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The Mayan Tablets: Cosmic Revelations Straight from the Mexican Jungle

The Mayan Tablets: Cosmic Revelations Straight from the Mexican Jungle 1

Theories of human contact with extraterrestrial civilizations have fueled the imaginations of conspiracy theorists for decades. In the subject of representatives of intelligent races in space has already been discussed a lot, lovers of the topic have long announced the presence of other extraterrestrial civilizations on Earth. Some “evidence” begs for questions that are sometimes difficult for earth scientists to answer.

The discussion about extraterrestrial intelligence has flared up again thanks to a unique object found in Mexico, which, according to some experts, represent scenes of contact with higher civilizations who came from the universe.

Tablet.  Source

The Maya-created stone and metal discs have lain in the warehouses of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in Mexico for over 80 years since their discovery in the vicinity of Kalamkula. 

Their photographs were first presented to the public by archaeologists Klaus Don and Dr. Nassim only during a press conference in 2011. The tablets immediately became a sensation, discussed not only in the scientific community. The artifacts feature two extremely eloquent drawings.

The first contains, according to some, the scheme of the earth and the conical spacecraft revolving around it. Near one of these objects is a figurine that very much resembles an astronaut with an extremely accurately marked overalls and helmet.

Tablet.  Source

The second disc depicts a figure in a stream of light, “pulling in” a conical object. Interestingly, the drawings are extremely accurate and well preserved. The appearance of the figures suggests vivid associations with the cosmonaut costume of the 20th century. The question arises: Where did the ancient people have such a fantasy?

Below we present probable interpretations of the individual elements found in the figures:

  1. The two circles are probably the outline of the Earth along with the atmosphere.
  2. An asteroid approaching the Earth.
  3. The comet is heading towards Earth.
  4. The spacecraft is most likely a unique device that must hit a comet in order to destroy it.
  5. The figure of an astronaut is a spaceship pilot.
  6. Another spaceship.

Luis Augusto García Rosado is the highest-ranking representative of the Mexican government who gave an interesting speech on the issue of extraterrestrial civilizations. In his speech, he mentions, in particular, the “landing positions” located in the jungle, the age of which can be dated to more than 3 thousand years. This is the only information about Aztec documents provided by government departments in an official form.

For many, these findings testify to long-term contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations, as well as the cooperation and care of other advanced races for the inhabitants of our planet.


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