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By order of the upper management: People on Earth must be driven through the fire of war, water from pandemics and copper pipes of artificial hunger

By order of the upper management: People on Earth must be driven through the fire of war, water from pandemics and copper pipes of artificial hunger 1
Photo: Laura Lambert/Unsplash

Most of us heard the news this week about the rise in cases of a mild but terribly contagious strain of Covid-19 and the request for additional funding to purchase a vaccine “that works.” It will be recommended to all Americans, regardless of prior immunity or previous Covid-19 vaccinations. 

This means that the “medical battalions” are asking for fire. After all, the profit from the sale of an incomprehensible mRNA-slurry from the same company Pfizer this year decreased by 25% compared to 2022. At the same time, representatives of the company say that it hopes for a recovery through the repeated introduction of new sub-variants of the “vaccine” designed to combat the modified virus. 

“Whether the stars are set alight in heaven so that one day each one of us may find his own again” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry quoted at The Little Prince. This means that in this case, the breeding of new forms of viruses will continue so that Big Pharma’s profits do not dare to fall. 

At the same time, the assumption that the development of drugs and the removal of new strains of viruses takes place in neighboring laboratories is not far from reality. 

By order of the upper management: People on Earth must be driven through the fire of war, water from pandemics and copper pipes of artificial hunger 2

Becker News CEO Kyle Becker quotes the President of the United States on covid fears:

“ I have signed a proposal that we must submit to Congress – a request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is needed, that works … Tentatively recommended, soon everything, will be recommended, everyone will receive it. It doesn’t matter if they got it before or not .” 

The decision was made under pressure from Pfizer and Moderna lobbyists amid an unprecedented PR campaign. In its course, hundreds of materials are published with one refrain, which claims that the updated vaccinations generate neutralizing antibodies against a subvariant of the covid Eris virus in mice. For those who don’t know, “Eris” and “Pirola” are the most “popular” sub-variants of Covid-19 in America at the moment.

Here is one of the arguments for a new wave of vaccinations. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former USFDA commissioner and board member of Pfizer, is sounding the alarm about a new “highly mutated” virus.

“Whether it will be more common than the rest of the strains we have seen before is a key question. “Of course, at the moment it doesn’t seem to be more pathogenic, so it’s not more dangerous yet, but it may be more contagious than the strains that are circulating now. It’s too early to draw conclusions as testing continues.

I think we’ll know a lot more in a week or two, but putting it in perspective again, the new variant is as genetically different from Omicron as it was from the original strain that emerged in Wuhan. So this is a heavily mutated version. So far, however, the data shows that a new booster based on BA 1.15, a strain that came out last spring, appears to protect against these new variants as well.” 

So in any case, America is waiting for a permanent boosterization, possibly with the use of coercive mechanisms. At the same time, Pfizer somehow does not report on working out the causes of complications from previous liquids.

Dr. Robert Malone refutes his colleague Gottlieb, tying his actions to Big Pharma PR and talks about the presence of a conflict of interest.

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“So, who is Dr. Scott Gottlieb and why should we care if he is “worried”? He was USFDA commissioner at the height of the covid hysteria, is now affiliated with CNBC, and sits on the boards of Pfizer, genetic testing startup Tempus, health tech company Aetion, and biotech company Illumina. He is also on the board of directors of NEA, the global venture capital firm behind Big Pharma. My friends also say that Dr. Gottlieb served on the advisory board of the CIA. You know that the CIA founded Moderna as a start-up and continues to capitalize on it through its venture capital firm, InQTel.” “Yes, there is no conflict of interest in his statement as Moderna Pfizer shares are rising on the back of ‘new Covid options’,” he added sarcastically.

In his opinion, the only risk group that can become infected with the new Pirol covid variant is people over 70 years old. But even there, the risk is very small:

“In the age group 70+, about 3 people per 100 thousand are hospitalized with COVID-19 per week. For all other age groups, the risk of hospitalization is virtually zero.” 

The whole story of the new panic reminds of one thing. The globalists are doing everything to implement their plan to build a New Wonderful Feast by 2030. To do this, people on Earth must be driven through the fire of war, water from pandemics and copper pipes of artificial famine. Then, the globalists believe, the survivors will be very manageable.


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