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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Giant asteroid 2000 CH59 will pass near the Earth on December 26

Giant asteroid 2000 CH59 will pass near the Earth on December 26 1

While science is developing a planetary defensive weapon to protect the Earth from asteroids, a giant space rock 620 meters in diameter will pass near the Earth on December 26, 2019. The large asteroid 2000 CH59 travels in space at a breakneck speed of 44,200 kilometers per hour. It should be noted that the Chelyabinsk asteroid in 2013 had a diameter of about 17 meters, but caused very serious damage.

Giant asteroid 2000 CH59 will pass near the Earth on December 26

Giant asteroid 2000 CH59 will pass near the Earth on December 26

If the asteroid 2000 CH59 bombards the Earth, then this will cause enormous destruction around the world, millions of people will die in a split second. Experts classified the 2000 CH59 facility as Apollo class asteroid. Such cosmic bodies have wide elliptical orbits and are often affected by the gravitational forces of nearby planets.

A gravity “keyhole” is an area in space where “invasion bodies,” such as asteroids, are subject to the gravitational attraction of neighboring planets. But as space researchers say, the asteroid 2000 CH59 on December 26th will not be so close to us. And as a consequence, probability of an asteroid collision can be completely ruled out.

According to the US Space Agency, the asteroid will pass about 7 million / km from Earth. Not to say that this is a safe distance, although experts do not see this as a threat. But this does not prevent some responsible scientists from assuming that we should protect ourselves.

Natalie Starkey, a space scientist at Open University, suggested that a nuclear weapon preventive attack is the best way to protect the Earth from asteroid impacts. She believes that asteroid bombing at the last moment can lead to fallout, while a preventive attack on the asteroid threat is much more effective.

The prediction of the end of the world.

As we published earlier, David S. Montaigne, a freelance writer and researcher, said the Mayan apocalypse was misinterpreted in 2012. According to his spring predictions, the day of final decision will be at the end of 2019.

According to Montaigne, the end of the world in 2012, based on the Mayan calendar, was only the beginning of a seven-year period of disasters. 2019 marks the end of this time period.
So, according to Montaigne’s one-year prediction, the end of the world will begin on December 21, 2019. Interestingly, seven days after December 21, an asteroid with a diameter of up to 620 meters will approach our planet.

“December 21, 2019 ends seven years and the heavenly wedding week begins,” Montaigne explained … December 26, 2019 the bride receives the groom’s ring … December 28, the wedding ends the final court day with a pole shift that will create a new heaven and new earth. ”

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Not all biblical prophecy experts agree that the asteroid 2000 CH59 is an apocalyptic sign. Some consider this a mere coincidence.
They also say that this has nothing to do with the Second Coming of Christ, since Jesus was not born on the widely celebrated Christmas, December 25th.

The Bible does not indicate the exact date of Jesus’ birth, but some clues indicate the spring. The date of December 25 was adopted by the first Christians of pagan traditions in an attempt to facilitate the transition to a growing religion.

Do you think the Montaigne prediction and the Mayan calendar are fulfilled?


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