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Chile – the country where every second person sees a UFO is in the spotlight again. “We are closer to the truth”, say scientists

Chile is a unique place, partly because of its location and climate. The country fascinates with its diversity, with the Atacama desert being the highlight at the northern part of the country. On the other hand, the UFO sightings in the skies of Chile are the most, compared to anywhere else in the world and a considerable part of them are associated either with lightning or with emissions of energy into the atmosphere, similar to lightning.

This story began in 2010. A family picnicking in the Andes took a photograph of a giant UFO spotted over Chile. The picture showed a glowing orange object hidden behind the clouds.

The National Aviation Anomaly Reporting Center (NARCAP) investigated the same year, and now scientists are resuming the investigation as part of a new documentary.

Experts say the object spotted in the skies over Chile is truly unidentified and is a real UFO. The photo was taken in February 2010 and showed reddish clouds and a glowing object.

The Chilean government shared the photo with NARCAP, which conducted a detailed analysis of the image. Experts came to the conclusion that this is a real UFO.

As evidence, we can suggest watching a brand new documentary by Chilean ufologists who spent more than ten years analyzing photos from 2010:

The photo shows, on the one hand, some kind of a disk-shaped object, and on the other, a huge, red-lit space generated by this object. That is, the saucer generates some kind of powerful field, which either illuminates the surrounding clouds brighter than daylight, or refracts this light to red. 

Naturally, if such a UFO hovers over your head in the middle of the night, you will see lightning. And if the UFO is also large, with a diameter of one or two miles, then the lightning will turn out to be rather large, visible far beyond the horizon. 

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However, a number of recent observations of “strange UFOs” allow us to propose a completely different option, which will not please either ufologists or anyone else – unless the fighters against chemtrails get overexcited. We will write a little about this in the near future, but while enthusiasts are collecting and systematizing new material filmed by people, we will quote the available theories for the inexplicable and completely wild Chilean phenomenon in the atmosphere. 

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For example, astronomer and video effects designer Mark de Antonio suggests that this may be the result of a prism effect creating the rainbow.

When an image is split in half, the sun is on one side and the object is on the other. The distance from the center frame to the subject remains the same. The likelihood of an object being exactly the same distance from the sun is low if there is no lens flare.

Lens flare occurs when bright rays hit the camera, creating what are called artifacts. However, not all experts agree with de Antonio’s opinion.

Juan Hernandez, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said that while he is not a photography expert, he doesn’t think there is a prism effect. He pointed to an orange spot in the clouds, the presence of which is quite difficult to explain by optical illusions. Most artifacts usually appear as lines, while the observed object has a disk shape.

Physicist Matthew Shidagis from the University at Albany also supported Juan Hernandez’s opinion. He agrees with the findings of the NARCAP report, which indicates that what is in the image is an unidentified flying object, and not an artifact.

However, Chris Harris, a participant in the popular science program “The Proof is Out There,” noted that the status of an unidentified object and the existence of aliens are different phenomena.


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