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Mysterious Unexplained Short Signals From Outside Our Galaxy

These signals are very short and originate from outside of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

They are baffling astronomers and the nature of the objects remains unexplained.

Are the signals natural or artificial in origin? Is it possible an extraterrestrial civilization is sending them or are we witnessing an unknown astronomical  phenomenon?

We have previously discussed the possibility raised by astrophysicists that some extraterrestrial  civilizations could  send us signals by manipulating starlight.  This means that there could alien messages concealed in the stars.

Several years ago, we picked up a  mysterious signal from outer space that has never been  explained. The signal was heard on three different occasions and originated in a region of space between the constellations Pisces and Aries.

Determing whether a signal is of natural or artificila origin is very diffifult.
We can assume that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations can appreciate the benefits of transmitting into space, as a good means of establishing  communication with other intelligent alien life-form.

Humans are eager to learn about other alien civilizations and one way to contact other alien cultures is through interstellar signals.  However, we should ask ourselves if  transmitting radio messages into space pose a risk to human civilization?

Space is filled with sound that we cannot easily identify. It is a very complex task to determine what is of natural or artificial origin.

In July, 2012, an international  team using the CSIRO Parkes 64metre radio telescope in Australia detected  mysterious bursts of radio waves coming from billions of light years away.

The burst energetics indicate that they originate from an extreme astrophysical event involving relativistic objects such as neutron stars or black holes. “A single burst of radio emission of unknown origin was detected outside our Galaxy about six years ago but no one was certain what it was or even if it was real,  so we have spent the last four years searching for more of these explosive, short-duration radio bursts,” said Dan Thornton at the University of Manchester. This brings us to the astronomical phenomena known as “fast radio transients”, which are objects and events that emit radio waves on ultra-short timescales.  

These objects could include flares coming from stars, collisions between black holes, lightning on other planets, and RRATs – Rotating RAdio Transients, pulsars  that only fire up when they feel like it. More speculatively, some scientists believe extraterrestrial civilizations could be flashing fast radio beacons into space.

While searching for pulsars back in 2007, astronomer Duncan Lorimer accidently came across something unexpected and unexplainable –  a burst of radio waves appearing to come from outside our galaxy, lasting just 5 milliseconds but possessing as much energy as the sun releases in 30 days.

Alien messages can be hidden in the stars. The star cluster NGC 3603 lights up a nebula 20,000 light-years  from Earth, as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope. Image credit: NASA / ESA / U.Va. / NIA / USRA / NASA Ames
A pulsar is a rotating neutron star. Neutron stars are the collapsed remains of massive stars which have mass greater than 4 to 8 times that of our Sun.  After these stars have finished burning their nuclear fuel, they undergo a supernova explosion.

Neutron stars are on average only about 30km in diameter, but they have hugely powerful surface magnetic fields, billions of times that of our Sun. Sometimes  it can be very difficult to decide whether astronomers detected  unusual pulsar or alien signals.

The so-called Lorimer bursts are very strange. The very short signals come from an unknown region of space. Scientists are convinced the signals are coming  from well beyond the Milky Way.

“The awareness of these short signals has long existed,” said Andrew Siemion, who searches the time domain for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence at  SETI. “But it’s only the past decade or so that we’ve had the computational capacity to look for them.”

Scientists are speculating what these burst may be. Some think it is new kind of source. Other theorists suggest that it was a primordial black  hole evaporating or a ‘spark’ from a superconducting cosmic string.

Could they be signals sent from an extraterrestrials civilization that is searching the galaxy for other intelligent species? Duncan Lorimer,  professor of physics at West Virginia University is doubtful the bursts are artificial.

What is the cause of these short signals coming from deep space?
“I think that becomes unlikely now that there’s more than one of them. With one source, you could always think about it as some sort of single civilization.  But now, you’re seeing them, essentially, at different parts of the sky. It’s very unlikely that different civilizations would be sending things in exactly  the same way.

So I think it’s something natural in origin, and that – it’s really the time scale is the biggest clue to the size of the object, because it’s only a few  milliseconds in size. The emitting region can only be a few light-milliseconds across. And so that points to some sort of compact, star like a black hole or a  neutron star where, potentially, there’s large amounts of energy can be released,” Lorimer said.

The Lorimer bursts are difficult to study. “The radio telescopes that found them have very small fields of view, and the bursts themselves don’t last very  long. And it’s becoming clear from these recent results that the bursts could be going off in – over the entire sky about once every 10 seconds,” Lorimer said.

Astronomers have yet another mystery to add to their list of fascinating phenomena. The mysterious radio bursts from deep space remain unexplained for the  time being.  “It’s quite a puzzle as to what’s producing these events so often, ” Lorimer said


Aliens & UFO's

British Royal Air Force to release its X-files

Commenting on the decision, a spokesman for the RAF (United Kingdom Royal Air Force) said it would be better to publish these records than to continue sending them to national archives. The spokesman said the information would be published on a dedicated page on

British Royal Air Force to release its X-files

UFO fans and conspiracy theories supporters, we have good news for you, as the British Royal Air Force is prepared to make public its X-file records of extraterrestrial sightings. A UFO document release process is underway before publication, which, according to an RAF spokesman, would happen in the first quarter of 2020.

The RAF closed its UFO investigation unit in 2009 after concluding that, more than 50 years ago, they received no information that would indicate a potential threat to extraterrestrial life. All RAF documents were sent to the national archives, where they generally remain classified until released to the public. But it looks like the RAF has changed its mind and will publish its latest reports online.

Nick Pope, a former UK defense ministry official who investigated the UFO phenomenon from 1991 to 1994, said:

Given the great public interest in this matter, I am pleased that these files are released and made available online … I am happy that the public has information about our work with these real-life X-files.

And where should the British go if they want to report a UFO sighting? Now, the public is being asked to report these things to the local police.

Probably, what will be released will have no impact on the study of ufology. What really matters will remain under lock and key.

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Secrets of the ancient Polish cave of Siemna, inhabited by people from time immemorial

Dark Cave in Poland

In Siemna Cave (Dark Cave), located on the side of a river valley in a magnificent national park, near Krakow, Poland, a huge amount of ancient secrets is hidden.

How did the interest arise in the cave

Scientists examined the cave and found evidence of a very ancient human settlement. People lived in the cave 120,000 years ago, and therefore Siemna Cave is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in Poland.

In 2007, archaeologists began excavating the cave, and to date, about 1,000 stone artifacts have been collected.

Some of the artifacts discovered include knives and tools that are exhibited today in a park near the museum.

What is Siemna Cave

  • A limestone cave 230 meters long dates from the late Jurassic period, about 150 million years ago. Inside the dark cave there is one large chamber, which turns into a very long, vast passage.
  • The cave has a large number of interesting stalagmites, and the chamber ceiling is decorated with several small tubular stalactites.

Historical reconstruction of the Neanderthal settlement

In 2004, a reconstruction of the Neanderthal settlement was built in front of the cave, which in 1787 was visited by King Stanislav Augustus Ponyatovsky and Bishop Adam Narushevich (1733 – 1796), a Polish-Lithuanian nobleman, poet, historian, playwright, translator and publicist.

Here were found traces of one of the oldest prehistoric settlements in Poland, dating to about 120,000 BC.

According to Bishop Narushevich,

“The grotto was cut down by nature from the heart of a rocky mountain. Even at the entrance it looks like a huge underground vaulted hall. Apart from this slightly narrowing vast dungeon there is another cave in the form of a narrow corridor with a lower ceiling. How far does this person reach the cliff, no one does not know”.

Siemna today

Currently, the only inhabitants of the cave are bats and other invertebrates, but in very ancient times this place was a settlement for people.

The cave is not only of great archaeological importance. It is also a significant natural attraction. You can visit the cave and excursions are available from April to October.

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Does Hangar 18, the legendary place where aliens are “stored” exist?

Crashed UFOs, alien autopsies and US government cover-ups – unraveling the legend surrounding Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

Hangar 18, legendary place where

Home to the Blue Book project and a series of systematic UFO studies from 1951 to 1969, the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, along with Area 51, is the subject of ongoing speculation about aliens. Many rumors around Wright-Patterson are known to be related to what could have happened inside one warehouse called “Hangar 18”. Conspirasists believe that the government hid there material evidence obtained during their investigation about the wreckage of UFOs and the opening of aliens in this mysterious warehouse. Of greatest interest is the allegedly sealed, heavily guarded place, called the “Blue Room”.

Many of the rumors surrounding Wright-Patt, as it is known, involve what could have happened inside a specific building, known as Hangar 18. UFO enthusiasts believe the government has hidden physical evidence from their investigations – including flying disc debris, remains of extraterrestrials and even captured aliens – in this mysterious warehouse, specifically within a sealed and highly protected place, nicknamed “Blue Room”.

The legend of Hangar 18 goes back to the alleged wreck of a UFO in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947. According to a press release issued by the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) at the time, its personnel inspected the “flying saucer” and sent it to “barracks”. A subsequent press release from the Fort Worth Air Force base in Texas (presumed to have been the headquarters mentioned above) stated that the disc was a weather balloon – a claim that the Air Force recognized in 1994 as not being true, admitting that it was testing a surveillance device designed to fly over nuclear research facilities in the Soviet Union.

Jesse Marcel, head of the intelligence service, who initially investigated and recovered some of the wreckage from the site of the alleged UFO crash in Roswell, portrayed in an article published by the Corsicana Daily Sun on July 9, 1947.

But in addition to Fort Worth, many UFO researchers believe that some of Roswell’s materials were also transported to Wright Field after the accident and stored in Hangar 18, based on unsubstantiated reports from former military pilots. One of them, Oliver Henderson, reportedly told his wife that he flew a plane laden with rubble, along with several small alien bodies, from Roswell to Wright Field.

According to the sons of another pilot, World War II ace Marion ‘Black Mac’ Magruder, his father claimed to have seen an alien alive at Wright Field in 1947 and told them that “it was a shameful thing for the military to destroy that creature running tests on it.”

Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona, the Republican nominee for president in 1964, was notoriously fascinated by UFOs and Hangar 18. Goldwater said publicly that he tried to gain access to the Blue Room in the early ‘60s, but had been denied access by a furious General Curtis LeMay.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, circa 2000. United States Geological Survey.

Even after the Project Blue Book ended in 1969, rumors continued to revolve around Wright-Patt. In 1974, a Florida UFO / UFO researcher named Robert Spencer Carr publicly stated that the Air Force was hiding “two flying saucers of unknown origin” ‘inside Wright-Patterson Hangar 18, according to a report in Tampa Tribune. Carr claimed to have a senior military source, who saw the bodies of 12 alien beings while autopsies were being performed on them. Although Carr’s claims were doubtful, the broad media coverage of them, as well as the 1980s launch of the Hangar movie 18, helped to consolidate the Wright-Patt legend as a center of US government activities related to UFOs.

For its part, the Air Force categorically denied the rumors and maintains that there has never been actually a Hangar 18 nowhere at Wright-Patt, although there is an 18 Building.

The Air Force reported in an official statement released in January 1985:

Periodically, the remains of extraterrestrial visitors are erroneously claimed to be or have been stored at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. There are now and never have been extraterrestrial visitors or equipment at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

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