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The ancient dragons are awake. Is this the real reason for global self-isolation?

All recent events in the world were extremely illogical, including global self-isolation, and this should have had a very good reason, which required extraordinary and unprecedented actions on the part of the entire world community.

The first hints of the essence of what was happening began to appear three months ago, but the answer hidden behind them was so fantastic that it was very difficult to believe in it, but now everything has changed – a video appeared, and not one, but from many eyewitnesses and filmed from different heights and angles.

A video in which a dragon attacked the building of the local skyscraper with “napalm” Hui Ming, or rather, he demonstrated his capabilities or the purpose of his attack was something located in the building of the local substation or the substation itself. Yes, you read that right – a dragon.

Today we posted this news, which was broadcast in all the world’s media, but they explained everything that happened there – by a lightning strike. We immediately drew attention to the discrepancy between what we see in the video and the very concept of “lightning”. Everything that happened was like an attack from the air of a liquid that ignites spontaneously when in contact with oxygen in its damaging properties, similar to napalm.

When a lot of eyewitness videos appeared on the network, we began to carefully watch it and immediately noticed a strange flying object appearing seconds before the ignition. Moreover, when watching the video from different angles, filmed from different heights, it was obvious that there was no lightning at all, but there was an ignition of the liquid that was thrown out by a stream from above at the level of the building’s roof.

It remained to find out by whom and how it was dropped and what kind of flying object it was in the area of ​​the incident. Watching the video made by an eyewitness from the car near the building where everything happened, we saw the unbelivable – the dragon.

We confess, even we could not believe what we were seeing and we watched all the videos made by eyewitnesses and realized that the dragons really exist. He got on video from different cameras, on video filmed from different directions and from different heights, and it was exactly a dragon.

If you find it funny, you can stop reading and watch the facts that prove our words in the videos that we will post below. This information is for people who want to know what is really going on and what they need to be prepared for. Events in China have shown that you and us have very little time left, and now you must realize and accept the reality of this threat. Threats not personally to us or to several people, a threat to all of humanity.

It is about the survival of humanity as such. For the simple reason that this is a threat of a nature with which modern mankind has not simply not faced, but for which it is not at all ready either materially or morally. Do you think it was easy for me to accept and realize the reality of what is happening now on earth? no, it’s not easy, but we all need to understand, realize and accept this as a fact in order to be ready to fight for survival.

On August 3, 2020, everything changed and the world will never be the same again. Here is a video taken by an eyewitness from the car, here everything that happened can be seen most clearly and from a good angle. The dragon appears on the right, flaps its wings, gains altitude a little, makes another flap of its wings and presses them to the body, sharply gaining height and flies from the back of the building at roof level.

When it reaches the middle of the building, it ejects “napalm” and flies forward – the liquid that it threw out ignites in about 3 seconds, and the dragon dives down behind the building, makes a flip in the air and climbs sharply.

In this video, there is no doubt about it – dragon. The liquid he spits out is likely to ignite spontaneously on contact with oxygen. 3 seconds and a fiery hell begins. Eyewitnesses have published enough videos where it is 100% clear that there can be no talk of any lightning, this is the spontaneous ignition of a substance similar to napalm.

The consequences of exposure to this liquid are more than impressive. In addition to the burned-out electrical substation, the cars that fell under the “napalm” completely burned out, and not only burned out, but the metal of the bodies, pillars, hoods and roofs melted and “flowed”, which speaks of albeit a short burning, but an incredibly high flame temperature.

After all, the first clues appeared a long time ago. For example, on June 4, thousands of residents gathered in the Chinese province of Guizhou to find a mysterious creature that makes eerie sounds like the roar of a dragon.

Locals gathered at the top of a mountain in Xushui in China’s southwestern province of Guizhou to hear loud, frightening sounds similar to the roar of a dragon. Local officials even had to set up roadblocks to stop the crowds and sent a team of experts to investigate the source of the strange sound.

People were dispersed, justifying their actions by the fact that they violate the regime of self-isolation and gather in large crowds, violating quarantine. And, the sounds of power were explained simply – the Yellow-legged buttonquail shouts. And they were not bothered at all by the fact that the locals had never heard anything like this in their lives, but they should have, since it’s just a local bird screaming.

By the way, she screams in a completely different way, but did anyone care. The party said – a bird, then so be it. This is how the Yellow-legged buttonquail screams, completely differently, and in addition, its pis can be heard no more than 20 meters away. In your opinion, her squeak is similar to that roar, from which the mountains seem to even vibrate – no, it is not.

China and dragons in the mythology of this country are very closely connected and maybe this is not at all just like that. The territory of China is vast and mountainous areas are practically deserted, unexplored territory.

Moreover, dragons are mentioned in legends, myths and legends around the world and among completely different peoples. Scientists considered all this to be fairy tales, but could everything be completely different? Maybe they really existed, but at some point the living conditions on the planet reduced their population, perhaps this happened as a result of some kind of cataclysm – a global cooling, a meteorite fall, a greenhouse effect, it doesn’t matter if something happened and they disappeared into caves falling into suspended animation.

Dragons are reptiles, and this species is known for its ability to practically stop their vital activity under adverse conditions, not to mention the fact that they can completely freeze, and under favorable conditions, return to life. For example, crocodiles freeze into the ice, and then when it gets warmer, they come to life. And who knows what these ancient and completely unknown creatures – dragons – are capable of?

By the way, not so long ago, on one of the videos posted by scientists, which showed the destruction of a glacier in Antarctica – a huge layer of ice descended into the ocean, there was one interesting detail. At some point after the ice wall collapses, a dark-colored object is visible, appearing for a second from under the water and clearly having not the shape of ice, but rather something unusual, something with a head and an eye on it.

Yes, this video is controversial, but in view of all that is happening, it can be assumed that the dragons could lie in suspended animation in the ice of Antarctica and in other large glaciers around the world, until global warming began.

The changes that have taken place – climatic, atmospheric and even cosmic, could awaken these ancient giants to life. Global warming, changes in the atmosphere, changes in oxygen levels, solar minimum and, as a consequence, maximum levels of cosmic radiation (radiation, as well as high-energy particles), which have been recorded for more than a year, and the last three months have been at an almost historical record maximum.

Are dragons fantastic creatured? But what happened in China suggests otherwise, they are a new reality. And just think – the emergence, awakening of a new kind of predators, and not just predators, but huge predators, flying, possessing weapons of destructive power, can’t this explain the introduction of this strange quarantine, self-isolation, incredible cohesion in common decisions of all countries of the world, ready to go to destroy your own economy and limit civil liberties.

If a new predator has appeared that can change the existing order where “Man is the king of beasts”, then the natural logical response to this threat will be the introduction of restrictions on movement, on visiting wild places, reserves, mountains and paradise beaches. Why draw the attention of a new super-predator to potential and, most importantly, completely defenseless victims?

By concentrating the population within the city limits, it is possible to organize the protection of the perimeter of these “fortresses”, by concentrating the armed forces there to counter the new threat. Perhaps with the use of some deterrent technologies or the cities themselves oversaturated with cell towers, entangled in power grids and substations, emit such a background (electromagnetic, noise or other kind), which becomes a natural “repeller” for dragons.

Maybe this is what explains the August the 3rd attack by the dragon on the electrical substation, which somehow interfered, scared away, knocked down this predator, or there was not a substation at all, but something else that interferes with him (them).

This is just a hypothesis, but this attack marks a completely new round of confrontation. It is quite possible that during the general quarantine, the armed forces of the countries of the world were already searching for and destroying the awakened ancient threat, and now a new stage begins, when dragons are already counter-attacking a competing predator. There is not enough space for a planet and two predators.

What dragons are and how dangerous they are, one can only guess. At this stage, the first conclusions can be drawn based on the event in China:
– they are large, more than 10 meters,
– they fly, they have excellent aerodynamics,
– they have glands that produce a liquid substance when thrown out of which, possibly an additional gland, an activator reagent is added to this liquid at the outlet, which makes this liquid flammable when it comes into contact with oxygen 3 seconds after the “volley”.

This liquid, in its destructiveness, is comparable to napalm,
– probably their skin (scales) has properties comparable to “stealth” technology (invisibility for radars of aircraft, this property can explain how this or these creatures managed to enter the airspace above a large city without being noticed by the military or civilians) radar, as a result of which the combat aircraft did not rise to intercept, possibly due to low thunderclouds, under the cover of which the attack was made.

Now everything will depend on how successfully the armed forces of human civilization will be able to resist this new enemy. With all the abundance of weapons, they are all extremely vulnerable because of their manufacturability.

If we assume that dragons have the ability to emit a limited electromagnetic pulse, have the ability to be invisible to radars, then a perfect weapon will not be more effective than an ordinary club.

If this is the beginning of a new round of confrontation between people and dragons, then new cases of “lightning” or strange fires from “lightning”, or explosions of warehouses or factories, factories and entire buildings, large fires in cities due to “lightning” should follow. We will monitor this and report all such cases.


Fact or fiction

New version of the “Titanic” sinking: the ship was destroyed by a solar storm

The flare on the Sun caused a geomagnetic disturbance that could affect the operation of navigation instruments and led to a fatal change in the course of the liner.

For more than 100 years of studying the most famous maritime disaster in the history of mankind, researchers have come to the conclusion that the sinking of the Titanic is the so-called “perfect shipwreck”. That is, an event that happened as a result of the confluence of as many fatal circumstances that you can think of. Here are just a few of them:

– In January 1912, the Earth and the Moon approached at a record close distance (such an arrangement of celestial bodies has not been observed for the last 1400 years), maximizing the tidal forces of the ocean. As a result, icebergs that broke away from Greenland, which usually ran aground near the island of Newfoundland, were raised by abnormally high tides and anticyclones drove them south to the areas of the transatlantic shipping route. On April 14, one of them was on the way of the Titanic.

“The fateful night was moonless, which drastically reduced visibility. And, most importantly, the lookout did not have binoculars: the key to the safe with binoculars remained with David Blair, the second mate. A few days before going to sea, Blair’s services were refused (they took a more experienced officer) and the sailor, in the confusion, forgot to give the key to the safe to his replacement. As a result, a block of ice was noticed when it was 670 meters away. It is said that shortly before the collision, the iceberg turned over and a dark underwater part protruded above the water, which could not be seen from afar at night.

– The designers claimed: the ship will remain afloat even if 4 bow or stern compartments are flooded (the liner was divided into 16 watertight compartments). Therefore, in the event of a head-on collision with an iceberg, the Titanic would not have died. However, trying to evade, the first mate William Murdoch made an unsuccessful maneuver – the liner got used to the ice block tangentially and the seams between the steel sheets parted for 90 meters. Water poured into the five bow compartments. The designers of the “unsinkable” ship could not have foreseen such a scenario.

“Four hours before the meeting with the iceberg, Titanic radio operator Jack Phillips received a warning about difficult ice conditions from his colleague on the steamer“ Californian ”Cyril Evans. “Californian” was going 50 kilometers ahead of “Titanic” came across a powerful ice field. Cyril Evans transmitted a radiogram on board the Titanic “Ice between 42 ° and 41 ° 25’N and 49 ° 30’W. We saw a large accumulation of broken ice and many large icebergs. There are ice fields too. The weather is good and clear. ” But the radio operators did not give this radio message to the captain. They were busy transmitting private radio messages from passengers.

“10 minutes before the crash, Cyril Evans began transmitting to Jack Phillips a new radiogram. He wanted to report that the Californian was stopped by ice and drifted to avoid a collision. But he began the message with an informal greeting “Hello, old man! …”. Phillips, who thought Evans wanted to chat out of boredom, interrupted him with the words: “Shut up, I’m working!” The Titanic continued to rush forward at a top speed of over 40 kilometers per hour. At 11:30 pm Evans turned off the radio and went to bed. At 23.40, the Titanic hit an icy rock. After another 25 minutes, Phillips sent a distress call. The Californian was the closest ship to the Titanic, it was 32 kilometers away and could come to the rescue within an hour while the liner was still afloat. But Evans was the only person aboard the Californian who knew Morse code. The captain woke him up only at 4.30, when he was once again reported that some ship had been giving incomprehensible signals with light flares all night. Evans went on the air and learned that while he was sleeping, the Titanic sank (it happened at 2.20 am).

But it turns out that the chain of fatal accidents does not end there. Mila Zinkova, an independent weather researcher and programmer, has published an article “The Possible Role of Space Weather in the Titanic Disaster” in the Royal Meteorological Society’s Weather magazine.

“Everyone who studies the circumstances of the sinking of the Titanic is faced with several inexplicable riddles,” Mila Zinkova writes. “In particular, the Titanic radio operators, along with the distress signals, transmitted their coordinates, which indicated a point that was 11 kilometers from the actual crash site of the liner. However, for some reason, not all ships located nearby received this radiogram. The steamer “Karpatia”, which eventually saved the survivors, followed to a false point, but came across the boats with the passengers of the “Titanic”. I think I know how to explain it. The fact is that three passengers of the Titanic and the second mate of the Karpatia, James Bisset, mention in their memoirs that they observed the northern lights that night. This indicates that a solar flare caused a powerful geomagnetic storm,

The aurora comes from the intense bombardment of the upper atmosphere by charged particles from the solar wind. In 1912, this was not given much importance. But today scientists know that powerful electromagnetic disturbances often cause more than just compasses and radio equipment malfunctioning. There are cases when a solar storm turned off military radars, and in 1972 dozens of cases of the explosion of sea magnetic mines were recorded off the coast of Vietnam.

According to Mila Zinkova, solar activity affected the operation of the Titanic’s compass, and the crew had to correct the course, deviating north from the original route. Even if the compass needle moved one degree, it made a huge difference and ultimately led to the meeting of the ship and the iceberg, the author of the study believes. But the same mistake helped “Carpathia” to save the shipwrecked. Having received false coordinates, they came to the right point, because their navigation equipment was exposed to the same effect of charged particles of the solar wind.

Of course, the solar storm is not the main cause of the Titanic crash. However, this hypothesis complements the dramatic picture of what happened and demonstrates what the most unexpected forces and phenomena can provoke an “ideal catastrophe”. For a planet that is today crammed with “securely controlled” nuclear weapons (and other weapons of mass destruction), this is a useful warning.

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Fact or fiction

Declassified: 12 US soldiers were secretly sent to live on alien planets

For a long time, the relationship between the United States and aliens has attracted attention from the outside world. Former Minister of Defense of Canada Paul. Heller (Paul T. Hellyer) has revealed that there are aliens living on Earth, but also work for the US government. 

Many American presidents have also admitted the existence of aliens on different occasions. US military sources disclosed that there was a top-secret exchange between the US military and the aliens and was named ” Operation Zeta “, and 12 American soldiers were secretly sent to live on the planet Zeta.

Former Canadian Minister of Defense: Aliens work in the US government

Paul is now 97 years old. Heller is by far the world’s highest-level official who has publicly disclosed the study of alien civilization. On April 18, 2015, Paul. Heller gave a lecture tour on the “Disclosure Canada Tour” organized by the University of Calgary, Canada, publicly admitting that there are aliens and that aliens are still living on Earth.

Heller said that his reason for participating in the lecture tour was to spread the facts he believed. According to Heller’s description, most aliens come from other galaxies, and some aliens live on the moons of Mars, Venus, and Saturn. Aliens have visited the earth for thousands of years. There are 4 kinds of aliens who have visited the earth continuously. Some of them are like humans and will often pass by people, but no one can identify them; yes Looks like the creatures depicted in popular culture (such as comics).

Former Minister of Defense of Canada Paul. Heller admitted that there are aliens living on Earth. (

In May 2013, Heller testified at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure that at least two aliens were working in the US government.

Many U.S. presidents talked about aliens

NASA has not yet directly recognized aliens, but many presidents of the United States have admitted the existence of aliens on different occasions. On April 3, 2015, former U.S. President Clinton said on the ABC talk show that he believed in the existence of aliens, and he would not be surprised if aliens appeared on the earth one day.

On March 12 of the same year, US President Barack Obama also said in this talk show that he knew there were aliens. Faced with questions from the host Jimmy Kimmel about Area 51 and UFO confidential files, Obama said with a smile that aliens will not let people know those things or let people reveal all their secrets. They strictly control us.”

In 2012, Timothy Good, a former adviser to the Pentagon of the U.S. Department of Defense, revealed in an exclusive interview with the British BBC that former U.S. President Eisenhower had discussed and signed some agreements with aliens three times.

Goode said that for the first time on February 20, 1954, Eisenhower met with two white-skinned, blue-eyed, and golden-haired aliens at Edward Air Force Base. The other two went to see the ” Little Greys. ” These aliens proposed advanced weapons and technology agreements, and selectively signed several agreements with Eisenhower.

On June 18, 2020, President Trump said in an interview with his son Trump, “Roswell (accused of finding aliens) is a very interesting place. Many people want to know what happened. For there, I I won’t tell you what I know, but it’s very interesting.”

” Operation Zeta ” where the US Army communicates with aliens

The US military has already communicated with aliens and conducted superluminal interstellar travel. This top-secret communication was named “Operation Zeta.” The first person to disclose “Operation Zeta” was US Air Force Sergeant Richard Dotty. He contacted the famous journalist Linda Morton Howe and claimed that the military had a secret cooperation plan with an alien race. However, Dotti did not provide more information.

“Operation Zeta” originated from the Roswell incident. On July 4, 1947, an unidentified object crash occurred in Roswell, New Mexico, USA. In an interview with British radio, Edgar Mitchell, the sixth American astronaut to set foot on the moon, clearly admitted that the Roswell incident was real and related to extraterrestrial civilization.

He said that in fact, since the 1940s, aliens have been trying to make contact with humans on Earth, and many insiders in the US Aerospace Agency have even seen aliens with their own eyes. Since then, aliens have visited the earth many times. Edgar Mitchell said that he has been working in the military and intelligence fields and knows the dangers behind public incidents.

Fearing that the existence of aliens may cause panic among the public, successive US governments have maintained secrets as their ministry, but the internal information is slowly leaked out.

Living aliens help America contact aliens. (

Surviving aliens help U.S. contact aliens

After the Rhodesville incident, an alien was found alive. It was hiding behind a rock. The military immediately escorted it away secretly. The former senior official of the National Defense Intelligence Agency stated that the surviving alien was named “EBE1” (“Alien Biological Entity No. 1”). It was well taken care of and then obtained through some means with American researchers. Resonate, and pointed out the location of his home planet-Zeta planet in the constellation Reticulum.

“EBE1” lived to the end of the summer of 1952. Before it died, it sent 6 unanswered messages to its parent planet. It was not until December 1952 that the US military received its first response. Next, the two sides continued to have difficult contacts and gradually reached an exchange plan.

Alien envoy came to the United States

In 1962, information from the planet Zeta indicated that in April 1964, the planet Zeta would send an official diplomatic mission to the earth, and the flying saucer would land at Holloman Air Force Base outside Alamogordo, New Mexico. The president of the United States at the time was John F. Kennedy. He approved the exchange plan with aliens, and the specific tasks were undertaken by the Air Force.

The U.S. Air Force selected 12 people (10 men and 2 women) and they were sent to Perry Barracks in Virginia for 6 months of intensive training. Among these 12 people were 4 pilots, 2 linguists, and 1 Biologists, 2 scientists, 2 doctors and 1 security officer. The identification records of the 12 people were cleared, including social security, national tax, medical insurance, and service certificates. All of them were listed as “missing persons on the battlefield.”

On the afternoon of April 24, 1964, two spacecrafts from Zeta passed through the atmosphere and arrived at Holloman Air Force Base as scheduled. These extraterrestrial diplomats were welcomed by 16 senior U.S. government officials, and it is unclear whether President Lyndon Johnson was among them.

The Zetas brought an electronic translation device to ease communication difficulties. They transported the corpses of 11 aliens killed in the Roswell incident onto the spacecraft. It is still unclear what the US government talked with the alien diplomats, but what is certain is that they have submitted the “yellow paper” to the US, which records the complete history of the earth.

Twelve American soldiers are already waiting on the spacecraft, ready to go with them to the planet Zeta. However, alien diplomats believe that the exchange plan should be implemented in 1965.

Schematic diagram of an alien spaceship. (

12 U.S. envoys to the planet Zeta

In July 1965, a large Zeta planetary vehicle returned to Earth and docked at the Nevada nuclear test site. Twelve American soldiers on standby boarded the aircraft, and 40 tons of food from the earth accompanied them. They plan to live on the planet Zeta for 10 years to understand the technological level and code of conduct of the planet Zeta. Of these 2 people, 4 never returned to Earth. Of these 4 people, 2 died, 2 chose to stay on Zeta, and the other 8 returned to Earth 13 years later.

In an anonymous diary that was disclosed, there was this record:

“During the trip, every member of the group was frequently dizzy, confused about direction or goal, and suffered headaches. However, during the entire trip. , We are not in a state of weightlessness. The aircraft is large and the crew members have room for movement.”

Although there are obvious problems in the communication between humans and Zetas, the Zetas give humans a kind and helpful feeling. The US military exchange team can move around in the spacecraft. During the entire trip, they can also use equipment provided by aliens to communicate with the Corant Air Force Base on Earth.

Before arriving on the planet Zeta, a member of the team code-named “308” died unexpectedly due to a pulmonary embolism. After the Zeta star held a memorial ceremony for him, he took his remains.

Zeta star welcomes U.S. envoy

It took 9 months for the aircraft used by the exchange team to arrive at Zeta. The group commander recorded the scene when we boarded Zeta:

“We landed on an alien planet for the first time, and we went down the slope. The towers are waiting for us. We saw a big Zeta, bigger than any Zetas we have seen… I guess this is their leader. The alien said that we are welcome to this place The planet… We were led to an open field, which was a bit like a parade ground. The ground was covered with mud. Looking up, I saw the blue sky, the sky was very clear. We saw two’suns’, One of the’suns’ is brighter than the other. The earth is like a desert, somewhat similar to Arizona and New Mexico. There are almost no plants in sight. There are rolling hills in the distance, but apart from dust, look Nothing else… Without sunglasses, our eyes can hardly stand it. The intensity of the’sun’ is too great. What a strange planet this is!”

Many team members also recorded their first impressions of this mysterious planet in their diaries: “This planet is estimated to be 3 billion years old since its birth, and the two stars that illuminate it have an estimated lifespan of 5 billion years, but this is only estimate.

There is a period of night on the planet, but not all times are night. It is a planet in the Zeta Binary Star System, with two’suns’, but these two’suns’ are relatively small, so that part of the planet is night.

In addition, the planet is tilted from space, and its northern hemisphere is much colder than the southern hemisphere. Compared with the earth, the planet Zeta is a little smaller, and its atmosphere is very similar to the earth, containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. “

The concept of time on earth does not apply

After coming to the planet Zeta, the US military exchange team spent several months adapting to this new environment. They found that the concept of time on Earth is not applicable on this planet.

The team commander wrote in his diary:

“I think it’s another day, but it looks like only an hour has passed on my watch. The two glowing’suns’ are especially a serious problem, because the radiation is higher than the earth’s It was much stronger, and the ground temperature reached 107 degrees Celsius. Although the US military team lived in an underground facility, it still felt hot.”

For this reason, the exchange team was moved to the cooler northern hemisphere of Zeta. Food is also a challenge. The 40 tons of supplies they brought from the earth were eventually eaten, and they had to switch to eating food on Zeta, which tasted like pieces of paper.

In the face of various difficulties, the exchange team is still working hard to perform the scheduled tasks, collecting soil and plant samples.

The races living on the planet Zeta belong to the little grays . Schematic diagram of aliens (

The Little Greys of Zeta

The races that live on the planet Zeta belong to the little grays. The civilization of this planet is estimated to be 10,000 years old. Their original home planet is threatened by extreme volcanic activities, so they have to migrate to the planet Zeta.

3000 years ago, they fought a devastating Star Wars, this war lasted 100 years, and finally used particle beam weapons to completely wipe out the enemy. Now the total population on the planet is about 650,000. No crime is seen anymore, but it retains an army.

The friendly Zetas have a perfect social structure and look a bit like a centralized society: every newborn baby is planned in advance; every building is constructed when needed; there is no currency, when needed You can get the items you need by yourself, and everyone is a scientist and engineer.

There is only one education center on the planet, and there are some management committees that guide and manage every aspect of life.

Female Zeta Translator

According to records, the leaders on the planet are very different from ordinary Zeta people. The leader of “Zeta Planet” is a larger creature than others, and it looks more aggressive than others.

The meaning of aggressiveness here does not mean unfriendly ways, it is like a boss, similar to an army commander. For a long time, members of the communication team couldn’t understand what it said, and its tone of voice was harsher than that of others.

There are very few people on Zeta who understand English (these people have been to Earth on missions), and the English they speak is very basic. There is a female Zeta, code-named “EBE2”, who became the translator of the US Army Exchange Group because of her familiarity with English.

Aliens conduct experiments on the remains of American soldiers

The commander of the exchange team once asked the Zetas for the remains of the members of the “308” team through “EBE2”. Then, they were taken to a large building and met a doctor Zeta who could speak English.

The US military commander’s diary described the conflict in detail:

“The doctor told us that the body of ‘308’ was not in the container, and they had already conducted experiments on the body of “308”. In their view, being a sample is a respect for the dead. The alien doctor said that they used the remains of “308” to reproduce asexually, and I was immediately angry. I strongly stated that the remains of “308” are the property of the earth, and he does not belong to the planet Zeta. I do not agree with the use of the remains of “308” Any experiment.”

The relationship became tense. The Zetas were confused by the reaction of the US military exchange group. “EBE2” said to the exchange group members: “Everyone should be kind.” It repeated the same thing several times. In the end, the communication team had to make concessions to avoid further expansion of the conflict.

The team commander (code-named “700”) and scientist (code-named “754”) were allowed to visit the remains of “308” in the experiment. They were taken to a room where biological experiments were being conducted.

The people on earth were shocked by the sight before them, and the remains of aliens from other planets were also contained in containers. The doctors of the planet Zeta tried to explain the subject they were studying, but the people on Earth didn’t know what DNA biotechnology was at that time.

In response, members of the US military exchange team commented: “This is the dark side of this civilization.”

The aircraft sent by Planet Zeta sent 8 American soldiers back to Earth. Schematic diagram of alien spacecraft (

8 U.S. envoys returned to Earth

Due to the inability to accurately know the time of the Earth, the US military exchange team lived on Zeta until 1978. After that, 7 men and 1 woman in the team were sent back to Earth by a flying vehicle sent by Zeta, and 2 people died. Zeta planet, the other two decided to stay on this planet.

After these eight people returned to Earth, the US Air Force Special Investigation Committee (AFOSI) was responsible for their safety and lives.

They were deliberately isolated by the military, and the special investigation committee wrote a 3000-page report. Unexpectedly, these eight people fell ill and died one after another. According to research, they were caused by radiation from the two “suns” on Zeta.

The last American soldier who visited the planet Zeta died in 2002. As for the other two American soldiers who stayed on the planet Zeta, what happened later is unclear.

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Fact or fiction

Cause of Fires in the USA – Directed Energy Weapons?

Now fires break out unexpectedly all over the world and not only in the United States, Russia, including other countries, are also on fire, fighting sudden wildfires. Officially, the reasons for their occurrence are usually attributed to “dry thunderstorms”, but is this really so?

The impact of directed energy weapons was recorded in California and Oregon by the Live Stream Radar satellite.

On September 8, 2020, satellite data clearly shows a mysterious beam from space (from orbit?), Which ignites wildfires in California and moves in the direction of Oregon, and wildfires occur along the way.

A day later, September 9, another ray was discovered in another place, which comes from space and in the place of its impact, a powerful center of wildfires in Oregon arises.

The beam first appears west of California, and then the beam suddenly turns off, proving it isn’t fire, causing a reflection on the radar as the fire stays the same bright even after the beam is suddenly turned off.

Interestingly, those who control this satellite are aware of the fact that this energy beam is being used. They decided to try to censor and hide the beam by placing a black bar over the beam in hopes of making it “disappear”, but the censors chose the wrong shade of black. 

They chose pure black, but the live satellite image is more gray-black, and now you can see a black censorship bar above the beam, but the beam itself remains visible if you increase the contrast and adjust the color balance. 

Instead of hiding it, as they hoped, the beam now stands out even more. This is the worst thing that could be done. They were just caught changing data. 

Another way to look at this is if it’s just a bug or glitch, then why try to hide it rather than just publicly say it’s some kind of glitch?

When someone tries to obscure the beam … it is an even bigger indication that someone is using a directed energy weapon.

The most interesting question is who is using it?

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