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“Gatherings like Davos are not ridiculous playgrounds of billionaires, but the future of global governance” – Nick Buxton

“Gatherings like Davos are not ridiculous playgrounds of billionaires, but the future of global governance” - Nick Buxton 1

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an extremely influential “quasi-mafia organization” that is preparing a power grab by “undemocratically legitimized leaders” on a global scale, German writer Wolfgang Bittner and expert in the field of geopolitics wrote on January 17th in a commentary for the media platform Apolut.

From January 15th to 19th, Davos hosts the World Economic Forum (WEF), which is attended by more than 2,800 people, including more than 60 heads of state and government. Commenting on the work of the WEF, Bittner argues that the Forum’s efforts are aimed primarily at creating a globalized, private law, undemocratic world order.

“This forum’s alarming plans for a fundamental reorganization of society are almost unknown to the general public. They are overshadowed by information chaos, climate panic and wars in Ukraine and the Middle East,” the writer notes.

At the same time, Bittner draws attention to the fact that the WEF, with its headquarters in Switzerland and offices in New York, Tokyo and Beijing, has a power comparable to the influence of a closed forum called the Bilderberg Club.

WEF organizers state that the purpose of the forum is to “enable the public to participate in discussions between decision-makers from politics, business, science and civil society.” It is emphasized that WEF discussions “regularly bring together senior government officials, business leaders, scientists, artists and activists who share their stories and views with the audience.”

Thus, it is declared that the WEF promotes dialogue “between decision-makers from different sectors and walks of life in search of solutions to the most pressing global problems of our time.” At first glance, there is nothing reprehensible in the stated goals.

However, Bittner suggests paying more attention to the WEF report entitled “Global Redesign” from 2010, which already stated the goal of ensuring that “a globalized world is better governed by a coalition of transnational corporations, governments (including through the UN system) and individual organizations civil society.”

The Global Design report had already posited the idea that governments are no longer the “overwhelming dominant actor on the global stage,” so “the time has come for a new paradigm of participatory international governance.”

Bittner explains that the WEF plans to replace democratic forms of organization with a governance system in which a group of “stakeholders”, that is, “leading figures”, form a global decision-making body.

“If you look at it positively, it will be the rule of the wise, whoever they may be. Viewed critically, this would mean a plutocratic dictatorship in a borderless, supranational world. The self-proclaimed “elite” will seize power and form a kind of world government,” the expert writes.

Phases of global instability, such as the coronavirus pandemic, famine or the consequences of the war in Ukraine, according to the writer, can be used to achieve the goals of the WEF. Bittner cites the findings of Nick Buxton, a communications consultant at the Transnational Institute, who has analyzed the WEF’s goals in detail.

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As a result of his research, Buxton concluded that we are increasingly entering a world where “meetings like Davos are not the ridiculous playgrounds of billionaires, but the future of global governance.” Buxton argues that we are witnessing the dismantling of states, a kind of quiet coup d’etat.

The goals and influence of the WEF become especially clear when looking at the forum’s participants. Bittner notes that WEF members include about 1,000 companies, each with a turnover of more than five billion US dollars.

Shaman ceremonies, climate change, ecocide, global governance

The menu that dominated this year’s event was once again climate change, but with the economic changes it causes. For better or for worse, they also performed an Indian ceremony of exorcism of evil, which they essentially condensed into a neologism: ecocide. 

Any form of agriculture, fishing (hunting has been banished for a long time now), which does not follow the rules they set, constitutes a crime and they hope to be sanctioned as a crime by the international court. By their rules, of course, they mean Monsanto’s mutated products and the food from insects and other animal forms that so match the personas who moved in this meeting. But the bottom line is the political and economic changes proposed by the various Schwab and Harari, to deal with climate change.

More global governance, abolition of borders, elimination of differences in human mentality and always a green model of social and economic development. At least these people are not hiding, calling for the imposition through the international economy of a neo-Marxist model of life. 

Without States, Nations, with few enlightened leaders and the majority in a social crisis, always for its own good. A few years ago it was the threat of the pandemic, now climate change. Same means of enforcement, same policy.

On a global level, Davos told us that the economic crisis is artificial so that the few win and the even fewer neo-Marxists implement their ideological agenda. Anyone who says this, is simply practicing bad populism.

And by the way, Schwab said at Davos that elections are no longer needed. According to the chief globalist, Artificial Intelligence already perfectly predicts who people will vote for in elections…

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