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UFO spotted over the Gulf of Mexico: Photos of eyewitnesses who believe they are under the protection of aliens

Aliens inspected an oil production platform in the Gulf of Mexico. And who else if not them? Who else has these “flying saucers”, reports the Daily Mail.

The history of the UFO photo is murky. The photo was published by one of the platform employees, who received it from his friend on another platform. Both are residents of the coastal Mexican city of Tampico. The names are not known – only the nickname of one of them, a guy named Pat.

The “saucer” – specifically the one in the photo – arrived in October 2023, although itself appeared on social networks only the other day.

According to an eyewitness, the UFO silently circled in the sky above the platform for 10 minutes and then it seemed to dissolve.

By the way, local residents are very accustomed to UFO visits. They believe in aliens and are convinced there is an underwater base a few miles away from Tampico. According to myths, aliens first arrived in the area in 1967 and since then they have somehow made sure that hurricanes bypass the city. Is it a token of gratitude for occupying the sea bed?

The “Saucer” amazed eyewitnesses with its classic shape. Credit: X/@covertress

The local newspaper El Sol de Tampico newspaper wrote about that visit.

Skeptics, as always, doubt, and believe that the UFO photo is too good to be real. That is, they suspect some kind of hoax as they are surprised that the eyewitness did not make a video of it. Although who knows, maybe it exists and it will appear later?

A strange cult

On August 23, 2005, a hurricane began to form in the Bahamas, which, according to tradition, received the female name Katrina. The cyclone circles Cuba, passes the edge of Florida and heads for Mexico.

The residents of the Mexican cities of Ciudad Madero and Tampico, whom it threatened, knew in advance what to do. They go to the ocean with placards addressed to the forces that have protected them from the elements for decades.

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Many in Tampico believe they owe their peaceful existence to aliens who have supposedly built an underwater base in the Gulf of Mexico. According to them, in 1988, guests from space carried away Hurricane Gilbert, which, according to weather forecasts, could cause massive damage to the area. They hoped the aliens would save them from Katrina as well.

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And indeed, at the last moment, the hurricane turned 90 degrees and bypassed Mexico. At the expense of the birthplace of jazz, the American city of New Orleans, which falls under a terrible blow. Once the most populous city in Louisiana, it is still recovering from the disaster that killed more than 1,500 people.

The events that led to the emergence of one of the strangest cults in Mexico began in the summer of 1967. “On August 5, around 8:15 p.m., thousands of residents saw a fleet of UFOs in the shape of flying saucers crossing the sky above the city from southwest to northeast and disappearing over the ocean,” wrote El Sol de Tampico on August 6, 1967.

71-year-old Beatriz Garcia was a teenager when she and a friend witnessed this strange phenomenon. “These couldn’t have been airplanes, judging by how they looked and how they acted,” she recalls. Airplanes don’t fly like that. They were moving slowly and there were a lot of them.”

The Tampico airport control tower also confirmed the appearance of nine bright lights in the airspace that left a glowing trail in the sky. Workers at a local oil refinery claimed that the size of the objects flying about two hundred meters from the refinery, is about 100 feet.

On August 7th, a UFO reappears, seen by hundreds of residents as it flies right over the town. Hysteria reaches a new level, with newspapers trumpeting the biggest sensation of the year

The lights in the sky have been attributed to an extraterrestrial origin, but there is a simpler explanation. In 1967, the National Space Commission, which operates under the Government’s Communications and Transport Secretariat, launched experimental rockets capable of reaching heights of up to 30 miles. Launches begin in the state of Guerrero, located southwest of Tampico. The UFOs that are so exciting to the residents of the city have also flown from this direction.

Mexican society is very religious. Today almost 80 percent of the population of this country remain adherents of the Catholic Church, and 60-70 years ago they were 90 percent. In the religious beliefs of the Mexicans, Catholicism, brought by the conquistadors, and the ancient legends of the Aztecs and Mayas, who lived on this land in pre-Columbian times, are strangely intertwined. In the late 1940s, reports of flying saucers ushered in a new belief that mixed elements of myth, science, and fantasy.


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