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Harari: “There’s a New Kind of Alien Presence on Earth – Invading from the Artificial Intelligence Labs”

Harari: "There's a New Kind of Alien Presence on Earth - Invading from the Artificial Intelligence Labs" 1

The prophet of the World Economic Forum, Yuval Noah Harari, published three days ago an excerpt from a relatively recent video in which he had spoken. In the video he refers to a new and different world, which has emerged and replaces the old and stands in the technological revolution that has been achieved in and by social media, he speaks of “a kind of extraterrestrial presence on Earth”.

“The new thing is that there is some kind of alien presence on earth.

A new alien intelligence has invaded our lives, not from a distant planet but from artificial intelligence laboratories.

And this is something new, it’s a complete game changer because unlike all previous information technologies, it can make decisions on its own, it can analyze us, it can hack us.

Printing and type couldn’t do it, radio couldn’t do it, but new technology can do it, and for the first time in history it’s possible to hack human beings and therefore manipulate human beings on an unprecedented scale and we don’t know how to deal with it.”

“For the first time we are hacking human beings and therefore manipulating them”

it is very convenient for people to orientalizate public opinion by talking about a new alien presence, not from a distant planet, but from artificial intelligence laboratories.

So why is he using the term alien? It’s the creative ambiguity that twists concepts and creates awe and leaves others wondering how intelligent he is and how limited perception the others have.

The “consciousness” of man and the “quantum physics” of the universe have the same principles, magic also works on this truth, where one influences matter with thought. We are the universe becoming conscious. 

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When you create new consciousnesses the universe reawakens, but with unforeseen consequences. And when you build a quantum computer that thinks, then it too will be able to use the powers of magic but to a much greater extent than the human brain.


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