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Biomonsters under the Metropolis: Was New York shaken by a possibly artificial earthquake? Another interpretation of what happened

And while the whole world was watching the explosions in New York, few people paid attention to another event in the same metropolis. It was rocked by a mini-earthquake of magnitude 1.7. It seems like a small thing, but the emergency services were seriously alarmed.

It is not clear what could have caused such tremors. In the city itself they were not felt, but on Roosevelt Island in the East River, people felt shocks and vibrations of buildings, and the power outages were recorded near the incident site.

The most interesting thing is that in the early morning, local residents heard explosions, and maybe the earthquake was caused by them, then how powerful the explosion must have been, that the island shook, and where it happened, that it was heard, but not seen? Here comes the hypothesis of an artificial blast taking place underground in secret underground bunker laboratories.

“It was like an explosion, sounded like a bomb went off. The building shook, it woke us up. We called downstairs and they said it happened to all four buildings,” a resident said.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported a magnitude 1.7 earthquake that struck Astoria in Queens around 5:45 a.m.
This shocked residents of Roosevelt Island, who reported hearing a loud explosion, according to local reports.

Or did something explode underwater? Some kind of mysterious situation has arisen here. New York Island shook, and the reasons are still unclear.

Officials said the calls came from the island as well as the Upper East Side of Manhattan and Astoria.

Fox 5 NY captured an aerial photo this morning showing several emergency response vehicles on the island. An earthquake of magnitude 1.7 occurred in New York. Residents on Roosevelt Island on the East River reported hearing a loud explosion and buildings shaking. (Fox 5 New York)

The administration of the mayor of New York, despite the statements of witnesses and eyewitnesses, denies that there were explosions that provoked an earthquake on the island and they say they should be believed, and not those who live on the island. And this adds even more mystery to the incident; maybe under the island a secret biological laboratory was actually blown up in which creepy secret experiments were carried out with biomaterials that got out of the control. 

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Maybe this mysterious explosion, which the inhabitants of the island heard but did not see, stopped the spread of the zombie apocalypse, like in a creepy horror film.

It’s clear why the mayor’s office denies the explosions; they don’t want to cause panic, but what if the situation gets out of control and biomonsters or an ominous virus of a new generation may pour into the streets of the metropolis.

One eyewitness reported the following:

“At about 5:45 or so, I suddenly felt my bed and the building moving and a very loud sound,” resident Georgette Sinclair told FOX 5 NY. “I woke up and thought there was an earthquake.”

Earthquakes on the East Coast of the United States are a very rare phenomenon, which is made even more frightening by the fact that it occurred only on one island in New York, clearly of artificial origin. Moreover, according to the US Geological Survey, in the east of North America there are more ancient rocks, some of which were formed hundreds of millions of years earlier than in the West. 

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These old formations have been subjected to extreme pressures and temperatures, making them more solid, essentially preventing earthquakes from occurring there.

In general, we will wait for further events; if some kind of outbreak of infection begins in New York in the coming days, then there will definitely be an emergency in a secret underground biological laboratory.


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