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New status quo message from Davos: Did they indirectly announce their intention to get rid of the middle class in rich countries?

New status quo message from Davos: Did they indirectly announce their intention to get rid of the middle class in rich countries? 1

The report of the British Oxfam became a real manifesto of globalists – the erosion of the role of the state and the strict division of the planet’s population into the “chosen ones” and the workforce. 

The so-called World Economic Forum in Davos has long ceased to be a platform where world economies are represented. Instead, globalist expert structures express their vision of solving world problems. 

We are talking about Oxfam, which since the middle of the last century has been serving the interests of large megacorporations. Oxfam currently includes 17 organizations operating in 90 countries around the world, and its main goal is to fight poverty.

In reality, this British company voices the opinion of the financial kings of the planet and the supranational structures that belong to them, and conveys new narratives to the media.

Sometimes politicians, and even financiers want to say tough and unpopular things, but their status does not allow them to do so. For this purpose, there are various “murky” organizations, and Oxfam is just one of these.

At the current forum in Davos they voiced the manifesto of the globalists – their vision of the “wonderful” future that the owners of corporations, funds and banks are preparing for us. If you remove the verbal husk, then this is the division of the world into the “golden million” and 2-3 billion of their servants.

The rest of the planet’s population, in full accordance with Schwab’s concept, it should be gradually disposed of.

The basis of the Oxfam report is a strict differentiation of the inhabitants of the Earth, a redistribution of resources and values ​​in favor of people with wealth and influence.

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In particular, it is proposed to put medium and small businesses under the control of megacorporations through digitalization and chipization, thereby reducing the role of the state to a minimum. 

With the help of crises, epidemics and military conflicts, the gradual elimination of the middle class is planned. As a replacement, a minimum basic income will be introduced, the amount of which depends on the rating system. The higher this rating, the more qualified medical care a person receives, and his children have access to better education.

All these new “conquests” of civilization are hidden behind a “wrapper” of beautiful words about “unrestrained corporate and monopoly power – a machine that generates inequality.” But this smokescreen does not mislead any thinking person – the globalists intend to cut humanity into two unequal parts, and on the way to this they are ready to unleash the Third World War. 

“The end justifies the means” – these words of the founder of the Jesuit order have long become both a motto and a way of action for globalists.


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