Lion Man,” a 25,000-year-old ivory sculpture at Hohlenstein-Stadel depicting a human body with the head of a lion (ancient gods).

Brought to our times, the old idea of ​​”being like the ancient gods” is supposed to be realized by transcending biological limits. This is accomplished using genetic engineering, such as gene editing and CRISPR/Cas, as well as human-machine fusion techniques.

“They’re going to fundamentally change people, Cullen stresses. He continues: “The idea is to use these technologies to change people in such a way that a new being is created.”

According to Cullen, transhumanist methods consist of four core technologies: genetic engineering, robotics, AI computer technology, and nanotechnology.

In a four-step model, they want to implement fundamental change in human nature. The first stage (“we wear the device”) is already fully implemented, because today everyone will have their smartphone with them at all times. In the second stage, the device will be integrated into an aid, for example glasses or a wristwatch. By implanting a computer chip under the skin we move to Stage 3. In Stage 4 there will be a complete fusion of man and machine.

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Ray Kurzweil, Google’s former chief technology officer, has laid out these ideas in several books, Cullen further noted. Although these are not scientific but religious ideas, the proponents of these ideologies work very seriously for them. So Kurzweil already has a name for the new beings that will be created: Extropians.

In a short clip, the doctor introduced another popular representative of transhumanism: historian and journalist Yuval Noah Harari, who had stated: 

“Power will shift from humans to computers and most humans will become economically useless. Just as the industrial revolution created the new working class, the proletariat, in the 19th century, so the artificial intelligence revolution creates the useless class.”

The doctor then repeated what, according to Harari, would be done to all “useless beings”.  For example, they could be left alone with computer games and be provided with a basic income, Harari had suggested elsewhere.

“What is called artificial intelligence is artificial, but it has nothing in common with intelligence,” Cullen said of artificial intelligence.

In his view, this is essentially screening and sorting out supposedly useless people, something that worries him deeply – especially since it is also openly announced in the media. At the same time, the content is completely unknown to the public. When he asked one of his student groups about it, he found that none of the students knew what transhumanism meant, who Klaus Schwab was, and what the World Economic Forum stood for. It is worrying that these subjects and their content are unknown to a large part of the population, who will find themselves surprised.

“In my view, transhumanism is a profoundly misanthropic thing. It is not a scientific phenomenon, it is scientism. The vocabulary of science is used to convey ideological or neo-religious impulses,” Cullen points out.

At its core, according to Cullen, would be a religiously elevated ideology that is not only misanthropic but fundamentally opposed to life itself.


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