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The spirit of child consoles his mother at his funeral

The spirit of child consoles his mother at his funeral 1

This story is from a few years ago but I have only just heard about it recently. A video shared on Facebook from the Philippines shows a mother crying inconsolably at her sons funeral when all of a sudden a white balloon floats from his coffin and towards the mother.

The video was shared by grieving mother Joy Ganda Viber-Alambers.

Witnesses at the funeral believe that the balloon was moved by the spirit of the seven year old boy Trebby who died.

Joy commented next to the video on Facebook “I would like to believe that this was his last mission”

In the video you can see the balloon floating from the coffin and towards the mother. When she looks at the balloon it changes course and moves towards her and around her. She talks to the balloon and hugs it. It hangs around her for a few seconds before floating away.

What do you think of it?  Was it the spirit of the child saying goodbye to his mother?


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