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Chaos or concentration camp: Epidemics are not enough as a new disaster has been “prescribed” for us while a civil war is brewing in America

Chaos or concentration camp: Epidemics are not enough as a new disaster has been “prescribed” for us while a civil war is brewing in America 1
Photo: Still from the movie "Civil War" (USA, 2024)

“Disease X,” 20 times more deadly than coronavirus, will be discussed at the WEF. Thus, the prople of Davos are again trying to ride the agenda. They began to expect a worsening of the situation in the world a couple of years ago, but out of habit they sinned against the fall of a meteorite and the invasion of aliens. But as always, the main threat to humanity comes from itself.

On January 17, 2024, the World Economic Forum Center for Health and Medicine in Davos will meet with representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO) and other medical experts, including representatives of Big Pharma – among them well-known vaccine manufacturers that became famous for their side effects during the previous coronavirus epidemic.

The session “Preparing for Disease X” is part of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The session speakers will be:

– WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,

– Head of the Center for Health and Healthcare Shyam Bishen (WEF Geneva),

– President and CEO of Royal Philips Roy Jacobs (the oldest Dutch multinational company, initially producing light bulbs, in the 2000s switched to producing medical diagnostic equipment),

– Executive Vice President of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd Preetha Reddy (the largest hospital chain in India, also operates pharmacies, diagnostic centers, telemedicine clinics and digital health services),

– Minister of Health of the Brazilian Ministry of Health Nicia Trindade Lima,

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– Chairman of the Board of AstraZeneca Plc Michel Desmarais (British-Swedish pharmaceutical company, vaccine manufacturer, tenth in the world in terms of sales).

Unknown pathogen

According to the UNMC (Public Academic Health Science Center in Omaha, USA), “Disease X” is “a mysterious term for an illness caused by an unknown but serious microbial threat.”

“We haven’t found anything yet, but it’s time for you to start being afraid.”

In 2017, WHO included “Disease X” on its list of priority pathogens for research, along with well-known diseases such as severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS and the Ebola virus.

Without going into explanation, WHO listed the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic as an example of Disease X. According to the organization’s experts, all these diseases originate from “a huge pool of viruses circulating in the wild” and pose a risk to humans, as they can interbreed and give rise to new infections to which people have no immunity.

The prediction for Covid was exactly the same hypothetical at one time, when the WHO could not even decide whether masks should be worn or not. And now the globalist platform, the World Economic Forum (WEF), insists that “Disease X,” which is likely 20 times more deadly than Covid, should be analyzed in Davos.

With new warnings from the World Health Organization that an unknown “Disease X” could cause 20 times more deaths than the coronavirus pandemic, what new efforts are needed to prepare health systems for the many challenges ahead? – the question is indicated in the WEF announcement; in particular.

The discussion on the WEF platform, where the majority of participants not only failed the fight against Covid, but also turned it into a corruption scheme for the introduction of vaccines that are more likely to harm the population of countries around the world, looks simply ridiculous. 

WHO predicts that Disease X could claim 20 times more lives than the recent coronavirus outbreak. At the same time, the organization’s experts reassure that with proper preparatory measures, the Disease X pandemic can be stopped in 100 days – that is, three-odd months. However, this, of course, will require a lot of international cooperation and resources (that is, giving a lot of money to big pharma).

“Disease X”

“Disease X” was initially announced to journalists by the scientist Jean-Jacques Muembe-Tamfum who discovered Ebola. It is according to the latter that humanity may be threatened by a new pandemic due to the fact that a previously unknown disease was detected in a patient with symptoms of fever in the Congo. 

As for zoonoses, the fears are exaggerated. There has always been a danger of transmission of viruses from animals to humans, but this requires a primary source, that is, a sick animal.

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There is no epidemic of rabies or plague, because they are carried by foxes, gophers and other rodents. This limits the disease. Of course, this needs to be done, but this seems as an attempt to make a sensation out of nowhere.

In short, there are a lot of exaggerations and no less panic. But there are problems with the facts. Therefore, let’s put this question aside for now. 

Don’t play with cheaters

According to Kate Kelland, chief science writer at the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and author of a book on Disease X, “Even amid tense international relations during the Cold War, the United States and Russia shared vaccines.”

WHO has never been a medical organization. From its very founding, since the late 1940s, it has been the de facto medical international department of the Rockefeller Foundation. From then until today, WHO has pursued exclusively political, not medical, goals.

If there is an outbreak of any disease, the WHO will directively indicate what we should do. Until the introduction of martial law. WHO is a conductor of the ideas of globalism, and therefore, requires all states to sign these amendments to the international health regulations.

Who benefits?

The purpose of the meeting in Davos is a preliminary discussion of the rules of the game and market shares – in other words, where is whose clearing, who is milking which cow.

The louder and more terrible “disease X” becomes, the greater the profit will be for the international medical and electronic mafia, which, under the sauce of concern for sanitary safety, is establishing new ways of controlling society. The greater will be the status and role of the WHO and other international organizations, which will wear the crown of “saviors of humanity”, in fact – its new gendarmes and the administration of the electronic concentration camp.

What other misfortunes the Davos forum is preparing for us

On the eve of the start of the WEF, experts recalled one very remarkable statement by Mr. Klaus Schwab (the head of the forum), made earlier. It really makes you think.

We pay too little attention to the frightening scenario of an all-out cyberattack that would cause a complete shutdown of energy supplies, the collapse of transport and healthcare systems, and the end of the entire social order. Then the COVID-19 pandemic will seem like a minor nuisance to all of us, Klaus Schwab assured.

And they started talking about it not by chance. Just a few days ago, an event occurred that forced us to consider the “prediction” of the founder of the Davos Forum from a different angle.

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On the morning of January 11, the US Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) had to urgently ground all aircraft that were in the sky at that time. This happened due to a large-scale computer glitch in the national air traffic control system. Namely, the work of the pilot notification program called NOTAM, designed to inform pilots online about safety in the airspace for route planning, was disrupted. In particular, about closed runways, flocks of birds and other threats.

Over 1,300 flights were canceled, and about 11 thousand more had to be delayed.

It is unclear what exactly caused the failure. Although the FAA announced by the evening of the same day that the preliminary cause was some error in a damaged database file. And there is no evidence of a cyber attack. 

Meanwhile, as it became known, the failed software was installed three decades ago. Sources told NBC that eight FAA contract employees had access to the system and at least one or two made changes that corrupted it. This was confirmed by two sources in the US government.

So there is definitely a possibility of sabotage but who is behind it?

American spring begins in Texas

Meanwhile, the confrontation between two irreconcilable parties is intensifying, increasingly coming to the idea of ​​destroying each other due to the impossibility of reaching an agreement.

Texas has traditionally become the main engine of resistance in the United States. Sparks are already flying: On January 13, the Texas National Guard deployed troops and equipment to block federal access to the Rio Grande at Eagle Pass. State authorities installed a floating barbed wire barrier there to stop migrants from crossing illegally from Mexico.

The US Department of Justice didn’t like it and sued the state, and federal border agents headed to the barrier to remove it. But the Texas Rangers simply pointed guns at them and blocked the roads with equipment.

No one can ignore the approaching conflict: they are trying to comprehend it both in articles and in movies.

In the spring of 2024, the “Civil War” movie will be released in the United States, the trailer for which was recently published. Although the video is a regular cut of fragments from the film, they still allow us to draw some conclusions about the authors’ intentions.

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If the confrontation reaches an armed conflict, it will proceed as harshly and on a large scale as possible, with the massive use of weapons of all types and destructiveness and huge casualties among citizens.

This will be a war to clarify the question of “who is the king of the hill” – on the scale of America, and strategically of the entire planet. Along the way, entire layers of American society and sectors of the economy will be destroyed, which, in the view of the initiators of the conflict, are obstacles to the further development of the United States.

Although during the period of the showdown the United States will be forced to leave the rest of the world alone, after the winner is determined, he will make the United States a monolithic empire without internal contradictions.

Even having lost up to half of its economy and 360 million people, the United States will receive fanatically confident leadership, a powerful army, hardened in fierce battles with itself, and a technological breakthrough. By concentrating on their goal and idea, they can use all their power to realize it.

Which idea exactly will depend on the winner. This will be either a “green course” with the reduction of the “ballast” population throughout the world, the establishment of strict electronic control and the unification of all elites into one transnational elite, or, if the conservatives win, Christian fundamentalism “American style”: patriarchal, cowboy, hooligan and cynically pursuing his own interests – but indifferent to the idea of ​​a global electronic concentration camp.

One thing is clear – history is approaching events that could spell the end for those who cannot stay afloat. Maybe it will be the Apocalypse, or its dress rehearsal.


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