Mysterious steel monoliths are reappearing all over the world. What are these objects, where are they from and in anticipation of what?

Local residents discovered a mysterious steel monolith on a hill in Wales. Neither they, nor the journalists, nor the authorities know where it came from there. Unusual structures about 11.5 feet high first began to appear in different parts of the globe at the height of the pandemic in 2020.

A steel monolith more than 11 feet high appeared on a hill in Wales

Local residents came across another strange object on the Hay Bluff hill near the town of Hay-on-Wye. It was first captured by local runner Richard Hines, who often jogs in the area. 

According to him, the steel triangular stele is shaped like Toblerone chocolate, but it is hollow inside.

Monolith in Wales. GFS/YouTube.

“I thought that this object looked a little strange and could be an attribute of scientific research related, for example, to the collection of rainwater. But then I realized that it was too tall and unusual for that. Then I walked up to it, it was at least about three and a half meters tall, triangular in shape, definitely made of stainless steel. The monolith was hollow and, it seems to me, quite light. Light enough for two people to lift it and dig it into the ground,” Haynes told Sky News.

In 2020, similar monoliths were noticed in the US state of Utah.

In November 2020, mysterious metal monuments began to appear in different countries around the world. The first such structure was found in the middle of the desert in the state of Utah. Department of Wildlife Resources workers came across it on November 18 while counting bighorn sheep from a helicopter. The unusual monument, made of stainless steel, reached a height of three meters and had four sides.

Then department official Nick Street suggested that the monolith was installed 50-60 years ago. Its exact location was not disclosed for some time, so as not to attract crowds of tourists. Soon, employees of the David Zwirner Gallery in New York reported that they had revealed the secret of the monument. They were sure that the author of the design was the minimalist artist John McCracken, who used to live nearby and died nine years before the discovery of the object.

Monolith in Utah. Photo: Utah Department of Public Safety/AP.

At first, the gallery owner of McCracken’s work said it was not his work and suggested it might be the work of another artist who had installed the installation as a tribute to his late colleague. She later changed her position and told reporters that “it’s definitely John.”

Judging by satellite images on Google Earth, the structure, reminiscent of the alien monolith from the film “2001: A Space Odyssey,” has stood in the desert since at least 2015.

On the evening of November 27, a message appeared that a mysterious monument erected in Utah had mysteriously disappeared. Colorado photographer Ross Bernards claims to have seen four men dismantle the monolith, load it into a car and drive away. 

“When they loaded it up and left, they said, ‘Leave no trace,’” Bernards recalled.

In early December, tour guide Silvan Christensen admitted to the abduction and destruction of the mysterious monument. He and his colleagues decided to destroy the strange object in order to protect the desert from the invasion of tourists and further damage. According to him, curious people littered and trampled the ground.

An art group known as The Most Famous Artist later took responsibility for installing the monolith in the desert.

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Mysterious monoliths have been seen in Romania, Colombia, Germany, Spain, Hungary and Poland

After this, mysterious metal monoliths began to appear all over the world. Shiny pillars were spotted in northern Romania, and several more in California. A monument identical to the object from Utah was discovered on the Isle of Wight in the UK. Mysterious art objects were also found in the Netherlands, Colombia, Germany, Spain, Hungary and Poland.

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Monolith in Romania. Photo: NBC News.

One of them was even noticed by Arato András, the hero of the popular “Harold Hiding the Pain” meme. He joked that it was “a gift from the intergalactic federation.”

The last monolith found before the Welsh monolith was discovered on December 31, 2020 in Toronto, Canada, three years ago. An object approximately 11.5 feet high appeared near Lake Ontario overnight. In its structure, it resembled monoliths found previously in other places on the planet.

Local authorities said they do not see a threat to public safety, so the find will remain in place. Later, unknown vandals painted the monolith

Rumors and tales

It still remains unknown who is placing monoliths around the planet and why. No one has ever taken responsibility for installing the facilities everywhere except Utah.

Who actually organizes these “installations” remains a mystery to everyone, but the performance of crazy artists is no more believable than the tricks of aliens.

Following the 2020 monolith genesis in Utah, where the first piece of iron was found, the trend spread to nearly 40 places. And then the “performances” stopped, as if all the impressionists had died from COVID-19. And lo and behold, “performances” crawled out of suspended animation again. 

This suggests that March 2024 in media terms is analogous to November 2020. That is, at the end of 2020, the front pages of newspapers were filled with all sorts of baloney, crowding out something more important from the consciousness of the masses – and now the situation is approximately the same. 

In 2001 and a little later, “Islamic terrorists” played the role of a distracting factor, but now instead of them some jesters are hammering the rails on the roadbed.  

What kind of jesters these are and what kind of rails there are does not matter, but in anticipation of what – this is already interesting. If four or more monoliths are found in the coming weeks, then we need to wait for either the emergence of a new pandemic, a new cure for the pandemic, or something completely new – if we break away from the analogies with 2020. 

You can even place bets on where the next “installation” with a rail or channel beam will be. 

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