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Big Ben came to a halt in London as the Horses of the Apocalypse charged through the city

Big Ben’s clock halted on Wednesday morning with the hands frozen at 9 a.m., and an incorrect number of bongs rang out. Subsequently, two horses, saddles unoccupied, were spotted racing through central London; one was smeared with a red substance that onlookers described as resembling blood.

The Elizabeth Tower clock stopped for approximately an hour before it resumed displaying the correct time at 10:15 a.m. Interestingly, Big Ben chimed as if it were 11 a.m. at 10:06 a.m., even though at least two of the clock’s dials indicated it was 9 a.m.

A House of Commons spokesperson acknowledged that the clock dials were temporarily incorrect but assured that the clock’s mechanism was not compromised.

The spokesperson further stated that the maintenance team promptly addressed the issue and completed the necessary mechanism servicing.

It was mentioned by sources that these intermittent halts are a normal part of the “running-in” process for the clock as its movement settles in.

On another note, a video circulated on April 24, showing two horses with unoccupied saddles galloping through Central London. One horse appeared to be covered in a red substance, which observers suggested resembled blood. Captured by ITV News, the footage displays a black and a white horse racing down the city’s major thoroughfares.

Bystanders captured this unusual event on film. The origin of the horses, the reason for their lack of accompaniment, and the cause of the red substance covering the white horse, which looks like blood, remain unknown.

Reports have surfaced of horses being spotted near Tower Bridge and the Limehouse Tunnel. An individual commented, “They dashed past me between Tower Bridge and the Limehouse Tunnel, insane stuff.”

Daniel Hewitt from ITV posted a video online, stating, “Just witnessed two horses galloping through Aldwych in central London. One appears to be smeared with blood. Recorded for @itvnews.”

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He added:

“We called the police. One horse crashed into a black taxi. The other was covered in what looked like blood. It’s terrible.”

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Another person said they saw police trying to track them down:

“They just ran past me on Cannon Street, chased by a police car. It was kind of horrible.”

Two weird coincidences

The Big Ben clock, nearing its two-hundredth anniversary, was inaugurated in the mid-19th century, and thus, it may occasionally stop. However, the simultaneous occurrence of a bloodied white horse galloping through London and the clock halting is an event so uncanny that it defies mere coincidence. Such an event is not even depicted in mystical films, suggesting it could be interpreted as a significant omen.

The indication may be suggested by the numbers on the clock face: 9 o’clock, 11 o’clock by the count of strokes. The actual time is unclear at this moment – 10:06. Could this be an allusion to the 10th of June or the 6th of November? Or perhaps it signifies a moment of significance, such as when an asteroid might strike Earth?

British conspiracy theorists are intrigued, recalling a notorious card from the Illuminati deck.

Reporters discovered soon after the incident that horses escaped during their daily morning exercise at the Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall around 8:40 am. These were not ordinary horses but belonged to the Royal Ceremonial Horse Regiment. Had this occurred in the Dark Ages, when horses were abundant in London, it would have been seen as a dire mystical omen. Today, with the scarcity of horses in London, it is considered an even more ominous sign.

Commentators are drawing parallels to the three Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The incident involved two horses, one pale and one black, with one appearing blood-stained, resembling a red horse. It is unclear whether the substance is blood or paint, or whether it originates from the horse or an injured rider. If it is blood, the implications are graver. This event is seen as a portent not just for England, but for the entire world, given London’s global significance. Now, we must consider three possibilities.

The first possibility is that the incident was orchestrated by someone with a grudge against England. The outcome was as anticipated: horses drenched in blood galloping through London, while elderly women made the sign of the cross and spoke of the Apocalypse.

The second possibility is that the incident was orchestrated by influential individuals, such as the Illuminati, with the intention of signaling to the world that it’s time to seek shelter in bunkers in preparation for famine, epidemics, and World War III.

The third possibility is that the event was a mere coincidence, an authentic mystical sign. Such a sign is unlikely to portend well for nations and peoples. Even though it is not Big Ben on the Illuminati deck and the clock does not read 10:06, the potential of some sign to the world cannot be dismissed.

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